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Today I’m taking a look at, and doing a review of a new video marketing / research software called Vidneos. Now Ill fully admit, Im not an expert in video marketing. In fact as you can see in the video interview below Im not even an expert in video making (I forgot to change the […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at, and doing a review of a new video marketing / research software called Vidneos.

Now Ill fully admit, Im not an expert in video marketing. In fact as you can see in the video interview below Im not even an expert in video making (I forgot to change the sound settings on my computer so the audio is not so great). But despite the fact that I’m fairly new to video myself I am well convinced that video is the future of the internet, and while I have been learning (and getting pretty good at website SEO and rankings) I myself am still lost when it comes to ranking videos. I expect others are in the same boat as me and thats why I asked Videneo creator Ben to give us a quick demo of what this software can do and why.

One thing that you will notice about almost every product. It always seems to work so well when the vendor is using it. However with some of them when you try to use it yourself its not quite as smooth sailing as the demo. Because of this after I spoke to Ben I opened up my review copy of Vidneos and started testing it myself.

Im not going to lie my first impression was not the best. You see Vidneos is an Adobe air software and like so many others in the IM space its being released by a vendor that did not care enough about looking like a professional to spend the couple hundred dollars needed to become a verified publisher. Even worse than that this software struck one of my own personal pet peeves. No training or tutorials in the software itself. I still cant understand why these product vendors insist on hiding their training behind a members area as if its some super secret or something. However while these two things erk me, they alone are not enough to make me dislike a software product. I understand that some people might not mind them as much as I do, so I continued my  testing.

While we are on the subject of things I did not like about this product we should also talk about something that comes with this research tool. The video creator. This is an additional ‘second part’ of Vidneos that is included at no extra charge with your purchase. I did not like it at all. While it worked I found the interface cumbersome and difficult  to use. It was very basic in its functionality and it did not detect my microphone. Honestly I would not want to use this to make a video. Really I dont even see why they bothered to include it.

At this point into my  testing it looked like this product was going to be another fail. However I went back to checking out the main focus of this software, its YouTube research and ranking functionality and that’s where things started looking very different. Where Vidneos lacks in its video creator it really shines in YouTube research and ranking assistance.

Let me explain step back and give a bit of back data first:

Lets just say I have one of these nifty video creation products that have come out and Im thinking I would like to put up a video on YouTube to promote a CPA offer. Having a cool video is not going to be enough though. I have to also make sure I select the correct subject of the video. Not just the subject in as, what the video is about, but the subject as in what keywords I should tag the video for, what title I should give the video, what keywords I put in the description etc. Why is this important? Because if I dont pick the correct subject Im wasting my time in making the video in the first place because the video will compete with the ‘big boys’ and wont rank or get views. Basically Vidneos lets you do niche research, so you can pick the ‘low hanging fruit’ and create videos that will rank easy.

Here let me give you a real world example:

Recently (about a month ago) I decided to quit smoking after 20 years of doing it. Anyone who has ever seen an interview and heard my chronic cough probably understands why. Anyone who has ever tried to quit themselves probably understands how hard it is. So lets say Im thinking to myself, stopping smoking is probably something that a lot of people might want to do. Its a healthy thing so helping people do it is a good thing, and there are CPA products that I can advertise in the description of the video that I can use to monitize the video. Great Ill make a stop smoking video and start raking in some cash while I help people. Big win all around!

So normally the thing to do would be to break out my video creation tool and start making a stop smoking video. But the thing is, I didnt do any research. I really dont know if Im going to be able to rank this video. I dont know what the competition is. Basically Im just taking a shot in the dark, a gamble. This is where Vidneos comes in handy and why despite its short comings I still like it. You see I can open up Vidneos and find out in a couple of minutes what my chances are of ranking a stop smoking video.


As you can see in the screenshot above Vidneos tells me a couple of interesting things about trying to rank a product in my selected niche / subject. First it gives the ‘demand’ for this kind of video (based on search query reports  from YouTube) a rank of 80 out of 100. So I know there is a decent number of people are searching for this. Second it tells me the competition score for this niche which is kind of high as well. Meaning it might be a little difficult to rank for these keywords.

At this point I might want to abandon this keyword / niche. Or I can tweak it to try to find better or more specific keywords until I get more results ‘in the green’ (meaning its an ideal niche / keyword to try to rank for). It does not take much imagination to see how this can be a useful tool. Its going basically let you pick a good niche , subject and keyword set for your video before you even make the video. This means you will have a much better chance of ranking and thus a better chance of getting views to your video and thus make money from it.

