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Creator: Cyril Gupta
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Good tool for finding issues with your site that could be hurting SEO


For best results you need the 'PRO' version

Today at reader request I’m doing a review of a new desktop software called SEONeos I had not been feeling well for the last day or so, and I was not going to review SEONeos just because frankly I was busy being a baby and winning that I’m sick. However this morning I got several […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today at reader request I’m doing a review of a new desktop software called SEONeos

I had not been feeling well for the last day or so, and I was not going to review SEONeos just because frankly I was busy being a baby and winning that I’m sick. However this morning I got several emails from people asking me if I would let them know what I thought of it, so I spent the last couple hours going over it again so I can do a full review.

First let me explain exactly what SEONeos is:


As you can probably guess its a SEO tool to help your site rank. Now normally I’m not a big fan of SEO tools because generally these kinds of tools are back link generators (which I dont really care for) or some kind of crazy gimmick. But SEO Neos is actually different its an analytic tool. That is it analyzes your site and tells you what is wrong with your site in the eyes of Google and what you can do to fix these things. This makes it less of a ‘gimmick’ and more of a viable tool for creating efficient sites that will naturally rank well because they give Google what they want.

It does its testing in two different ways. The ‘panda’ way: (on page testing) and the ‘penguin’ way: off page testing.

Most people will start with the on page analysis. With this you enter one or more URL’s and SEO Neos will scan those URLs and look for any issues that might be causing Google to rank your site lower.


This process can take anywhere from ten or fifteen seconds for a single URL to several minutes if your generating a report for multiple URL’s.

Once the testing is done SEO Neos will then create a report overview in HTML format. Clicking to view the report will save it to your computer and then automatically open it up in your browser.


From here you can click the URL that you want to view the detailed findings for. In the image above you can see I only generated a report for one page so I only have a single option to click. This is what the report for my page looks like:


This is not the full report, showing a graphic with the full report would take up a lot of space as it is quite detailed, testing over 40 different things. The report is very in depth, professional made, and extremely helpful. In fact I always considered my site pretty well made but it found things that are probably hurting my rankings that I did not even consider. You can see my full report for this blogs home page by clicking here.

The second type of testing is the off page testing. In this testing SEO Neos will search for other sites that link to your site, and then point out any bad sites that are linking to you that might be hurting your sites rankings. This is actually a response to one of Googles (relatively) newer updates where bad sites such as link farms and sites known to have a bad reputation linking to you can actually harm your sites reputation. While this might be a bit unfair to webmasters since they don’t have any control over who links to them and might not even know who is linking to them, the reality is that Google now holds you accountable (in the form of lower rankings) if a negative site is linking to you.

In order to use the off site back linking tool you need to either link up your website to your Google web masters account and let SEO Neos access your account via the Google API, or you need to have the PRO version of SEO Neos.

So what do I think of this software over all? Well normally I don’t like SEO tools because normally they are very gimmicky. However this is different. Its not some hype tool that relys on some ‘loop hole’ and promises instant 1st page of Google. Instead it a solid tool that provides a very detailed report about your sites and points out things that might be hurting your site rankings without you even knowing.

Organic traffic from the search engines (specifically Google) is super important. There really is only one kind of FREE traffic and that’s search traffic. With SEO Neos its almost like having your very own in house SEO expert looking at your site and giving you advise on how you can improve, rank higher, and get more free traffic. Because of this I’m going to say that this is a good investment that anyone working online should consider.








BONUS: The vendors have provided me with the following bonuses that are available right inside of the SEO Neos members area.


In addition I have also added access to my personal Google training which explains how I get page one rankings for my chosen keywords over and over again. Access instructions are available right inside of JVZoo for you to get instant access to.Β  Click here to get SEO Neos and all of these bonuses.







 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    kami ilmane

    wish you a speedy recovery Mr Brett.

    I have to say this is a must have tool. Especially for people like me!!! I just don’t have time for SEO, I rely mostly on paid traffic,
    I was a beta tester for this product, and I really liked it. I’ve written a testimonial for Cyril, so if I may, I will add it here for your readers:

    “SEO Neos is a fantastic software as far as SEO goes. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to pay monthly fees for SEO services. As websites owners, we have suffered from the Penguin and Panda penalties, and it is truly a daunting job to get it all fixed and start ranking again and this software makes it actually quite simple with great reporting system, and easy to understand steps to go and fix issues that are not within the Google Quality Guidelines.
    I’m no good with SEO and I rely on β€œYoast” WP plug-in for website optimisation and I thought I had it all covered until I run SEO Neos, I was surprised to see that many issues, were not addressed by the plug-in.
    But the part that I really like is the back-link analysis. The amount of detail and options are truly amazing. Within few click the software picked up all my back-links and categorised them into “safe”, “unsafe” and “To Check”. Then goes and analyses the “To Check” category based on selected criteria that I choose, spits out the results, then it is just a matter of removing the bad links, which the software can automatically do for you. How about that? I don’t tend to spend a lot of time with complicated SEO, I rely on paid traffic, but this gives me now another option and benefit from organic traffic by letting the software help me get higher ranking, create and sustain long-term growth of organic traffic and avoid the risk of being penalised by Mr Google.”


    Hi Brett,

    Sincerely hope you’re now feeling much better.

    I have to endorse what both you and Kami have said about the software.

    I am a member of SEO Breakthrough run by John Pearce and Chris Cantell, two very respected SEO experts, who messaged me earlier today extolling the virtues of the software.

