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3.5/ 5

Creator: Lee Pennington
Type: Web Software


Great for building a re-targeting list on Facebook, good for your website to get visitors to take an action.


No option to redirect to a URL after opt in.

Tonight I’m releasing my video review of the new SociSpots software. Normally when I do a review I do a combination of a video and a text article. However it has been a super busy weekend in the Rutecky household and frankly my 3 kids just wore me out. I’m exhausted. I’m not sure if […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m releasing my video review of the new SociSpots software.

Normally when I do a review I do a combination of a video and a text article. However it has been a super busy weekend in the Rutecky household and frankly my 3 kids just wore me out. I’m exhausted. I’m not sure if I’m getting old or what , but I wish I had half of the energy they have.

So, though its something I rarely do, I’m going to take a bit of a short cut tonight and just do a video review with a summery of my findings. I hope you guys will find this acceptable. Check out the video below for my full review,Β  walk through demo, and also to learn the hidden advantage to SociSpots that I almost missed.



SociSpots is a cloud (web) based software that allows you to add clickable ‘hot spots’ over any graphic.Β  When clicked these hot spots can trigger a number of different actions such as: showing a call to action, displaying an optin form, doing a social share, displaying a video, starting a Skype call, starting a cell phone call (when viewed on a mobile). Once you use the software to change your graphic into a SociSpot graphic you can then put it on your website, share it on Facebook, or even use it for a Facebook ad.

When I first tested SociSpots there where a couple of little bugs and there where several things that I felt needed improvement. For example when getting the code to embed your SociSpot graphic on your website, you originally had to manually edit the code to account for the dimensions of your graphic. I made a list of the bugs I found and of the things I felt could be improved and the vendors correct just about all of the issues I had.

I say almost all of the issues because there was one thing they did not change. When adding an optin form hot spot you can not enter a website URL for people to automatically redirect to after they signup. This makes it a bit difficult to use the optin form for a free giveaway. However there are two ways you can get around this, first you can set up a auto email to go out in your autoresponder that sends them an email with the link to the free giveaway. Second you can try using your own custom optin form code since SociSpots has a custom HTML hot spot option. Of these two work arounds the first is going to be the most useful and while this is a viable way to deliver your free gift to your optins I still think it would have been nice to just be able to enter a custom URL in the hot spot settings that people automatically redirect to.

When putting this on Facebook people first have to click the ‘play’ button on your post in order to see the hot spots. At first I did not like this, but then I realized that it can actually be a good thing.

First because people are very likely to click the play button. In my testing just over 10% of the people who where served the ad clicked it, where as normally with only about 3-4% of the people who see a ‘normal’ with a graphic will click.

Also you can add retargeting code to your SociSpot on Facebook. What this means is that you can retarget to anyone who clicks ‘play’. This is going to be a big advantage to anyone who wants to run Facebook ads. I personally spend a lot of money each month on Facebook ads and time and again I always get the lowest cost per click from ads I send to my retargeting list. While I build my retargeting list from people who visit my blog, a lot of people wont be able to do that since a lot of people dont have a blog that already gets a lot of traffic. However with SociSpots on Facebook you can build a retargeting list from anyone who clicks to ‘play’ your SociSpot. Also since people click to it at a very high rate, this means you will be able to build a retargeting list quickly and without spending a lot of money initially.

I tested SociSpots on both my website and on Facebook. On Facebook I got decent results, paying about 10 cents per person that clicked the Call To Action SociSpot I put on my graphic. But as I said, the real power on Facebook is going to come from when you use these to build your own retargeting list. On my website I got good engagement to my SociSpots. People where noticing them and interacting with them, on one test I got just over 60 signups from about 250 page visitors which is nice because it means Im building my list for free without doing any extra work.

