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Today I am taking a look at a new cloud based ranking tool called “Rank Snap” (the screenshot above is a graphic representation of the back link network Rank Snap created for me automatically) Even though I knew this cloud based software would take quite a bit of time for me to properly test I […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I am taking a look at a new cloud based ranking tool called “Rank Snap”

(the screenshot above is a graphic representation of the back link network Rank Snap created for me automatically)

Even though I knew this cloud based software would take quite a bit of time for me to properly test I became interested in it for a couple of different reasons:

1) One of the biggest issues people tell me they have is a lack of traffic

2) There really is only two kinds of free traffic (and they are related): When someone links to your site, and free traffic from search engines

3) Ranksnap made some big claims and takes advantage of both free traffic types above.

So how does it work? Well simple actually. Ranksnap automatically creates hundreds of multi-tier back links to your website across dozens and dozens of high quality websites, blog sites, and social media sites.

So what the heck is a multi-tier back link and why is it important. Well first of all, the more sites, blogs and social networks that point to your site the more likely you are to get random traffic from people just surfing the web. This wont be a ton of traffic, but you will get traffic this way, and every bit helps so its worth mentioning. The more important aspect is that back links are a major social signal to Google that a site is important. Now its not the only social signal, you still have to have decent content on your site that is relevant to your target keywords, but be assured, backlinks have been important to Google since its inception (and still are).

In Googles eyes a backlink to a website is a ‘vote’ for that site. Think about it, no one ever links their website to a poor website. No ever says, “gee this site was such garbage, I think Ill post a link to it on my blog or on my social accounts”. What they do is post links to things they like, things that are on topic, that are useful, because they want to share that good stuff with other people. Google realized this early and realized that each time someone links to a site what they are really doing is ‘voting’ for the site, their vote says that the site is worth showing to other people. Because of this when a site has a lot of other sites linking to it Google deems that site more important than those that do not and puts them higher on the search engine results.

But what about that multi-tier stuff? That sounds complicated, but its actually not. Its just another thing that Google realized. That not all votes are created equal. A dead site is a site with no other links linking to it. Anyone can get links on dead sites. In fact people could (and have) build sites simply to link to their ‘money site’. But that does not actually work. Google gives the ‘vote’ of dead sites less weight than the ‘vote’ of sights that have other links pointing to them. This is where multi-tier  back linking comes into play. You have sites that link to your money site (the site you want to rank) , then you have more sites that link to those sites, and even more sites that link to those sites. In the end you have an entire network of sites and posts that all eventually point back to the money site. You can see a graphical representation of this if you check out the screenshot I took of my Ranksnap account at the beginning of this post.

All this is well and good though, but you can probably see the problem. With all the tiers and posts, and links, it takes forever to actually set up backlinks properly. Honestly it is a TON of work. So much so that SEO agencys have sprung up that have entire teams that do this for their clients (at a cost of thousands of dollars). However Ranksnap actually does it all for you, automatically.

I know that’s hard to believe, but its actually true:

Ranksnap can post backlinks and multi-tier backlinks on any or all (you chose) of over 220 different content, social, and sharing sites. But that’s not actually the amazing part. The amazing part is how automated it is . First of all it will create accounts on the sites you select just for you (if required). Then if the sites require email activation for those accounts that where automatically created Ranksnap will automatically read those emails and verify the accounts it created for you. As it is automatically creating and verifying each account it also is posting your content and backlinks to your website. You really do nothing, just set it and forget it. The entire process can take anywhere from 7-30 days (you select how fast you want it to happen) and that is actually a good thing because when spaced over time the backlinks look more organic and natural to Google.

When I initially started testing Ranksnap several days ago (it took me several days to test, because the process takes a bit to complete) there was a bit of a bug that I found. It was an onscreen error that happened occasionally when selecting the accounts you wanted to automatically create. I pointed this out to the vendors and they promptly corrected it (without excuses or complaints), so good for them on that.

