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4.5/ 5

Creator: Martin Crumlish
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Has a ton of uses for online and offline marketing


Im still trying to think of one

Today Im taking a look at Social Mobi Surveys   So what is Social Mobi Surveys. Well its a very robust system that lets you create survey apps. The ‘social’ part is that you can put it on your Facebook fan pages. That however is not my favorite aspect of this software. What I really […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at Social Mobi Surveys



So what is Social Mobi Surveys. Well its a very robust system that lets you create survey apps. The ‘social’ part is that you can put it on your Facebook fan pages. That however is not my favorite aspect of this software. What I really like about it is that its not just limited to fan pages. It comes with a stand alone URL (that is mobile friendly) that you can use to link people directly to your survey. It also comes with embed code so you can put the survey on any existing site or post.

So what kind of things could you use a survey for? Well this is one of the really strong points about this software. Its designed to be extremely flexible  with a lot of options and potential uses.

Though fan pages are not my favorite marketing tool anymore you can use it on your fan page (and direct your Facebook ads to it).

You can also put it on your own website and use for list building. This is possible because you can set the software to deliver a free gift to people who complete your survey. Its fairly well documented that once a potential signup starts to commit themselves by beginning the survey they are much more likely to complete the ‘opt in’ and give their email address at the end.

Finally you can use it for offline marketing with the direct URL. For example a restaurant owner could but the direct URL (which is nice and short) on a business card and give it to customers with their check. They could offer them a discount coupon or something free on their next visit. This is an all around win for everyone. The customer  gets a discount coupon. The restaurant owner get feedback on the customers experience and also knows its very likely the customer will come back again (since they have a coupon now). In fact this is a tactic that some big businesses use. Lots of people have probably seen the back of a Burger King  receipt where they offer you a free Whopper sandwich if you call in and take a short survey.

These are just a few things off the top of my head. With a little thought you can find some really creative ways to use this system. As I said its a software with lots of possible uses. However I was pleased to see that besides being robust it is also very easy to use.


While there are a lot of features the interface was intuitive and the flow was smooth. Though there are included training videos I did not need them at all. In fact this is designed very similar to the way I design my own software. With a central ‘control dashboard’ to manage or take action on your existing surveys.


There are also some really nice ‘advanced’ features such as a scheduler and real time statics and custom meta settings. Also you can turn on its text to speech feature so your survey will actually speak the text. This is cool for a stand alone link though Im not so sure I would use it for a survey embedded in a blog post.

I also really liked how the ‘free gift’ at the end was delivered. There are a couple of options. You can direct people to a URL. You can show them a video (great if your giving free training) or you can upload a .zip file to the system which it will then deliver for you. I personally was impressed with the last option. Given that this will provide you with a free, unbranded URL for your survey and will deliver your free gift you dont even need a website to use this.

While I normally do not review the OTO’s on a product in this case I made an exception. Why? Let me explain. You see the front end purchase for this is a personal license to use it yourself. However the OTO is for a developers license. Because this product can be used for such a wide variety of customers in online and offline niches Im going to say that the developers license is a must have for anyone looking to make money by using this for clients / customers. There is no monthly fee with this software and anytime you can pay a one time price for something and then resell it over and over (at pure profit) its a good investment. This is especially true for a product like this where you could easily charge a monthly fee when you resell this service.

So whats my final thoughts on this product? Its professional quality. Extremely flexible in its settings and in the people who can benefit from it, and its being sold without a monthly fee. Being a software developer I am normally extremely critical of software that I review. However this one is impressive in its concept, potential and its ease of use. Its as good as anything I could have designed myself and its also a great value. I’m calling this one a total win and will suggest that everyone takes a minute to click below and check out the demo.






PS) Should you decide to pick this up through my link above  you will also get instant access (with PLR rights) to three of my top WordPress plugins (FB Pixel Insert, List Magnet, Share to Download).


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    How much is the OTO for the developers license?


    Other than price, how would you say these features compare to OFFER FUNNEL from Neil Napier, Phil Benham and Fraz Ahmed, which came out in early July? Not sure if you did a review on it or not, but the features seem to be similar. Of course the price is much higher now.


    *I note the software just uses Email opt-in. What happens if my list is setup for Name & Email ?

    * Is it possible to add other AR Fields (like Name & Phone) into the opt-in form ?