Once you decide on your niche Vidneos does not stop there. The software has a cool feature that lets you type in the video title and description you intend to use as well as the keyword tags you intend to set. It will then rank your settings on a score of 0-100% that predict your chances of ranking for your chosen keywords with those settings.


Basically you can simulate what is likely to happen before you even upload your video. Also you can tweak your title , description and other settings inside of the software to get the maximum rank score. This is much better than just uploading a video to YouTube, blindly entering a title and description etc and just hoping for the best. As I said before, that’s in essence gambling and gambling is now way to run a business.

Aside from these two tools there are a bunch of other ranking modules included such as the trending tool which will search social media and let you get an idea of how popular a specific niche / topic is with the public.


There are other ranking and research tools included with this. Its basically an entire suit of them and in truth I simply cant list them all because this article would be super long. These however are the ones I particularly liked myself.

So what do I think of Vidneos over all? Well despite its lack of in software help, its clunky video creator (that to be fair is included free) and the fact that it is not perfect, it does indeed have some really good and extremely useful features. It reminds me of a restaurant I use to eat at when I lived in Philly. The decor wasn’t the best  the wait staff was not very pleasant, but the food was ooooo so good. This software is like that, on the surface it did not look so great. About 1/4 of the way into testing I thought I was going to be writing a negative review actually. But when  I really dove into what this software is really about I was able to see the power of its main features that are so obviously useful that suddenly my previous complaints where overshadowed and seemed insignificant.

I’m glad that I did an in depth and detailed test of this product because if I had not I would have just deleted it from my machine and I myself would have lost out on the opportunity it presents. I’m going to say this is a great tool for anyone who wants to do niche videos (like those you monitize with affiliate or CPA offers) and despite the things I dont like about it, the things I do like, I like enough that they overpower the negative. Im calling this a win and well worth the asking price, especially the early bird asking price.







 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett

    Since videos in Youtube can be shared. Can we use videos by others by using the Youtube embed code in VidNeos, and up load it to Youtube and WP?


      Vidneos is a research tool. Im not sure I udnerstand what your asking. But either way, you should be making your own videos for your own marketing (and branding yourself or your business in them as well)


    Thanks Brett,

    I bought it based on your review of the research features alone.

    Keep the real reviews coming please.


    John Lynch

    Hi Brett,

    Another great review, as always. I agree about the video maker in this – even EasyVSL allows slide transitions, while this apparently does not.

    I’m wondering if we can import a video from another source and add the tags, etc, inside Vidneos…or is there another way to integrate a video produced elsewhere with Vidneo’s research findings?

    Thansk again for keeping it real.


      Honestly that video creator is not good at all. If what your looking for is something to make videos I would not consider this a viable option at all. Its really useful for the ranking functionality.

        John Lynch

        Understood. My question was about how to integrate that video made elsewhere with the research info from Vidneos.


          Your thinking backwards, you dont make a video and then do research with Vidneos. You research a topic / subject / niche etc with Vidneos and then decide if you should make a video in the first place.

            John Lynch

            lol…we ain’t communicating, I guess. I realize that. My question was simply about the mechanics of it once you do the research, then make the video elsewhere, what’s then the best way to then integrate the tags, etc suggested in Vidneos into the video upload to Youtube?

            i.e., would you import the finished video into Vidneos – if that’s even possible – or manually export all the data from Vidneos into Youtube itself and optimize it there? Maybe their training goes into such things (I can dream, can’t I?).


    Thank you Brett for keeping us informed.
    I would have gone for this one if I didn’t have socividz which more or less does the same thing.
    another great review.


    Hi Dear, thnax for your honesty here… not often happen … lol

    A Q : is there a OTO or “upgrade” ?

    because i see in the BONUSES…. some “only for upgrades ” ?

    Thanx and Greetings !


    Colin Jeffrey

    Cheers young man, good review and our chat with the product maker was spot on



    Hi! Loved the review..the research aspect is what is really cool, but is there a OTO?


    Hi Brett,

    I just purchased through your link but I do no see the link of your bounses in the JVZoo account. How to reach to your your bounses?



    Brett, Good review. Balanced and fair. I bought it thru your link. Now how do i get the bonuses you promised? :o) ~Steve


    never mind just saw the answer. You should post how to get the bonuses in the blog. It wasn’t obvious.