    If you want to improve your ranking with Google, this is an absolute gem!


      Yea its not one of those ‘sexy’ get rich products, but instead its what a good software should be: A useful tool πŸ™‚ Im running reports on several pages on my site. I normally rank well, but there is always room for improvement.


    I watched the sales video and I liked the detailed report it gives. The only problem with it is there are many issues that are far too technical for my knowledge and I wouldn’t be able to fix without external help. Which brings me to the point of asking you guys if you know of a good reputable company you’d recommend to fix those very techy (for me) wordpress or html issues.

    I thought about getting the help of fiverr but I’m not sure if that’s the best option to go for.

    Any good suggestions based on your experience?


      This tool tells you what to look for if you dont know how to fix an issue, remember Google is your friend! πŸ™‚ Dont hire someone to give you a fish, use Google and learn how to fish.

      Remember my story , 95% of what I know about everyhing tech / online was not learned at some fancy school. I had to drop out of school because I could not afford it. I learned by searching Google and reading.


        That’s a good idea and I’ve done that, but as one gets immersed in the learning process, you have to leave aside our marketing hat for many hours, which I think is not my ideal position here personally.

        In any event, outsourcing is what I’m talking about here but I guess I’d have to keep asking around to get this thing solved first before getting a software that will be half useful for me, even though I’d love to have it.


          Well if you dont want to learn thats up to you of course. And with respect, your logic of “I dont want to know the problems because I cant fix them myself right now” is like saying you dont want to know if there is an issue with your cars breaks because you cant work on your car yourself. I guess this is kind of a tool for people who want to do things themselves, if thats not you, then hiring a SEO firm might be best. Just just keep in mind, if you want to hire a decent person, just a report alone is going to cost you a few hundred dollars

    Dave Sweney

    Hi Brett,

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and hope you are better soon. I already bought this program for the same reasons as Kami above. I have to say the same. It is a good tool that is not gimmicky, rather it gives you solid information quickly and easily that you can take action on to improve your SEO in the eyes of Google…

    I too do not like to spend inordinate amounts of time on SEO, but after running this report I can see there are a few things that I need to do…The shortfalls this tool caught were not addressed in the plug-in SEO tool that I am using (Yoast) which kind of surprised me…There is a lot of hype that such tools are all you need…

    The one thing that is NOT explained is how to fix all the errors or areas that you could improve on based on the report. That seems to be an opportunity for a shoulder product to this tool that will teach you how hands on to go in and fix the errors for each area measured.

    Since you are a software tool developer, maybe you could recommend such a product already on the market? That of course is nor a part of this review page I realize, but would be helpful. Some of the things pointed out I can fix, there are others though that are like reading a foreign language…


      Yea come to think of it they could have been a little more detailed on explaining how to fix the issues. But I can understand why they didnt, because the reports could get really long and over whelming if they had. My suggestion is to run a report on your site, then if their is a suggestion that your not sure how to correct, Google it. Google is the best friend of everyone on the internet πŸ™‚

    Lea Wheeler

    What does the PRO version do that’s not in the original product. I need to be careful here, the two together will cost me $97.00 CDN


      I believe the PRO version include more detailed reports as well as the backlink check feature (that does not use Google webmaster data). Though honestly I may be mistaken, I normally dont test OTO’s because I firmly believe that people should make a purchase decision on the merit if the FE only, and then only consider the OTO, as separate purchase, after they have the FE. If you have bought the FE version and are looking at the OTO sales page, doesnt it explain what it does?


    Hi Brett. I am very interested in this product and I want to use in myself but I am more interested in the pro/developer version. I would like to know if I can only purchase the Pro/developer version without the FE and still be able to use the priduct freely? Thank you.


    Hi Brett,

    I bought SEONeos through your link 2 days ago. Where can I get my bonuses?


    Thank you for ur reply Brett, what I meant was can I use it for myself with function like the front end? Thanks!


    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for the review. Quick question. Is there any real purpose or value of this software if you are already using a service like SEM Rush? Does this really do anything more than those services can do or different? Of course, I know this does not offer as much and wouldn’t expect it to at the price, but I was curious if it offers anything different that wouldn’t be included with something like SEM Rush. Thanks for any info. All the best!


    John MacDonald

    Bought this but have since requested a refund as the SEO reports it produces are rubbish and incorrect on a large number of areas.


      I also want to receive a refund because the software is not working at all for me.

      I have sent several support tickets but they only answered one time, and did not offer a solution.

      I have requested a refund from them but did not get a reply yet. Should I contact JVZoo directly?


        No contacting JVZoo is not going to do anything. Your purchase was between you and the vendor, JVZoo is not involved. They work for the vendor not the other way around. Ill send them a Skype message for you though.

        Cyril Jeet

        Hello Irina,

        This is Cyril Jeet. I can help you with any issues that you’re facing. My Skype id is cyrilgupta

        Right now we don’t have any pending support tickets. So please tell me the support ticket in the convo and if needed, I will fix you up with my support team who will look into the issue on your PC and help you through teamviewer.



    Hi Brett, I bought the SEO NEOS ELITE version over your aff-link. But the ELITEvVersion is not working and the guys are not able to fix the problem or send us a new version of the software. I tried it at the 3 computers with win 7 and win 10. It still crashes down. So i was asking for the refund – very annoying because I wanted to test the software absolutely.

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