If you want to do any kind of Facebook advertising you need to have a custom retargeting list if you hope to get those low cost clicks. SociSpots is going let you build your retargeting list, in just about any niche, quickly and without spending a ton of money. If you have a website, SociSpots is going to let you get maximum value from your traffic by letting them optin to builder your list, like you on social networks, call you (if your a physical business) and watch your promotional videos (with the video integration) Either way, despite the few things that could be improved I feel that SociSpots is a solid investmentthat is worth considering.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that the PRO version which I had was an OTO version and that the FE purchase does not have the HTML SociSpot that I showed in the review video. This does not change my over all opinion of this software but I did want to clarify. Sorry for this error.









Bonus: The vendors of SociSpots have provided me with the following bonuses, which you will get instant access to in the members area if you pick up SociSpots through my link.











Click here to pick up SociSpots and get ALL of these bonuses as well!



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Excellent review as always!
    Just what I was looking for. Purchased πŸ˜‰
    Much gratitude to you and all your hard work!


    Great review Brett. The first thing I noticed was no redirect on the opt-in and they indicated they will fix this. Also I don’t use any popular auto-responder, so often I use html code and I tried it as a workaround on the sign up re-direct issue and it worked. So while I agree that the redirect was likely an oversight, it wasn’t a show stopper for me. I can say that this isn’t Lee Pennington’s @LeadSeven first attempt at this technology. I purchased and returned viconlead after they attempted to address some very complex issues that they were unable to overcome. But the one thing that impressed me about their support is they were professional/responsive all the way. So, once I learned of socispot release by leadseven I knew it was at least worth taking a look at another product that would likely use the hotspot approach.

    I know you don’t review oto’s but you can modify the domain name that appears in facebook. I don’t like it, but it seems like most product developers with products designed to work in FB newsfeeds, do include that option in the oto which typically sells for $67. The only other way I see developers get around the domain issue is to create a WP plugin and leverage the domain.of the WP site the plugin is installed on. I am now just trained to know if I invest in similar software that I need to be prepared to pay for the upgrade, because it (that url…several test) really does make a difference in the behavior of several potential leads. In any event, leadseven did figure out how to modify that custom url in the cloud, but you must purchase the pro upgrade.


      I cannot even see the custom url option in my pro version, sent a ticket 4 hours ago, no reply yet.


        Joel, 4 hours is not an unusually log time for email support. Because of timezone differences its very standard online for email support to take up to 24 hours. This is true of large and small companies.


          it’s more than 24 hours, until now no response on my ticket… Brett, maybe you know the answers of my inquiry since you have the pro account too? I am asking them about the ff:
          1. Whitelabel Unique URL (my original inquiry)
          2. Embed Surveys
          3. Reseller License


            I sent the vendors a message letting them know that you are looking for an answer to some questions. But honestly if that’s what you sent them for your questions then I can understand why you might not have gotten a fast answer. There is not a single question there. When asking for help you have to ask a specific question. Saying Im asking about Resellers License for example is not a specific question, in fact its one that needs to to be responded to with another question not an answer. What about the resellers license? When communication with people always remember the quality of the answer you get is often related to the quality of the question you asked. People can not read your mind, you need to be very specific on what you are asking.


              Original ticket is more detailed, I ask them how to use my own domain as part of pro features since I can’t see any video tutorials or documentation on that one. Still no response until now.

              Basically I just added the other pro features asking them how to use those things as I can’t find those features too but they could have just answer me or give an update atleast to the 1st inquiry.

              Thanks for letting them know I’m waiting for the ticket update or response from them, I would understand if they will just tell me it’s upcoming features but the oto page doesn’t mention it’s for future update.


                Have you got the response yet? My ticket is also almost 48 hours without response. I ask them about technical issue.


                  I sent Mike a Skype message just now since I dont know Lee personally, I asked him to let Lee know that there are people waiting for help. They might be a bit behind from the launch .. launch normally = lots of new customers in a very short period of time .. I know personally when I launch Im often at my desk answering tickets 14-16 hours a day for several days.


