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Normally I dont do two reviews in one day however I have gotten a lot of emails from people asking me about UberQast. This software launched today and while I had a review copy for a couple of days now I really had not looked at it much. However because of the large number of […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Normally I dont do two reviews in one day however I have gotten a lot of emails from people asking me about UberQast. This software launched today and while I had a review copy for a couple of days now I really had not looked at it much. However because of the large number of people asking me about it I decided to work a little later today, and spent the last hour and a half testing the software.

Ok first lets I want to show you the heading on the sales page:


UberQast is a submission software that submits your articles, videos, press releases, RSS feeds (and lots more) to popular sites which will get you back links, traffic, and SEO. The heading also says “without ever having to manually build links again!”.  Sounds awesome right! Well it would be if it actually did what it claims that it does.

In fact Ill tell you flat out that header is pure nonsense. This software does not submit content at all. You actually have to do it yourself. You still have to go to each site one at a time manually and submit your content.

Let me explain:

First you set up a ‘persona’. This is basically who you are, all your information, address, name, website, company etc. Once that is done you can add your content to a campaign you do this by browsing for a video on your computer or pasting in an article, etc.. . After your campaign is set up you can then submit your content.

Now I had expected that I would just press a button and my content is submitted automatically to the dozens of sites. I mean it does say ‘without ever having to manually build links again’. But that’s not the way it works. The submission area is divided into two sections, left and right. On the left is a mini browser that takes you to the site you want to submit your content to. One the right is your content. You still have to log into the site with your user name and password for that site. If you dont have one you will have to create one. Once you log in you still have have to manually enter your content. The only thing this does is make it a little more easy by letting you click the input field in the mini browser you want to add content to and then letting you click the corresponding button on the right hand site, once you do this it will add in the information saved to your persona. Here is a graphic that explains this better.


So in here you can see to add my article title to this one site (after I log into the site) I would click the title field in the mini browser and then click the title button the right and it will add the ‘title’ I saved to my campaign. You have to do this for every field then do your submission. Once that is done you go on to the next site and repeat the process.

Honestly this is hardly automated. In fact despite what the sales page says this sure looks like manual submission to me. Submitting this way is going to take a long time. In fact since your manually logging into each site and manually clicking the fields to enter the content to its going to take just about as much time using this software as if you where not using it.

Sure there is a slight time savings because you only have to type in the information once instead of having to type it into each site. But here is the thing. Why does anyone need a software for this? You could just as easily type your ‘persona’ information into a text file and then copy and paste it. Click a filed and then a button or copy and paste. Basically they are the same thing.

Now this does have some other features such as an article spinner but what I found really funny was that even the creators of the software suggest you dont use it. In fact here is a excerpt from the help docs:


It also has a way to find content but it says that you should “rewrite every sentence” in the content you find.


Now it might be me but I just dont see any point in finding content when I have to rewrite every sentence manually. I might as well just write my own article from the start.

While UberQast claims it does things automatically in truth its not nearly automatic. In fact the only thing that is automatic is you dont have to type in the submission fields. You can click the field, click a button and the content is added. But as I said you could just as easily copy and paste from a text file. You still have to manually go to each site, log in with a account you have created and submit your content yourself. Ok lets be fair, clicking the buttons is probably faster than copy and pasting but be assured using this is still very manual and is going to take you a long time to submit to any number of sites.

It has a content spinner that they suggest you dont use and a content finder that they tell you will get content which you will have to manually rewrite every sentence.

So do I suggest people buy this? For sure I strongly recommend this software to anyone who wants to waste some money. For people looking to get value in return for their purchase I have just one word to say:


A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Gary Stenzel

    Wow, I have never heard of this software. But I will be sure not to buy it if I ever get it promoted to me.


    thanks Brett!


    Saw this earlier today and the claims made on the sales page made a red flag go up. Thanks Brett for getting out the word on this software.


    but if its got the word uber in it does’t that mean it’s good!? 😉

    Brett you’re gonna have to go shopping with a disguise on if you keep this up…


      I had a very well know and successful marketer make this comment to me in a Skype chat: “the best defence from the IM Watchdog is…..dont make shit apps lol” .. he hit the nail right on the head with that one.


    Thanks, Brett, your late night review is much appreciated! I was one of those asking you to have a look at this software, and I am glad you did. You just saved me $47.00. What will you do with all the good karma you’re accumulating? 🙂

    It’s remarkable how within a year or so your blog has become such an important voice in the IM world!


    Thank You, Brett. Again, you saved me money and time 🙂


    Hi Brett,

    Uber not..okay no worries. I see your point. Thanks for the review.


    Brett – Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this review. It’s about what I suspected but of course I could never have zeroed in on the actual problems like you did. I would just have been very confused and frustrated. I really appreciate your willingness to be honest and to share your expertise with those of us who are technically challenged 🙂


    Thanks for the review, I thought it was another crap product. I’m glad I found your site, I’ve been thinking about doing honest product reviews myself because I’m so sick of all the hyped up crap I see. If you ever open this site up so other people like myself can post honest product reviews let me know! Just in case you haven’t reviewed the RAS theme system I’ll save you some time, it’s also crap. Actually the word on some Facebook group is its stolen crap.


    P.S I found your site by searching google for the keyword uberqast crap. Lol. I’m serious! Check you logs for around 1pm


    My email has been flooded with promos for Uberqast, and I’m glad I saw this review, since I was just about to purchase! Of course, now i won’t, since this software wouldn’t do me any good. Thank you Brett. I plan to check back and look for your reviews on other stuff soon. Once again, much appreciated 🙂


      Yep lots of marketers will promote this one because it pays 100% of the sales price to the affiliates. I however dont market or approve a product based on how much money I can make by telling people to buy it. I base my approval (or disapproval) on the quality of the product Im reviewing.


    I bought the software and clicked on the link emailed to me for the “tutorials”. This in actual fact turned out to be a PDF. The screen shot on the pdf calls the software “blog marketer” not UberQast
    Then on page 37 of the manual it says (quote)
    One of the coolest features of Traffic Magnet is the ability to add your own Categories. A Category
    is a content type.
    Traffic Magnet???
    I tried looking for this and found {URL removed} – but the opt in didnt work
    So not sure if it is the same thing
    I have since asked for a refund. Wish me luck!!


      Further update –
      1/ got my money back which is great
      2/ found the original software – traffic magnet by Ross Goldberg. Looks like its 2010 software
      Have a look {URL removed}
      In afterwords AVOID!!!!

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