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More options than other similar products


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Today Im doing a review of the new Profit Penguin software. Today Im taking a look at a new software called Profit Penguin. So what exactly is Profit Penguin? Simply put Profit Penguin is arbitrage software. Now for anyone who does not know what arbitrage is. In a nut shell it is the process of […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of the new Profit Penguin software.

Today Im taking a look at a new software called Profit Penguin. So what exactly is Profit Penguin? Simply put Profit Penguin is arbitrage software.

Now for anyone who does not know what arbitrage is. In a nut shell it is the process of getting someone else to do your work for you. For example, when I was a freelance developer often people would hire me to do their work for them. They had a software project that they were hired to do by a client. The outsourced the work to me at a lower price than what the client was paying them. Their profit was the difference between what I charged and what their client paid. This is arbitrage and this is what Profit Penguin helps you to be able to do.

Now when I was freelancing and was involved in arbitrage I was actually on the wrong side of it. I was the one doing the work. While there is nothing wrong with being a worker or with working hard there are some problems with it if you want to make a lot of money. The problem is that when you are the worker you are always limited to the number of hours you can work. This is because you are in effect selling your hours. When you have other people doing your work for you there are no limitations since you can always just add more people to your work force. This is actually why people who own business’s and have employees make more money than people who have jobs. Its because they have other people making money for  them instead of them making money for other people.

Another big advantage of arbitrage and getting other people to do the work for you is that you don’t actually need the skill set required to do the work. For example, the people hiring me on the freelance sites did not need to be expert software developers because I was and I was the one doing the work. Their only role was to acquire the jobs and then send the job to me for completion. Arbitraging work to other people not only allows you to make money of other peoples labor but it also allows you to make money off of other people skill set. So not only are you not limited by your working hours but your not limited by your ability either since its someone else’s hours and abilities your really selling. Your just keeping the difference between what you charge the client and what you pay the worker. This is not a new concept. This is basically how every business owner makes money.

Of course for this to work you need to be able to a) find people who want to get work done and b) find people who want to do the same work. Also there needs to be a difference in what a) wants to pay and what b) wants to charge. This is where the Profit Penguin software comes into play. It allows you to quickly find people who want to hire someone to do a job and then find people who want to do the same work for less money.

In my first test I used the software to search New York, New York for the word “logo”. In about 10 seconds I found a person willing to pay $250 for a logo to be created. In another 10 seconds I had dozens of people from Fiverr willing to create a logo for $5.


It does not take much to see the profit potential here. In under 30 seconds I had a potential to to earn a $245 profit. Best of all this was just one search term in once city and one state. There is a lot more things to search for besides ‘logo’. You can look for jobs on things like voice overs, copy writing, editing / proofreading, any kind of graphics work, SEO work, basically anything that can be delivered online.

Now I will be honest this is not the first arbitrage software I have reviewed and while I really liked the other one I tested last year Profit Penguin takes it to another level. In the screenshot above you can see me searching for jobs on Craigslist and searching for workers on Fiverr. But Profit Penguin is not just limited to Craigslist and Fiverr. It gives you four different sources of potential jobs. You can search Craigslist, PeoplePerHour, Guru and Project4Hire to find jobs. Also it gives you two different places to find workers. You can choose from Fiverr and SeoClerks. More places to search means more job potential and in the end more money.

The software is very simple to use and understand and while there are video tutorials included I personally did not watch them. I did not need to and honestly I don’t think anyone really will need to. Profit Penguin is easy enough to use that I can honestly say I don’t believe anyone will have any problems with it.

One thing I did notice though is that there was no way to contact support in the software itself. As anyone who read my blog for a while knows this is something that I really frown on and I mentioned it to Bill in a Facebook chat. His response was prompt and satisfying.


What he responded with and what he said in the voice message was that he agreed there should be an way for customers to get support in the software and that it would be take care of in the next 20 minutes. There was no complaining and no excuses. Sure enough when I checked back 20 minutes there was a support email in the footer of the software.


Now I wish they had added a contact form or a ticket system but at least they added the support email address.

I also noticed that the user interface could have been done a little more efficiently. For example there does not need to be two search bars on the left and on the right. Your never going to search for people wanting work done in one category and people doing work in a different category. For example you will never search for people wanting a logo created and at the same time search for people wanting to do voice overs. This would make no sense. Because of this you dont need two search bars, one that works for both sides would do.