                Hi Brett, they respond to my ticket 2 hours ago by the time I’m posting this comment.

                Here is my total review;

                1. the whitelabel url features does not mean you can use your own url, it’s simply change to instead of from regular account.
                2. embedding survey can be achive by putting normal call to action and post the link or via custom html
                3. Reseller Right means you can sell as service, rights is automatic for pro version, no need to get certificates or activation.

                Overall it’s a descent software for online marketing.



    Thanks for your review Brett. The html option is only available under Pro version. So, in the basic version you can not use other autoresponder different than aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, campaignmonitor, and the old version of sendreach (v2).


    Hi Brett

    Is there a way to take the image/code and use it for “Hired” facebook blast/posts or guest post on other websites.

    ie a “friend” has a facebook page with thousands of followers and I send them an image & msg to post on my behalf to access their followers could i use the soci spots? or would it only be useful to social media account I have attached to the web based program?

    The same goes for guest posts to other websites.

    thanx Dan


    Hello Brett,
    Each time you do the review that well demonstrate the functions of the software, your demo video is better than one on their the sales page.
    I booght it just after you made this review πŸ™‚
    Thanks a lot.


    This demo FB page was shown during a live webinar yesterday. It did not work at the time, and this was blamed on the server crashing during the webinar. But it is still not working now. After you click the play button, no hotspots appear:

    {links are not allowed}


    Hi Brett,

    Another brilliant review! When first notified of this product I turned my back on it, until I received your review.

    I also agree with what Susu, your videos are so crisp, clear and to the point and give all the pertinent information required.

    Keep us informed, Brett!!

    Great thanks.


    obrigado por mais um excelente video parabΓ©ns!


    What is the OTO? Also when they click “play” before the socispots they get added to your retargeting list? Doesn’t this happen on a normal ad when they click on it? Have you compared standard retargeting from fb ads vs this play button retarget? Thanks for the review. Seems interesting but do they have an unlimited option? Can you use this on any fan page you are an admin of?


      Im sorry I dont know what the OTO is, I really dont test OTO’s. Im not sure if they have an ‘unlimited option’, you will have to check out the sales page, normally I dont look at the sales page since my main goal is reviewing the software.


    Thanks Brett for your honesty and hardwork. I did purchase the product +oto through your link when l receive your email about it. I didn’t wait for your review because l know for a fact that you will do a great job as always.

    You have saved me thousands of dollars from buy bad products due to your honest reviews.

    I appreciate you.


    Wow Brett, this is more than just a review, it is a great IM lesson…I’m using your tactic to actually promote this same product. I’ve got a review copy, I do like the software, I think it’s a great tool and you have made it even better by suggesting those changes to the creators: Credit to Mike and Lee for taking on board, your suggestions and they made a great software even better…A great example of collaboration to making this IM world a better one.
    Great review, thanks.


    Excellent review as always Brett. Did I understand correctly from your review that none of the pulsating hotspots will appear until after a visitor clicks on the play button or is that just in reference to a video?





    I bought previously – sorry Brett – but I have lined your coffers several times πŸ™‚

    What annoys me is that like you too I wasn’t impressed initially with having to hit play. I was on a pre-launch webinar and they assured me it would play it was that they had their settings in Facebook turned off (ie auto play off for videos). So that was just a plain lie as it doesn’t play !

    I noticed in their videos thet again you don’t see the play button. Mintapps did something similar very recently !


    Tom McGaughan

    Thanks for the review Brett…and I have to agree with Susu on your demo excellence. Most of the products just do not have very good tutorials.

    I did not get the OTO figuring I would try using it before making a decision…since the price for the additional features…didn’t exactly blow my skirt up!

    Hope your kids had fun being with their Dad this weekend…!!

