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Creator: Ankur Shukla
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A quality tool sold at a fair price



Today I’m doing a review of a new tool called WP Fresh Start (v5.0) WP Fresh Start is a product that is a bit unique in the IM world. It’s not one that has tons of crazy push button get rich quick over the top hype. Instead it takes a more practical approach. It aims […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new tool called WP Fresh Start (v5.0)

WP Fresh Start is a product that is a bit unique in the IM world. It’s not one that has tons of crazy push button get rich quick over the top hype. Instead it takes a more practical approach. It aims to be a quality tool, that saves people time, by automating an otherwise time consuming task that anyone with a WordPress site has likely had to do at some point.

It’s also not a new product. In fact this is the 5rd version of WP Fresh Start. But in my mind that’s a good thing. The fact that the developers keep updating and improving it shows that its not one of those quickly spit out cash grab, forget it after the launch type of products.

Ok so what exactly is WP Fresh Start. Well its a WordPress plugin that lets your site get a fresh start (I guess that’s obvouse though) . Well actually its much more than that, in fact it has two main functions.

The first part is for anyone setting up a new website. If you have done it before you know there is actually a bit of work even after you get WordPress installed. You need to delete the default posts and pages. You need to create standard pages such as contact, about, disclaimers, etc. You need to change the Permalink format so that the pages have SEO friendly URLS. While these are menial tasks they are also a pain and a bit time consuming. Being that was a freelancer in the IT space for so many years I have set up more WordPress sites than I care to think about and still it takes me around 15 minutes or so to do these things. For someone new its going to take even longer (assuming you don’t forget something important)

However WP Fresh Start makes this super fast and push button easy.


Simply check the options you want and press run. The plugin will not only delete all the garbage content that comes with WordPress it will also create the standard legal pages that you select such as disclaimers, TOS, and anti SPAM policy pages. It really does not get any easier than that.

The second thing that WP Fresh Start does is more related to the fresh start part. Its also something that I personally needed myself recently.

Often people will find that a blog is cluttered. They will have a site that is filled with old posts, either made by them or by any of a number of curation products. They will have tons of plugins that they have long since forgotten what are for and may even cause conflicts or errors on their site. Their site may be riddled with comment spam.  In short people will find that their site is a total mess and will just want to start over from scratch.

The normal way to do that is to delete the WordPress files and database and reinstall everything from scratch. For the people who don’t know how to use cPanel to delete a database, or FTP to delete files this is a problem. For the people who do know how to do it, its still a time consuming pain.

WP Fresh Start steps in here as a well by allowing you to start your site over, from scratch with a push of a button.


As I said I recently used it myself. I needed to. I have a testing blog that I use just to test plugins that I review. From all of the plugins I have tested there where hundreds of pages, conflicts, and all kinds of craziness. In fact it was getting so bad that I was starting to have problems with testing new plugins on it. It was the perfect place to test WP Fresh Starts ‘InstaReset’ feature.

So I uploaded the plugin, typed ‘CONFIRM’ in the box as per the instructions and pressed RUN!.  In two seconds it was like a clean install of WordPress. All of the posts and comments where gone. The theme was reset to the default WP Theme. The plugins that I had tested and left installed where not deleted, but they where all reset, cleared and deactivated.  It was exactly what I needed and it could not have been easier.

This version, number 5, is the latest version of this very useful tool. It has been updated to include new GDPR functionality so that when you ‘refresh’ your site it can also automatically add GDPR required settings to make your site compliant. I personally think this is an excellent update, a great new feature, and a big time saver.  Once again Ankur shows his desire to continue to provide an easy to use, valuable tool at a fair price.

So you can probably guess by now that I really like WP Fresh Start. This plugin is exactly what a good tool should be. Its something that makes your life easier. It takes a task that is common for people using WordPress, that is quite frankly normally a pain in the a&# and makes it super fast and painless. This one is a winner for sure and its a solid investment for anyone working with WordPress. As an experienced software developer when I need a tool I generally create it myself, however I personally use WP Fresh Start (on my testing sites) because quite frankly it is exactly what I would make if I where to build a tool like this myself. I honestly have nothing bad to say about it!









Bonus: Even though WP Fresh Start is a great value on its own Ankur has generously allowed me to give away the following bonuses to anyone who picks up WP Fresh Start though my link. These will be delivered right inside of the members area so you can get instant access!

Click here to get WP Fresh Start and all of these fast action bonuses (provided right inside of the members area)!










