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Creator: Mark Bishop
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Solid training outside of the IM niche


Videos where to big for my screen

Today Im taking a look at a new training product called The Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Normally I try to release my review of new products on they day they are released. For this one Im a bit late, however the reason Im late on this one is actually a good one. The reason is because […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at a new training product called

The Lazy Affiliate 2.0


Normally I try to release my review of new products on they day they are released. For this one Im a bit late, however the reason Im late on this one is actually a good one. The reason is because I very thoroughly went over the training material. So what exactly did I find?

One thing that is difficult about reviewing training products is that I have to be careful about what I say in the review. The reason I have to be careful is because I dont want to give to much of the training away for free. Unlike software where I can make a video demo and show it off there is not much I can actually show on training products. However I can tell you overall what the training is about and I felt about the training as I was going through it.

The basic concept of this is to utilize press releases to generate traffic. Now press releases are nothing new, most of us have known about them for a long time. However most people, like myself never really gave them much thought. We just knew they existed. LA2 focuses on using press releases to target very specific low competition niches.  In fact quite honestly it probably would work best outside of the internet marketing niche. In a live case study Mark includes he actually focuses on people who suffer from ‘cold sores’. This makes LA2 a great training product for people who want to get into affiliate marketing but dont nessisarly want to be in the internet marketing niche.

The course consists of 12 high quality videos and 4 downloadable PDF’s. The videos are well done, detailed and easy to follow. They cover everything you need to do step by step and are quite easy to follow. Marks voice and speaking style makes him well suited to making training videos. The only complaint I have about the actual training is that the videos are a little to high res. You see they open in a light box and because they are large, high resolution videos the light box was actually bigger than my browsers view port and I could not see the entire video. This is a minor inconvenience though and is also in part due to the fact that my PC is 3 years old.

Something I really liked about this training is it does not have insane claims. It does not claim that its going to teach you how to make millions of dollars over night. Its very realistic and down to earth. Something thats often hard to find in the IM / MMO industry. In fact what it claims is that  a 2 hour and a $15 investment can return $100 a month ($1200) a year. While that does not sound like a mind boggling amount of money its actually a really amazing ROI. Where else can you invest $15 and return $100 a month? Call your banker and ask him if he can do that for you. He will laugh his ass off. Also its important to note that this is just one niche and one press release. There is nothing stopping you from doing more. In a bit of time you can have yourself a nice monthly income from multiple sources.

So what do I think about this training? For anyone interested in affiliate marketing outside of the IM niche I would say its a solid investment and well worth considering. I found it to be quite informative and honestly when I finished it  I was  a  bit excited about the possibilities.







PS) Special bonus: If you decide to pick this up send me your receipt ID and Ill forward you access to my crash course on how I personally got started making money online.



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    Great Review, Brett! I agree and I picked it up as well earlier… too bad you were a little late since I would have bought it from you for sure. Thanks for all you do!


      No worries Robert, training normally takes me a little longer to review since I have to go though it and actually watch or read the training. Being that I have a development background I tend to be a bit faster with software because with that flaws just jump out at me (since I spent so many years looking for flaws in my own code as a professional developer). The important thing though is that you got a quality product 🙂


    Hi Brett

    Is there an OTO with this,do you know?


    If the course is about promoting your affiliate product through press releases, what’s the expected monthly expenditure on this, since there are free and paid PR services out there?

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