    Thanks again,


    Hey Brett, I remember you mentioning in the Profit Canvas webinar that you wasn’t a good trainer or something on those grounds. well, I think your dead wrong. I don’t think that there is anyone I would rather listen to then yourself. when a new product comes out I would rather come to your review page then I would to go to the sales page. you are very clear and very informative, if you don’t want to buy on the sales page, you will after visiting your page. keep up the good work and thanks for being here for us.

    some of these product creators should pay you to do training for there products, especially those that don’t speak good english. my hat goes off to you Brett. great job!

    David F

    I am wondering if there is another benefit to this product that no one has realized. Specifcally, it almost solves the problem that images uploaded directly to Facebook are not normally clickable images that will take you to an affiliate or other link. Once someone clicks on the video icon in the image the hotspot that appears makes it immediately a clickable image. I once purchased on JVZOO a product that claimed to make images clickable but for some reason it negatively affected how many clicks I got so I stopped using it. Socivids does create clickable banners, but that is for videos, not images. Hopefully this product will solve the clickable image problem.

    I know the OTO allows you to use a custom domain name and that will make people more trusting of what they are clicking on, But I don’t think it is worth the extra money. Particularly, if for example, you have a general Facebook page with lots of different content as it would be hard to come up with a generic domain name that would be suitable for all content posted. Not sure what else the OTO offers other than commercial use of the product. I think the OTO did mention something about reseller rights, but I am not sure if the reseller option lets you sell the software or just lets you give your clients access to the software through your copy of the software. Perhaps someone who purchased the OTO can answer that.


    Regarding using SociSpots on FB, are you sharing a post or are you uploading a video? Because if you’re uploading a video then with FB’s auto play, the hotspots should show up automatically.


    When I first saw this I thought Lee had renamed/rebranded his Iconlead app, which I paid $17 + $50 for. It’s now starting at $47.

    To me, this product looks like a rework of Iconlead’s code and a renaming of it, as well as a new partner, but little else.

    I would also mention that since I shelled-out that cash for Iconlead back in Feb, there has been no forward movement with the app, i.e. no upgrades, training emails, etc. as if it was abandoned.

    This product’s funnel is $27 + $67 + $97, so it’s more expensive than IconLead.

    But I’m not about to spend more for an app with a LITTLE more functionality than one I already paid quite a tidy sum for. Frankly, this whole thing puts a very bad taste in my mouth, regarding Lee.

    I expect an evolution of the apps he’s already created, not a cloned mutation of a previous release with another hefty pricetag that “replaces” the first.

    I consider that mercenary marketing and it is to be avoided and despised.

    But that’s just me. Maybe I’m oversensitive?…

    In case anyone wants to compare the two: {links removed}


      Russ you comment is VERY misleading.

      1) IconLead is a similar app for sure, though I dont think I reviewed it, it looks like an old version (that is still for sale for $47)

      2) Also IconLead for sure was not abandoned, in fact its still for sale and its still working. Just because more features where not added for free does not mean it was abandoned. You got what you paid for, your only real complaint is that you did not get more for free. Tell me do you also complain to your car dealer when you dont get the new model every year for free? Do you accuse them of ‘abandoning you’ if they dont give you free engine upgrades as technology improves from year to year? It amazes me how buyers in the IM community refuse to pay monthly fees but expect to get more for free so often.

      3) As a developer I can say the coding difference between SociSpots and the old version would have to have been quite a lot, the Facebook integration alone probably took an extra hundred hours of coding time.

      4) Looking at JVZoo , and it seems about 1500 total people bought the original IconLeads .. so starting over, making a new improved version, and trying to sell the improved version to the tens of thousands of IM product buyers that they missed before is somehow bad? Its ‘mercenary marketing’ to try to get new customers with a better version of an old product? Back to the car reference, I guess you must despise car companies, after all every year they improve on their old models and try to get new customers. What jerks!