Also I noticed there is no way for you to edit your account info. You cant change your log in email address nor can you set your log in password to what you want. This is very surprising. I have never seen a software that did not let you edit your account information. I mentioned this to Bill as well and while he said he would have it added at the time of this writing it still was not.

Besides these minor things that could be improved over all the software was quite good. It was easy to use and worked as it should.

So who do I think this is going to be good for? Well honestly if you are already making money online then you might not want to do something totally different. You might instead want to devote your time into expanding what you are already doing. However if you are still looking for a way to get started making money on the internet then this is something that you should very seriously consider.

I know for a fact that arbitrage works because as I said, when I was freelancing people used me to do the work they where arbitraging. With a system like this you can make money not only off other peoples labor but also off of other people skill set. You don’t need to be a SEO expert or a graphics designer or a copywriter because your not doing the work. Your job is simply to find people looking to hire and then outsource the work to people looking to work, keeping the difference in pricing as your profit.

With its ability to search multiple sources of projects and not just Craigslist Profit Penguin is going to make it much more easy to find people looking to hire as well as find low cost workers to arbitrage to. Because arbitraging work is a age old and proven way to make money and because the Profit Penguin software makes it more easy to do in the online space I firmly believe it is a good investment for anyone looking to get started with making money online,


NO LONGER FOR SALEA quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett,

    Thank you as usual for an excellent review. Where is the link to buy Profit Peguin through you?



    Thank you Brett for the review.
    Sounds like an excellent product.
    I have purchased last year a similar product. I’ve paid a lot more than the advertised price for this product here.
    Also, my one, does’t have all the functionalities of this software here. I have only
    Craigslist USA and Craigslist Canada. As I see, Profit Penguin has PeoplePerHour, Guru and Project4Hire to find the jobs, besides Craigslist. Interesting..

      Bill Hugall

      Hey Kami,

      Very good point you bring up and one of the things we wanted to do was expose people to sites that do the same thing as CL and see how wide open this marketplace is. Keep an eye out many more updates coming soon.


    Hello Brett,
    I noticed that you gave a great review to Arbitrage Underdog last August.
    Does this new program offer more features?


      Yes “Arbitrage Underdog” is the other product I was referring to in the review. This one does offer more features in that it allows you to find jobs on sites other than just Craigslist.

    Peter Fru

    Craigslist are always for software tuning into their system and when they cop it they will block your IP address. I have been unable to use Craigslist for about a year because of this ! Beware


      Well its not against Cragslists rules to search their site. I dont know what you did to get blocked but I guarantee it was not just searching.

      Bill Hugall

      These sites are always changing things up but we got it covered and I would have to agree with Brett that searching doesn’t get you banned.


    What about the OTO. Is it needed?


    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the great review. I bought the software today. What are the coins. I noticed everytime I did a search I lost a coin. Do I have to pay for every search?

    Thanks again


      Well as the sales page says, if you buy the ‘Gold’ version you get 40 searches. Honestly it never occurred to me that anyone would even consider the Gold version since the Diamond version is unlimited and better for only a little more money.


    Hello Brett,
    Looking at your review, I see that Profit Penguin has features that Arbitrage Underdog does not. Does Arbitrage Underdog have features that Profit Penguin doesn’t?

    Thank you.


    Another great review Brett, thank you. Will deffinately look into it .
    Thank you.


    Hi brett,

    Need your kind advise which software to invest
    1)Arbitrage Underdog
    2)profit penguin



    Hi Brett,

    Thank you for this detailed review.It has already convinced me to buy the product.

    Kind Regards.


    Hi Brett, very informative review. How about getting paid? Any potential problems in that respect?


      You should have the client pay you 50% up front. This is very standard in contracted / freelance work. This way both you and the client are taking an equal risk.


    Brett, good review as always BUT…………

    Could you please consider the international market in your reviews. Nobody in Australasia uses Craigslist, so this plugin is useless outside supplying the USA market. Realistically this plugin will only work in USA as it’s unlikely a buyer would want to employ a contractor overseas (or they would be using Fiverr themselves).

