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2.5/ 5

Creator: Radu Hahaianu
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Good for people with self hosted mail software


Not really needed for anyone using a autoresponder

Today Im taking a look at new email tool called List Verify Jeet So what exactly is Email Verify Jeet? Well quite simple its a tool to clean your email list. For those that dont understand what email cleaning is all about let me take a moment to explain. Any email list is going to […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at new email tool

called List Verify Jeet


So what exactly is Email Verify Jeet? Well quite simple its a tool to clean your email list. For those that dont understand what email cleaning is all about let me take a moment to explain. Any email list is going to have a number of bad emails. These are emails that are malformed, that are ‘role based’ (such as or are duplicates. This is just some of the things that can be wrong with emails in a downloaded list. There are also spam traps (which would require its own article to explain) and other bad kinds of emails that you dont want to have on your list.

When you have these emails on your list and mail to them what happens is you get a high bounce rate, a low deliverability rate, and a really good chance that your emails are going to end up in people spam folder. Basically the very last thing you want is to have these emails on your list. Email Verify Jeet is designed to clean out these negative emails from your list in order to prevent you from having these problems, this increasing your open rate, click rate, and in the end your profit from your email campaigns.

The software is very clean, easy to use, and simple in its design. Its simplicity is actually a strong point. For a software like this you really only want two things. Simple  / easy to use and fast. List Verify Jeet delivers on both of these things.

Sounds great right? Well for some people, but only for a very small number of people. Let me explain.

I could write an entire article about negative emails, spam traps, and how they lower your click through rate and then present Email Jeet as the solution but that would be a bit misleading. Sure doing that would probably get me some nice sales commissions but as always I want to be totally honest, and the honest truth is that while this is going to be a great tool for some people, most people wont need it actually.

You see List Verify Jeet cleans out email lists that you have on your computer. Lists that you have downloaded and your going to import somewhere. So right from the door if your using an autoresponder and using one of the autoresponders forms or a service that uses its API to add emails to it you dont need this. Why? Because your signups are going right to your autoresponder so you dont have a downloaded list that you have to clean and then upload.

In fact if your using an autoresponder at all your really dont need this. Why? Because when you import your list your autoresponder will almost always clean out any duplicate emails, malformed emails, and role based emails for you. Basically it will do most of the things that List Verify Jeet does. This is because the autorepsonders dont want bad emails in their system. Also lots of autoresponders are going to require that your list gets emailed and confirm that they want to be on your list. So this takes care of the non opens as well.

Basically if your using any of the major autoresponders you dont really need this service. Especially if your using their form or if your using a service that automatically integrates with them via their API. However if you are using a self hosted software or a direct SMTP service things can be a little different. For something that is self hosted you dont have an autoresponder cleaning your list for you. In this case you would do well to clean your list before you import it into your self hosted software.

This is actually where List Verify Jeet came from. A while back Radu and Cyril released a desktop email software and List Verify Jeet was the upsell. I would call it the OTO but thats not really true since here it is being offered again. But the point is that while I personally did not like their email product the fact is that if you use a desktop or a self hosted email software something like List Verify Jeet is going to be worth considering.

There is a big misconception that all the big name or successful marketers hate autoresponders. Most marketers that I know (including myself) use an autoresponder service. In fact I know for a fact that some of the people who are promoting this product use autoresponder services and would never need this product themselves. As for what I think about it Im actually really conflicted. Im hesitant to stamp it as approved because it is really only viable for people with self hosted email software and Im afraid if I mark it as approved people who dont need might buy it anyway based on my approval alone.  At the same time I dont feel that it would be justice to stamp it as disapproved because for the people doing self hosted email or sending through a mail service such as SendGrid or Amazon this is well worth considering.