      Are you being over sensitive? For sure. It not fair to tell someone that they cant improve on an old product, its not fair to tell someone that they cant try to get new customers, and its not fair to expect someone to give you upgrades for free for a one time price payment (this really is not fair because its not a sustainable business model for the vendor) and its not fair to publicly say someone ‘abandoned’ a product which is still functional as described at the time you purchased it.


        I wasn’t trying to be misleading. And no, I’m not a cheapskate either.

        Maybe I’m more comfortable with folks like NobleSamurai who seem to have figured out how to sell a software – a completely kickass software – at a one-time price and continue to improve on it for YEARS.

        And hey, I’m also not against helping a developer pay for their coding team/marketing if they are going to release significant updates to their software, over time. Camtasia and Dragon Naturally Speaking are two that spring to mind.

        But so does The Best Spinner and other more strictly IM tools.

        So, my point was mostly about the INCREDIBLE similarity between SociSpots and IconLead and how I would have expected and preferred that he simply improve on what he already created and which, as you indicated, about 1,500 people had already bought.

        And I would bet big money that I’m not alone in my feelings, among the 1,500.

        If he really needed to ask existing owners to pay a nominal upgrade fee, then so be it.

        But don’t come out with what is essentially an upgraded version and then try to act like it’s new tech and new software.

        They may not have abandoned IconLead, but they haven’t improved upon it, either. So, just because it’s still for sale, doesn’t mean it isn’t stagnant, tech-wise.

        There are all kinds of business models and practices online. Some are arguably “better” than others.

        So, aside from partnering with Mike, I don’t view this launch as a best practice…leaving all his IconLead customers in the lurch.


          “But don’t come out with what is essentially an upgraded version and then try to act like it’s new tech and new software.”

          Dont build a new car which is essentually an upgraded version of an older car model and then expect customers to actually PAY for the new car!

          “they may not have abandoned IconLead, but they haven’t improved upon it, either.”
          But you publicly said that they did abandon it originally, as for not improving on it , they sure did .. with the new version SociSpots, which has major updates, it works on Facebook now, which as I told you, I know as a developer probably took quite a bit of work.

          I’m also not against helping a developer pay for their coding team/marketing if they are going to release significant
          If he really needed to ask existing owners to pay a nominal upgrade fee, then so be it.

          As we just established adding Facebook functionality is a significant update, you say your not against paying for an update, but it seems to me that all you have done so far is complain that you did not get it for free. Nominal of course is a subjective term. I personally think $27-$47, one time payment, for use of a online software that has ongoing costs is quite nominal.

          It seems we have two very contridicting opinions on the practice of charging people for updates. As a developer and person who maintains my own online software I know the amount of work, time, and cost, that goes into creating these and running them (I did not even mention the ongoing server / support fees). As a consumer you are looking at something and saying, hey this seems like a minor change, I should have gotten it for free. Its two different opinions from two different points of view. We can agree to disagree and thats ok πŸ™‚ As I said, if you have the old version and don’t feel that the updated version is worth the new investment just don’t buy it.

          Either way though, thank you very much for taking the time to post your comments and give us all a different perspective from mine. A different perspective is always a good thing, even if its a perspective that I don’t personally agree with πŸ™‚


            I don’t mind iff they rename Icon Lead and resale it as Socispots. I don’t mind iff the ask some extra money to upgrade it. I can’t expect them to work on it for years for free.

            What I don’t like is that I bought Icon Lead and didn’t get any message other about Socispots then a salesmessage. I checked Icon Lead with Socispots and for me it looks very much the same. They should have have warned me that Icon Lead and Socispots have a lot of the same functionallity and look very much the same, so I know as their customer what I’m buying. Iff there are any differences between the both software they should have told their customers. Now 1500 IconLead costumers have to find out themselfs what the difference is between IconLead and Socispots.

            And iff they really would like their Iconlead customers, they would have given them a special price to buy Socispots.

            But again, for me it’s not about the money, but about respecting the people who already are your costumers by giving good information.


