Vidinflux [review]

Today I am taking a look at a new cloud based software called Vidinflux

Watch the video below for a full demo!

Vidinflux is designed to help anyone create viral Facebook videos by using a proven tactic that I can almost for sure guarantee you have seen some of the top names in online business take advantage of. The tactic is putting graphics, text, and icons above (and below the actual video content), like this one by NumbersUSA:

Now lets leave the politics out of  this discussion because this is a a marketing blog and lets instead focus on why this kind of video is used by these guys. Actually lets focus on something even bigger. Why are these kinds of videos so common on Facebook in the first place? This particular one was the first one I came across as I was writing this post and needed a graphic for an example. It took me about 3 seconds to find an example, because they are so common. Ever wonder why they are so common? The answer is simple: Because they work!

Video is without a doubt the favorite content type both on Facebook and on the entire internet in general. However on Facebook videos are muted by default. By having text, icons, graphics, branding, and call to action above and below the content of your video you get to grab peoples attention and entice them to un-mute the video and watch it. Basically your combining the ‘quick engagement’ of a graphic post with the ‘viral engagement’ of a video.

The problem is that making these kinds of videos is actually a real pain with a traditional video editor. Most video editors are designed to do just what you would think. To edit the video. Its not easy to add things above or below the video you are editing without messing up the video itself. This is where Vidinflux comes in. Vidinflux is a cloud based software that is designed to do one thing, to make these kinds of viral / engaging videos, and it does it very well (see my full demo video above). In fact there is nothing bad that I have to say about the software itself and truth be told if I where to create a software like this, I would hope that it came out as good as Vidinflux.

The one thing I did not like about this system has noting to do with the software. It was the log in process. Vidinflux uses a user name / password log in, but the user name is not your email address. The problem is that while you can recover a forgotten password there is no way to recover a forgotten user name. So if you forget your user name your basically screwed. This is a silly mistake on their part and something I pointed out to the vendors. They promised me they would change it but at the time of this writing it still has not been.

Despite this one annoying GUI issue with the log in process I found Vidinflux to be an excellent software. Its fast, easy to use and it solves a very real problem in that it allows you to easily create a style of video for Facebook marketing that is proven by many experts to work very well.

Often people ask me how I learned what the secret was that allowed me to quickly be a sucesse in the internet marketing business. Well the secret is simple: I looked at what successful people where doing and emulated them. This makes sense when you think about it. If you want the results that people are getting, do what they are doing. Top marketers in all niches (from heath, to make money online, to politics)  are using these kinds of videos because they work. If you want to harness the viral nature and massive audience of Facebook like they do then you should probably follow their example. With Vidinflux its easier than ever!









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  1. Tony, 28 January, 2018

    Greetings Brett, please could you say if clickable links can be added above or below the videos made with Vidinflux

  2. Brett Rutecky, 30 January, 2018

    No its not possible to have a clickable image in a video. You have to add links into your post content.

  3. nfn, 29 January, 2018

    Hi, Brett Rutecky. I bought the software, Vidiniflux through your affiliate link and did not get the bonuses as you mentioned on this page. There is nothing on the JV Zoo. please tell me how can I get the bonuses. Thank you.

  4. Brett Rutecky, 30 January, 2018

    Shoot me a support request with your receipt ID from JVZoo and I will get you fixed up:

  5. James Mayo, 03 February, 2018

    Tried to purchase through your link and it didn’t go through. Why is this?

  6. Brett Rutecky, 04 February, 2018

    Link seems fine.

  7. tom markham, 09 June, 2018

    I need to make several “how-to” videos for my site. Can I use vidinflux to convert a PowerPoint presentation into the quality of video that you demontrate?

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