 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Unfortunately the “BUY NOW” buttons on the sales page don’t work

    Rae Macleman


    Are the legal pages for the USA or is there an option for the UK as well?

    Kind regards


      Ill be totally honest, I am not a legal expert so I dont know the specific requirements for different countries, or how they would differ from the US and the UK. There is one set of pages though.

        Rae Macleman


        Like you I’m a software developer and not a lawyer so what follows is not meant to be facetious or sarcastic, so please don’t take it that way – it’s really meant to inform.

        Generally there is a clause somewhere that states that disputes will be handled under the “jurisdiction of the State of Maryland” for example whereas the UK version will state “under the laws relating to England and Wales”, so it’s usually fairly easy to spot.

        Anyway, you have answered my question, so thank you for that. Keep up the good work, please.


          There’s a legal need in the UK (and in the rest of the EU) for a notification of the use of ‘Cookies’ on sites, in addition to the usual legal bits. (Just thought I’d throw that in as it’s a definite requirement…)


    Well; this is WP Clickster that I purchased last May.
    Did they change the name?


      No this is not WP Clickster and no they did not change the name. WP Fresh Start has been WP Fresh Start since its inception and though its 3 new versions. I think what you are referring to might be a clone / competitor of WP Fresh Start. Though doing some research I cant seem to find WP Clickster (WP Click Start) being sold anywhere anymore.

        Steve H

        I bought WP Clickster back in May 2015 and Ankur Shukla is on the sales page although he isn’t on the JVZoo purchase receipt. I’ve bought Freshstart anyway – worthwhile at that price.


          I just asked Ankur about it: It was someone who copied his plugin without his permission, Ankur confronted him, but the guy had already made sales, and instead of pushing the issue and hurting customers, Ankur decided to let him finish his launch for a revenue split. Thats why he was on the sales page. Its no longer for sale now that the limited deal with Ankur has ended.


    I have been using version 2 for awhile. I love the speed with which it sets up those necessary
    legal pages, etc. It also lets you install a list of plugins by simply listing them thus saving individual installs.
    What improvements have been made? Maybe wiping the entire WP site clean for a fresh start?


    Got mine, Thank you Brett. I just started building WP sites, so this is a very useful addition to my plugin arsenal. I always rely on your reviews for guidance and your enthusiasm for this one is why pulled the trigger right away.


    I bought this prior to your review (As aware of predecessors) otherwise would have bought from your link 🙂 That said, please be AWARE – If you buy the ‘unlimited’ personal licence, it somehow then becomes a 25 x unlimited personal licence once you arrive on the inside! Not actually ‘unlimited’.only valid for 25 of your own sites. Presently talking to marketer I purchased from regards a refund as I find this tactic underhand and frankly a scam.


      So you have not even finished speaking to the vendor and already are calling him a scam. Like its not possible that there was an error in your download, he must be a scam. Come on Tony, really, you degrade someone in public without even thinking mistakes happen and giving the vendor a chance to correct the issue? How is that fair? Just a FYI: The other day I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast .. I ordered white toast and they gave me wheat toast instead, the waitress wanted to replace it for me, but I let her know and I let everyone else know what a scam Cracker Barrel is!


        Yes Brett you are quite right and I jumped the gun. I am big enough to admit that and apologise to the seller here also – He has my unreserved apologies…Never heard of Cracker Barrel though!


          What! No Cracker Barrel where your from (its a restaurant chain on the east coast USA, and as a singe computer nerd, I would starve without it). Very cool to admit you made a mistake, it takes a big man to do that. +1 🙂

      Ankur Shukla

      hey Tony,

      You have the unlimited license, it was a glitch that we fixed and your members area should show UNLIMITED now.

      Sorry about that.



        As above Ankur, I apologise unreservedly online to you – In my defence I bought something online two days ago from someone else and never received a download (Not you) and am a little sore about it.

        Thought I had been stung twice – Again. you have my apologies.

    Nate Boyd

    Hi Brett,
    I have never created a WordPress blog or site. This looks like it should make it much easier to do. Not even sure if I am to use the .com or the .org site. Hopefully it will have that information too. Maybe others know all of these things, but just asking your thoughts. Again, always appreciate what you are doing!


      If you are a company you use .com , if your an organization (like a non profit etc) you use .org .. well that’s what the rules say, but in practice no one follows them and it does not matter at all.


      The .org site [wordpress.org] is the self-hosted software you install on your own hosting. The .com [wordpress.com] is hosted for you but you cannot use or install any 3rd party plugins.