    * What’s to Stop a user cashing in on the offer or coupon more than once?

    * Why are all the Testimonials from 12 months ago – 2013 ?

    * How many campaigns can I setup for multiple clients inside the software ?

    * Does it have a Click-to-Call feature ?


      1) You will just get the email address, the name field in your AR will be blank
      2) I did not see any option to add other fields
      3) I dont really think you can stop them, how could you? IP, Cookie, they would just use another computer. Most of the time, especially if your doing this for an offline, brick and mortar business you would not mind them doing this.
      4) Unlimited, if you have the developers upgrade
      5) If you notice right above the testimonials it says “Check out what our customers are saying about our products!” this is because these are testimonials for the product creator and their software in general (as it says) and not specifically for this software.
      6) Not that I have seen, honestly I dont know how C2C would relate to this kind of software.


        Thanks for answering my questions.

        You mention a developers license. So does that mean in my personal license there is a limit to the amount of campaigns I can setup, either for myself or on behalf of my clients?

        Re CTC: As this software can specifically target Mobiles, having a Click-to-Call feature would be beneficial to getting Offline Leads via phone calls to the offline business.


          You cant make any campaigns on behalf of clients with the personal license. If you buy that its just for your own personal use, not for use with clients.
          No this has no C2C, thats not really the point of this.

    Danzig Panzer

    How many site / surveys for the developers license

    Only one site / survey for the $18 price? Correct
    Thank you for your reply


      For the $18 price you can only put it on 1 fan page (if you want to do that). Personally I think its better to put it on your website or to directly link to it. There is nothing to stop you from embedding it into multiple sites though. What you cant do is use this for your clients with just the $18 license.


    I purchase this product and the different languages voice over feature is non existent, like they show in the sales video.

    Also when the person taking the survey leaves a comment, there is nowhere you can see the comments.

    I believe it does not work the way the want us to believe it works.

    I´ve sent 3 tickets about the language features in the last 2 days and still no reply.

    About the comments feature they said they woul look into it.


      I normally dont test ‘language’ features because I only speak 1 language so I cant tell if they are working anyway. But what feature are you specifically talking about with this one? Can you show me on the sales page what you are referring to?

      When I first reviewed this the comments where showing under the statistics section. Looks like they are not right now. This is probably a bug. Now you have to keep in mind that its 100% impossible to write a software that is totally bug free. Modern software has 100,000+ lines of code in it. So writing a software that is totally bug free is like writing 2 full novels without a single type, spelling or grammar error. Not really likely to happen. Which is why every software company from Microsoft to video game makers release ‘patches’ and updates. The important thing is if the vendors / developers correct the bug. This is of course provided its just a minor bug (which this is). If its a big thing that breaks the entire software thats something totally different.

      This is a minor bug (does not break the main functionality) which they did say they will look into. I have no doubt that they will and will correct it, so it should not be a problem.


        Hey Brett, first let me tell you that I finally recieved a reply about the language feature, and they said that its going to take about a week more to get this fixed.
        The comment bug I believe its fixed by now.
        The feature that I´m talking about is the one that you can use a different language besides english to do your voice overs, you can watch all the details about it in the sales video where Chad Nicely is doing a general overview of the software, I belive its around minute 20 or so, he shows a dropdown list where you can see a bunch of different languages that you can use to do the voiceovers.
        The good thing is that they said this will be fixed and working in about a week more.
        (Sorry but my english is not too good)
        Thanks for your concern.


    HI Brett,

    Is it essential to have an autoresponder, or is it like your products where they can be stored and saved as csv to download



      Karthik Ramani

      Hi mark,

      It is not essential to have an autoresponder. We are storing all the leads for you under “My subscribers” section and it is stored along with the Ip Address of the person opting in. That way in future when you decide to import to an autoresponder you can do it with any email service providers. All the leads are stored against a campaign and you can export them as a CSV

      But If you do have the major Autoresponders we have the direct API integrations and for other autoresponders you can put a form code even if your autoresponder is not listed here.

      Hope this helps mark and thanks for purchasing our product.


      Hope this helps.
      Yes there is an option to export all emails in a XLS or CSV format


    Hi Brett , thank you for the review and sharing your thoughts on this product. You include a bonus ( your Facebook autorepsonder ) when we buy through your link which is much appreciated but where can I find more details on this bonus product ?

    Thank you for your continued support.


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