    Hi Brett

    Thanks for your honesty in this review here ‘ not to often people give their honest review like you Brett.
    There is so many products coming out right now and so many emails in your inbox that it’s crazy because everyone said it’s the best product out there. A lot of them are crap and they just want to sell you anything just to make money.
    Thanks again for your review and honesty.

    PS: I wasn’t going to buy this because I thought it was another Overhyped Products until I read your review so I bought it under your link.


      Yea, unfortunate a lot of ‘marketers’ dont even test a product before they promote. Some of them dont even write the emails they send you themselves (they send a pre-written email that the product vendor wrote). I have a really simple rule on how I do reviews. I get a review copy, I test it thoroughly, I write a report on what I found. Im not going to lie, I want to make a living to, but I want to do it by helping people and by being totally honest 🙂


    Hi Brett, another useful review and eyeopener with the “research tools”…there is a great by product of your reviews page and that is the comment and tips that your subscribers add.

    There are so many “gems” there, like alternative programs and experiences, plus of course the “out of left field” questions and “Can I’s”, which is where w all learn and expand our knowledge.

    One question…. are we to assume that all the products in your Bonus section have been tested and approved?

    Cheers and keep up the good work


      No I dont test bonuses for two reasons. First, honestly, because a review takes me hours (and sometimes days) the way it is. Testing all the bonuses would take me a week (or more). Second because they are free gifts anyway.


    Hey Brett.
    Keep these reviews coming. Honestly, there’s a business for someone like you who’s not afraid of pissing someone off (like self-proclaimed gurus), but is willing to give his/her evaluation (I wouldn’t necessarily call it “honest” because who knows what honest really is) of a product, in a methodical and logical fashion, weighing in on both merits and crap.
    I’ve purchased this last product before I saw your review and just the tail-end of someone’s comment about “SociVidz” is making me rethink the purchase, since I already own SociVidz. Anyone else know much about SociVidz and how good it is at doing the type of research that Vidneos does? If so, please speak up.
    Also, the last review you did on EasyVSL made me rethink that one and I asked for a refund.
    There are altogether too few of you and that’s why I think you could turn this into a business. Especially when more and more the guarantees being offered aren’t really “no questions asked” but have some form of conditions that make the guarantees worthless.
    Just wondering how your product (Video Click) would stand up under this type of scrutiny.
    But overall really fine work. Kudos.


      Sorry I have never heard of SociVidz.. as for my own products. If Im this picky about other peoples stuff, just imagine how picky I am about the things I write myself and put my own name on 🙂

      Honest is just what it says it is, I say what I honestly think, unlike some people who know something is bad but promote it anyway. I dont hold back because the vendor is a friend, a business associate or because I need to make some cash quick. I honestly give my opinion without other factors influencing my evaluation.

      As for making my reviews into a business. Well I have been doing them for quite a while now 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

      As a side note I would be very leery about a “No questions asked” guarantee. To me thats a BIG sign of a bad vendor. Let me explain why by using myself.

      I give a refund period on everything I sell (normally between 15 and 30 days depending on the product). And while I give every unhappy customer that is in the refund period their refund, there is no way Im going to give it ‘no questions asked’. In fact you better believe Im going to ask why the customer is unhappy. Why? Because I want to know how I could do better work, create better products, etc. Its silly to not ask a customer a why they where unhappy. To me, when I see someone who says “No questions asked” in their guarantee, all that says to me is that they dont care to improve themselves.


    Could u compare Vidneos vs Vidlify before I go nuts? Thanks


      Im sorry Neil Napier refuses to give let me promote, or even review Vidlify, it seems I unintentionally insulted him 2 years ago and in his words “Yes, I hold grudges”. So while I really wanted to check out Vidlify was not able to.


    I like vidneos, but not one update in all this time!! Most of these “special offers” are essentially pump n dump software, although they will vehemently deny it.


      So you like the software, which means there must be nothing wrong with it, so really your just complaining that they did not add new features to it for free. Makes total sense, I called Kia the other day and told them their cars where ‘pump and dump products’ because they sold me a car and did not update it after I bought it! Then I called Vizio and told them the same thing about my TV because they have not updated that either in 2 years. I mean there was nothing wrong with either of those things, but since I bought it and they didn’t update it, that means it is ‘pump and dump’.

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