      Brett is talking about when you actually get around to purchasing hosting, you will need a domain name as well so folks will know where to go. This is where Brett’s explanation of .com and .org come in.


    Brett what do you think of the Site Booster that is offered as one of the OTO’s



    I am also a newbe, and was wandering if this works with existing wp sites, that were built with other plugins etc. Just purchased rocket builder and have not used it yet, would freshstart help in anyway with rocket builder?


    Hey Brett, thanks for the review. Sounds good, it’s a real time saver. I don’t know why I didn’t get it the first time around when it was launched !! I still have the shortcut on my desktop. Anyway on my way to get mine. All the best


    Just grabbed it from your link. Had version 2, great product. Curious though while I purchased UNLIMITED sites on the front end…. then OTO1 pops up to have unlimited sites…. huh??? I just bought that. Seems strange…


      I think Ankur was split testing 2 different licenses on the FE and it got messed up for a bit.


        I ended up purchasing the funnel to make sure that I was covered. The files are exactly the same. So in the end I paid double for the same thing. FE Download was exactly the same as OTO1 download. Contacting Ankur to discuss.

      Ankur Shukla

      hey Dean,

      I looked into your issue and it seems to have been addressed with one of your purchases being refunded. We were split testing a few things for a couple hrs during the launch and seems like some customers did see similar offers twice. We’ve let you keep the more extended license while refunding the personal one. Hope that helps and makes things right. Cheers


    I bought the first one some time ago but have lost it. It’s quite like some other plugin I have but I wanted to be up on this so I got it. Thanks for letting us know this was available because it is a true time saver. Obviously.. hint, hint…


    If we have previous versions, I.e. 2, do we still need to purchase. Or is the upgrade already included.


    Cool tool. The one thing that seems glaringly obvious to me is the auto-generated pages. If they had been very smart, they would have partnered with a cutting-edge online lawyer to create the content for those all-important pages. Because I sure don’t trust that they would even have any semblance of valid legal speak – so as to cover my ass if I post them. Because not knowing the source of those pages (and I looked for it in their sales material) and whether the language is current and complete, could just as easily result in legal issues as not having them at all. Yes, some are standardized, like the Amazon Affil Disclosure. As long as you use their current terminology, you’re good to go. But strictly legal pages? I think knowing the source and if the content is up to current FTC, etc. standards, would be of considerable value to all of us who aren’t lawyers (or have the cash to hire one) and don’t have the time to do all the research. Oh, that and being able to actually input your specifics BEFORE the pages generate, so there is no further editing…


    Just to clarify, this is an entirely new product and not an upgrade (for existing customers?)?



      The question is a bit confusing but Ill try to answer as best as I can. It is the 3rd version of WP Freshstart, so its a new product in the sames sense that a 2016 Ford is new compared to a 2015 Ford.


    I have the version 2 and bought into some of the OTO’s then. Agreed there seems to be a new InstaReset feature in this new version 3. For Version 2 owners, do we have to buy this new version all over again or is there an upgrade price or FREE UPGRADE for version 2 owners? (Hope this is a fair question to ask).

    There has been silence on this for previous (version 2) customers purchase in all the sales materials.

    Under the Brett Rutekky’s customer administration, Brett reaches out to the customers of his product and update them with any new versions, updates on all past purchased products. That is called relationship and have gained Brett the continued trust, respect and regard in this space. To sell and promote newer versions of a product without even the courtesy of reaching out to past loyal customers paints a different picture on how we treat and value our customers. That may be an oversight, but I wanted to share that.
    I am a great fan of Ankur and his products just like Brett’s. Hope this gets better and addressed too.


      Attacking someone because they did not give a discount on a new version is unfair. Tell me, did the developers Ankur had to pay cost any less because you bought his past version? Did his copywriter cost less because you bought his old version. Did his graphics designer cost less? Are his business taxes less? Nope. I have an advantage in this area because I am the developer so updates cost me nothing. While its cool when people give existing customers a discount it should not be expected and to insult someone because they choose not to give past customers a discount is not fair my opinion.

      You know I eat breakfast at the same restaurant probably 3-4 times a week and every time they keep charging me the normal price for the meal, they don’t charge me less because I ate there before. Why? Because it costs them money to buy the food and prepare it. I think a lot of times people don’t realize that product vendors often spend a lot of money on their launches. They have a margin just like any other business.