There was one other thing that I did not particularly like, but only because I am spoiled, not because it was unreasonable. Ranksnap is a ‘credit’ based system. When you purchase Ranksnap you get a specific number of credits (10,000 to be exact) and each action you tell the system to perform consumes some credits. So when it creates an account on a social network for you automatically it uses some credits. When it creates a post or backlink on a site for you, it uses some credits. In our world we have largely become accustomed to ‘one time price, unlimited use’ but the truth is that doing that probably would not be viable with Ranksnap. The system is so automated, and does so much for you (everything actually) that active accounts are going to use a lot of server resources. The credit system (you can buy more credits as your need, or get on a monthly plan) ensures that a few super active users do not use up all the server resources while also assuring that the system stays financially able to operate (which is good because systems that vanish 3 months after the launch suck).

So what do I think over all? Well I want to be clear on one thing. Ranksnap is not going to magically make you rank for one line high competition keywords. I dont care how many backlinks on how many sites, through how many tiers, you are never going to rank for the words  “weight loss”, “health”  or “online dating” there is just to much competition for things like that and truth be told even veteran SEO experts cant rank for those kinds of terms.  However that does not mean that you can only rank for crazy obscure terms either (that anyone can rank for). Ranksnap , by giving Google what it wants is going to help you rank for high quality, harder keywords that people actually search for. This is actually what actual SEO teams do, and if you wanted you could do all that account creation and posting and linking by hand. But why would you when you can have it all done automatically by Ranksnap?






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    This product is the same as Rankcypher by the same vendors sold throughout 2017, it worked very well, BUT after maybe 4 months of purchase, it stopped working entirely and despite many attempts to contact support with documented campaigns, screenshots and videos even tracking down Tom Yevsikov (the principal vendor) via Facebook and messaging directly, no response at all. I kept all the screen captures of the failed campaigns and sent also to support and Tom.
    The sales page was still active even though the product was not working also which is really out of order.
    Even today I tried to login in the unlikely event that they had fixed any issues and the login page is completely empty and the message reads {“Success”:true,”IsUser”:true,”Message”:”Successfully Login.. You are being redirected to dashboard!”}
    Anyhow, as you are a trusted source of quality reviews and can’t be aware of every vendor’s history, I thought it only fair to bring to your attention.

    Best Regards,



      Mark, no you are not correct. Rankcypher was a similar product, it was NOT the same. Im 100% sure of that (I have used both of them). Also something to keep in mind. I have Tom listed as the vendor here, because it is him doing the actual selling on JVZoo. However Tom is not a developer, he brings to market products created by developers.


        I replied and curiously the response wasn’t approved


          Mark, this is a blog to review products not vendors. I allowed you to post your initial concern about the vendor because it is still a consideration people can be aware of, but we need to keep our discussion about the products we are reviewing as this is a ‘product review blog’. When we start talking about vendors things get personal, emotional, and eventually unprofessional. You have been following me for quite a while and one rule you know I have always stuck to is :” I review products NOT vendors “. This is why your second post was not approved.


      Hey Mark, I thought it was the same product as well, maybe it is maybe it isn’t, it sure looks like it could be, but I experienced the exact same issues with Tom’s product Rankcypher, even if he didn’t create this product I won’t ever buy another product with his name attached to it.


        Rick, that is a decision you have to make for yourself, as most of my long term readers can tell you, I review products NOT vendors. What kind of bothers me about your comment is the part where you said “maybe it is maybe it isn’t” .. right after I just told everyone I was 100% sure it is not. It bothers me because it makes me think that you must consider me a liar. Not sure what I ever did to make you think that about me.

    Ben Yost

    Do you have to create the accounts or are those done for you?

    Michael Morejon

    Ok, so I have a blog but it’s not for IM. It’s my personal blog on video games that I write, again, not selling anything. Could this work for that, or this is just for selling products or IM stuff or review blogs etc. Just wondering if this could help me rank my blog better to get more views/comments etc. Thank you


    Hi Guys,

    Regarding RankCipher, I managed so far to get in to it again after sometime.

    You need to go back to your JVZoo product access link then go ahead to login your usual email & pw. Then hit save login thru your browser. It will redirect you to the Dashboard.
    In case you only see a funny bunch of texts, try to reload the page, and if still the same, then exit that page and hit the JVZoo link again and it should automatically bring you to a dashboard.

    donnie shoe

    thanks Brett you are the man I trust. I am buying it

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