              You have Icon Leads and you saw a demo (and review) of SociSpots .. but you did not know what the difference or similarities are .. also they need to tell you about it so that you know what your buying? Please dont take this the wrong way, Im going to say something that no marketer will say, but it sounds like you might be a little to quick to press that buy button sometimes, I think everyone should avoid making impulse buys and only make informed buying decisions. If you don’t know exactly what your getting you should not be pressing that buy button. This is a major reason I do reviews, to help people make informed purchase decisions.

              A coupon code or something would have been cool for sure, but I don’t pay their expenses etc. I don’t know their margin etc .. and sometimes its more easy to say things than it is to do them (in this case financially)

                Ainsley M

                Surely a trusting loyal proven buying customer going forward is more valuable than a slight loss/break even/profit whatever on the margin. The money is not in the list if it can’t be used going forward.

                One of the reasons you are so valuable to us Brett, is because you try your earnest best to keep us informed. Why do I see you as valuable? because so many of us do have – yes – shiny object syndrome. The online internet marketing industry is known for capitalizing on it. Surely many marketers(not you) rely upon us having this, and know we will, when they gleefully boast of employing the best campaign managers and most expensive copywriters and graphic designers in the biz, plenty of scarcity, huge EPC’s guaranteed and a preponderance of trials and guarantees etc on their launch JV pages that they plan on a ton(emphasis multiplied) of impulse buyers. To many marketers it’s their bread and butter(the diff between a 100k and 300k launch. Let’s face it – half probably don’t even open the product before the 30 day guarantee expires. Hell I haven’t even began to touch your Profit Canvas (is the 30day guarantee up yet?? lol). I may be an idiot but I bought it because you did do a good job selling it and yes…you presold it months back because I trust you and your previous quality merchandise. Always great – thanks Brett.

          Ainsley M

          Hi Russ and Brett

          I hear ya, Russ. I even went so far as going over the all the sales pages for iconLEAD v these sales pages. There seems very little discernible difference to justify paying all over again. Things have been rejigged and look confusingly similar to the novice/undiscerning eye – that’s what it seems like anyway.
          This to me is almost tantamount to an Explaindio or Easy Sketch Pro sort of situation where updates to the software only occur in a newer version/edition a few months later – but here its a new product line entirely. At least easy sketch pro had the decency to issue discounts to purchasers of their previous versions.

          Lee Pennington should have just called this IconLEAD Pro 2.0 and offered discounts coupons to existing customers. It’s not a good look and has not changed significantly enough in its look, feel and purpose to warrant an entirely different product. Surely. If it has changed significantly or is fundamentally different – tell us Lee! Don’t let your customers guess. Help us.
          With Iconlead Pro, I was of the belief that the upgrades gave facebook integration. What is different about this? That it gives timeline integration as well as tabbed integration? Tell us Lee. Surely Lee Pennington knew that many a savvy marketer would be asking these questions and often vendors include these answers in their swipe files for other marketers to use with mailouts. But we are completely in the dark and have to take a gamble that this product is so different and so new that its worth dumping iconlead for this in its stead.
          So my question to Lee Pennington is – why wouldn’t he think of previous purchasers and preempt these questions or presell to us in a way that doesn’t come across as disingenuous by omitting to inform his previous customers. He could have even used the collateral from his icon list to presell and build us toward purchasing this instead. It’s poor form – truly… and looks bad that no communication has been forthcoming to us, his previous customers. People will assume the worst unfortunately in this biz and one has to presuppose their customers want transparency as a given – not to be asked for and reacted to. Surely he knew we’d want answers. We are left guessing, despite being a little clearer thanks to some honest reviewers and marketers such as Brett – thanks Brett.
          Let us know Lee(if you are reading this) – you could send an email to your list in five mins flat that starts with a simple “Some of our loyal customers have been approaching my team with a few simple questions re the differences in our product lines – following I attempt to answer those questions….etc” Throw in a funnel wide coupon while you are at it because surely some sales are better than none to you and your customer satisfaction and loyalty is priceless going forward.
          Cheers to all.