    There’s over 8 billion people outside USA, so helping the majority weed out plugins they could use would be great.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


      Well you don’t have to just get work for people in your country. Just because you are in the Australia does not mean that you cant get work from someone in the USA. As for ‘it’s unlikely a buyer will want to employ ..’ with respect you are way off base there. I know for a fact that people in the US hire people out of the country every day. When I was freelancing my strongest competition for US jobs was people out of the country. In fact the US outsources more tech related work than just about any other country.

      Finally CraigsList is just 1 of the 4 sources of finding jobs that Profit Penguin provides. The other 3 are world wide.

      There is no reason that this software will not work very well regardless of your location. Also just a FYI: This is not a plugin.


    hi Brett,
    Thanks for the great review. It is very informative and professional.
    I am new for IM .Could you give me some idea how my clients paid me for my Arbitrage work. Do I need to open account in fivver or Profit Peguin . What do you mean when you said ” client pay you 50% up front”.
    thanks in advance for your time.


      “What do you mean when you said ” client pay you 50% up front”.”
      Im not sure how else to explain that, I mean just what I say, clients pay you 50% before you start working.

      Could you give me some idea how my clients paid me for my Arbitrage work.

      Use PayPal and send them an invoice.

      Do I need to open account in fivver or Profit Peguin.
      Well if your going to use Profit Penguin then obviously you are going to need to buy it and have an account with the software. Also if your going to hire people on Fiverr then of course you are going to need to have a Fiverr account.


    Hi Brett good review as always. One question is does this software delete out Craiglist spam duplication posts? Thx

    steve hodson

    Hi so this should work ok in the UK ? also whats the best method of sending your client the finished project.

    Regards Steve Hodson.


    But the software was removed form JVZoo? where i can buy?



    With so many people coming onboard doing the arbitrage with both softwares, what are the thoughts about CL saturation and not being able to find gigs because they are already taken



    I bought this when it came out and not getting any response from CL people looking for work to be done. Maybe too many making offers. Many large cities no one looking for logos.
    I’ve tried to get a refund and Profit Peguin is not responding to my emails.
    Glad I didn’t get the OTO’s.


      Why are you just limiting yourself to logos?

      Why do you assume that there is something wrong with arbitrage and dont consider the more likely cause that your style of making proposals is not effective or that your not sending out enough?

      How long did you wait for a support response?
      I forward your email address to the vendors with a note saying you did not get a support response.


    Hi Brett! I need help please! I bought the diamond package a few weeks back and didn’t really play with it much. I went to start using it last week and it’s saying I need to buy coins or something while ay the same time my account is telling me my account has unlimited coins. I’ve emailed the owner many times and gotten no response.

    Please help!



    Bill Hugall

    hey Joann, sorry for the mixup please contact me directly on Facebook using the URL below and I will get you added to the mastermind group and your problem sorted out immediatel.




    Why was Profit Penguin discontinued/taken off the market? Was there something wrong with it or was it simply a limited quantity release, sold to a preset number of individuals and then gone forever to the hesitant?


      Why do people automatically think that because a product is taken off JVZoo it is ‘off the market’ and then further assume that it must be because there is something wrong with it? Selling through JVZoo is SUPER expensive for the vendors. The affiliates want 50% (or more) of the sales price, JVZoo wants 5% of the sales price, PayPal wants just bout 3% of the sales price .. when its all said and done a vendor pays out at least 58% and often as high as 70%+ to other people when they sell on JVZoo. Because of this many vendors (including myself) only use JVZoo and affiliates for an initial ‘launch’. Be assured that it has nothing to do with the quality and more to do that there are more efficient ways to sell your products long term than on affiliate networks.



        perhaps it is not off the market, as you say, but I haven’t been able to located any links leading to an active purchase or order page. I understand the costs involved, I was simply trying to find out what happened to Profit Penguin. Someone on another site stated they had purchased the platinum edition and then subsequently was asked to pay for coins to use the software..thought that was a bit odd. :/


    I Purchase it and use it the first few weeks after the launched, didn’t go on it for a bit beside just now and it’s nowhere to be found. Why are they off the map? Or is the site being down just temp? They haven’t even been up 6 months fully and the site can’t be found.

    Brett can you look into that plz.

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