So instead of marking this as approved or disapproved like I normally would I will just instead close with a clarification. If you are using any autoresponder service (GetResponse, Aweber etc) you really dont need this. If you are using a self hosted email software or a service like (Email Jeet, Rapid Mailer, SendGrid etc)  then you would do well to click the link below to check out List Verify Jeet:


As a product reviewer I dont actually go through the purchase process. I get review copies sent to me directly from the vendor. As such I normally dont see the thank you or the download pages. Well one of my readers purchased List Verify Jeet and noticed something very interesting when he went to download his purchase:


It seems when you buy this software it only works until you have cleaned 20,000 emails. After that it no longer works, unless you buy the upgraded version. This would not be so bad if they made it clear on the sales page. However they dont mention this at all on the sales page (that I was able to see). Also there is a limitation that you can only clean lists up to a maximum size of 5,000 at a time. These are important restrictions that should have been mentioned. I sent Radu a Skype message asking him about this but he did not answer.

In my opinion not telling the buyer about these restrictions until after they purchase is a dirty tactic. While I previously was conflicted on if I should approve this product or not I no longer have a conflict.

1A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Robert Shields

    I have an old email list of over 4000 that I ‘salvaged’ from a previous autoresponder that suddenly went out of business. Unfortunately it took me quite some time to find it and import it into my present autoresponder.

    I recently sent out a Global Email and my autoresponder said 1,350 only had been delivered.

    This sounded a little suspicious to me as only 1 of the subscribers replied back.

    So, my point is that perhaps the software would be useful, if for no other reason, but to check out the stats.

    As you say, it is a difficult buy as I would only use it once and perhaps my Autoresponder is 100% reliable.

    BTW, I truly appreciate your honest reviews and you were my first Port of Call after reading List Verify’s sales page. Thank you.


    The only complaint I have is I have had to come up with creative refund requests after I read your reviews. Wish there was a way for me to get your reviews before I needed to return.

    Thanks for review, in spite of the fact it was after I purchased…LOL


      Most of the times my reviews go out before the launch time or right at the launch time. If someone else sends you an email about a product its normally a good idea to head over here and see if I did a review before you purchase. Also you can click the link on the very top of this site and signup for my list to get notices when new reviews come out.



    Another BIG problem you didn’t mention is that List Cleaner Jeet doesn’t work if your ISP blocks Port 25 (and many do). Complete waste of money

    I tried contacting support a couple times about this issue but they never got back with me


      I had no problems personally with that. However as I said in the review I would not approve it anyway just because they are not forthcoming about the usage restriction. Honestly given that they would hide that important bit of info until after you purchase Im not surprised that they are not responding to support issues. Thank you for letting us all know about this issue though. It makes me like it even less now.


        Yes….if your ISP blocks Port 25, after you upload a list and click “Clean” email jeet will give you a pop up box that says ” List Cleaning Jeet Will Not Operate Correctly do to Port 25 Blocked” This message is actually generated by List Cleaner Jeet itself

    Tom Olson

    I bought ListVerify, read that exact line about the entry level product being limited to 20,000 in its lifetime, and said, “No biatch”.

    I asked a refund, just based on this.

    In my opinion, the professional upgrade is a good buy. But as you mentioned, the fact that they don’t mention this upfront makes me wonder what else are they going to hide from me in the future.


      Yea I personally would have been fine if they had 2 versions that you could choose from on the sales page. A 20K light version for people who just want a clean an old list or something, and a pro version for the serous e-mailer. That would have been cool. But to sell someone something, and then after they buy to suddenly tell them, oh just a FYI after X number of uses this is going to stop working unless you pay more, is just dirty. People are basically buying a trial version without even knowing it. If I would have bought this and seen that it would have made me quite mad. As such I had no choice but to not approve it. How can I tell people a purchase that would have left me feeling cheated and tricked.


    Looks like their newest version doesn’t have that limit as I can’t find it on their upsell page. Now the only limit is 5000 emails per list you scan. That said – I’ve found it to be super buggy (it crashes a lot and I’ve tried it on two computers). Works for lists around 200-250 but 1000+ just crashes if you want to use the SMTP verify. Crashes every time.

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