            But we are completely in the dark and have to take a gamble that this product is so different and so new that its worth dumping iconlead for this in its stead.

            Just a FYI: Please don’t gamble with your money πŸ™‚ If you ever need clarification about a product that I have reviewed do NOT hesitate to ask me. If I dont know the answer I will get the vendor over here to answer you personally (and if he refused to do that than he does not deserve your money in the first place)

              Ainsley M

              Cheers Brett. You are a gent in so many ways – as per usual. πŸ™‚
              My issue is I want to ask you often but never know what products you will review next. Have you got a calendar of upcoming reviews?


                No I don’t sorry, truth be told I never know what I will review, I review things that either A) I think might be useful in my business, or B) Might be something that gets a good amount of attention and of course if something comes out that a lot of people ask me about I try to review that as well. I find the products om going to review on a site called MunchEye (Google it). That will be an interesting site for the customers as well to visit actually because you will get to see all of the funnels, OTO’s, for most every upcoming launch (you will also get to see how the vendors talk to the affiliates and the prizes they offer them)

                But if you see something that I have reviewed, and need a question answered before you decide to buy it or not, do not be afraid to reach out to me, Ill get you an answer one way or another.



                  I love and respect your reviews, but you missed my point in the reply to me. Ofcourse like most of the people I only use 1 out of 10 things I buy. Is that a bad thing? No, I’ve I can use one out of 10 very good it’s a winner. We both know it cost lost of money and time to develop software, so iff I would develop it only for me it would cost my a lot more. Right now I pay about 700 dollars each month for months on a row to let somebody develop a website for my business. So a onetime investment for software for 37 dollars is no pain.

                  But that was not my point. My point was trust and costumerloyalty. Let’s say it on another way. I would never sell my own costumers two products which look very much the same without them telling about it and explaining everything. You know as well as I do that we all don’t have enough time. Choose for some privet time with the family or do another test before I buy some new software? You say it yoursell, you don’t have the time to do reviews on the OTO’s! I don’t have the time to study and trye everything I get offert each day. Thats why IM-sellers make so much money.
                  I’m one off the lucke guys who found you and trust your reviews before I buy someting.

                  The bad thing in the internetmarkething is that most sellers don’t care about their customers, they just want to sell.


    Brett, I need your opinion about the feature whitelabel unique URL of Pro version. I check the domain and the name of creator Lee Pennington still show up. So it is useless if they don’t subscribe it into private domain when we offer a service to clients. Then, the domain is only registered for 1 year, I’m thinking about how serious they will support the product.


      So because they only regestured the domain for 1 year that means that they will not support their product? That’s kind of a big jump and quite of an assumption don’t you think? Do you think Im going to vanish? (I only pay for one year at a time as well) .. for their posting domain there is no branding on it, but your right it is still regestered to Lee so of someone does a WHOIS they will see it. That’s a lot of work and I don’t think its going to be a problem, but if it bothers you send in a support ticket and ask him to add private regestration .. I think you will find Lee very accommodating.

    Art Derfall

    There’s Socispot and Vicon Leads which appear to be the same thing…can’t tell. Then Icon Leads which appears to be similar, but works with images instead of videos.

    The basic Socispot can only be used on your own site and not a client’s – you need the Pro version for that.

    Confusing enough and then there are vendors who pitch branded names and specific product names, but in the ad copy used the brand name in referencing the latest/greatest. EX: Acme Wondertoast and Acme Wonderbread, and then go on to reference either by the Acme name.


      SaaS require servers and server resources which cost money. Its not unreasonable to charge more if you want to use this on clients sites. You will be using it on more peoples websites, which will use more resources. There is nothing wrong with asking people who use more to pay more.


    Hi Great review, can you put these Socispots on to videos?

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