        Ok Brett, I hear you on this. This wasn’t meant to be an attack or insult. I had to re-read my comments and got a bit confused on how my
        comment/question came off as an attack and insult.
        I only benchmark other vendors against your own practices. I guess what you are saying is it is wrong to do that I.e. Compare the way you treat your customers to how they treat us.
        If Ankur chose not to offer a discount, I wouldn’t fault him either for the reasons you described, but I think asking for a discount wasn’t out of place either. If Ankur or you felt this was an attack or insult, please don’t feel that way.
        Why would I attack vendors I am a fan of and support?


          Oh .. ok .. I apologize if I miss understood you. My mistake. And no it never hurts to ask 🙂


            Thanks Brett… 🙂

              Ankur Shukla

              hey AO, we did send out a discount code to all existing customers, if you were still on our list (and not unsubscribed) you should have got one right at launch time.

              We do take care of our existing customers and we released updates to v2 all throughout last year FOR FREE and that plugin still works. If you dont need the newer features and InstaReset in v3 you can keep using v2 for what it currently does. It wont stop working for you.



    Hi Brett

    I got my copy yesterday through your link,

    Thank you

    paul davies

    Hey Brett , you meta description on Google Serps , mentions WP Clickster , is this the new version ? I just tried running my WP Clickster and it’s gone , so has vendors website etc, trying to see whats going on ? Thanks , Paul

    Paul Davies

    I just found the other blog comments above dated January 27 -2016. Makes sense now !

    Seems as though I have purchased Ankurs ‘cloned’ product a while ago and found your blog comments in serps while searching for info on why it doesn’t work anymore and why I can’t access their support desk.

    Looks like they have disappeared and I have to go and buy again ………

    Gaynor G

    I along with Brett have enjoyed using the product and have been purchasing since version 1. Version 4 was released earlier this year and Ankur has found a way to, once again, kick it up a notch. My concern with this release is with GDPR being a new requirement, what will happen if there are updates or modifications to GDPR? Will we be able to update the plugin from within WordPress finally or will a new version be in the offing along with another purchase…..lol. With this release I will have purchased 5 times in a few years and twice in the last several months!! Great product…..Short purchase life span if you want all the killer bells and whistles! Ankur’s creativity never stops…..


      We can play the ‘what if game’ all day long … what if WordPress is no longer free .. what if the internet gets regulated .. what if an meteorite crashes in the ocean and kills all the dinosaurs .. err people. Ankur did a great update that solves a new problem as well .. but what if eh? Well I imagine (given that he has updated this 5 times already) there would be a new version then.


    Picked up version 5 (2018) with GDPR and this is the main reason I got it, thanks Brett for bringing this product to my attention. Gonna love it. Cheers, David


    Hi Brett. Thanks for the great review. I purchased v5 through your link. I also upgraded to the Pro version to get the extra functionality. You always give the extra bonus value. In both the unlimited and pro members areas, I have found from both members areas WP Email Countdown, WP Tube Maximizer, WP Azon Box Deals Plugin, WP Azon Notify Boxes, but not the other bonuses. Are the additional ones being added soon or do I need to do something else to get them?

    Thanks for your help.


      Shoot me or Ankur a support request, you really cant expect me to post the link to the bonuses here in the comments for everyone to see (including those that didnt buy) do you?


        Thanks a ton Brett. I will send a support request. I am not sure where you got the idea that I expected you to post a link on your page for everyone to use, whether they bought or not. I never suggested that or asked for that. i think you read too much into my question. It would have been sufficient for you to say shoot out a support request and it will be fulfilled.


          Well what was the sense of asking the question in public if you did not expect to get an answer in public .. and if you knew that they only logical answer was going to be an instruction to ask the question a second time in private. Not sure how that made sense frankly. But ok, the important thing is that you get sorted out.

    Anthony Lynch

    I purchased the wpfreshstart through the above link but I still did not get the bonuses listed above.
    I am wondering what I did wrong?

    Anthony Lynch

    So “Plug-ins” is it these days..most of the times I am puzzled as to whether the Plug-in has to be installed on a wordpress site with content or without content.

    I wanted to post this in the group, but I am not finding the group again..I was there yesterday, but not seeing it now in my facebook


      The question does not make much sense to me. But I will answer as much as a I can. When people say “Plugin” they are generally talking about a WordPress Plugin. Also if there is content on your site normally does not matter to the plugin. It for sure does not matter to one like WP Fresh Start who’s function as is explained in the review and demo is to basically reset your site , fresh.

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