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Creator: Joshua Zamora
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Super easy to use, no monthly fee, solid concept


Reporting could be a little better

Today Im doing a review of  a new SEO software called Link Indexr. Before I dive into the software review I want to cover a little bit of background on why this software was created. First of all probably everyone knows that one of the most important things in the eyes of Google is back […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of  a new SEO software called Link Indexr.


Before I dive into the software review I want to cover a little bit of background on why this software was created. First of all probably everyone knows that one of the most important things in the eyes of Google is back links. In fact Google was founded on a simple thought process. If sites B, C, D link to site A, its probably a safe bet that site A has something of value. If it didn’t then why would they link to it? In essence Google considers a back link to be a ‘vote’ for the site it links to.

Now most people take this to mean that they need to get as many back links as the possibly can. Well this is ‘kind of’ true but not totally true. Why? Because all back links are not created equal. No I’m not talking about the linking pages page rank. I’m talking about getting links from pages that have no links to them. In fact there is a name for a page that has no links to it. Its called an ‘orphan page’.  Since the page linking to you has no links to it, Google does not think its worth much, after all its not getting any ‘votes’ from other pages. What this means is that this pages ‘vote’ (its link) to you really does not mean anything to Google, since its a vote from a page that has no authority in Google’s eyes.

So while anyone can go to and get dozens or even hundreds of back links to any URL they want. Those back links dont mean much of  anything because the majority of the time they will be back links from orphan pages that have absolutely no value on Googles eyes.

This is the problem that Link Indexr is designed to solve, and its a very real problem. While Link Indexr can for sure be used to create back links directly to your pages where it really shines is in its ability to create links to the orphan pages that link to you. This means that the pages that link to you are no longer orphan pages, they are no longer useless in Googles eyes, and they now pass link juice and SEO value to your site. In fact I would use this in conjunction with Fiverr. Well I should not say I ‘would’ do this. Because Im 100% for sure am going to. Here is my plan.

There are dozens of gigs on Fiverr where I can get hundreds of back links to any URL I want. Now normally I would not buy this because I know that these are going to be dead (orphan) pages that have no value. However now that I have Link Indexer I can give those back links value. You see normally when the Fiverr gig is done you will get a report with all the back link URL’s that the worker created. I can take this over to Link Indexer now, paste those URL’s into the software, and it will automatically create back links to those URLs. This gives them creditability in the eyes of Google which in turn gives their link to my site creditability. Best of all I didn’t do anything. I got the initial back links for the price of a coffee at StarBucks and the Link Indexr did all the heavy work for me.

So how is the software itself? Well its super easy to use. It litterly takes about 30 seconds to create a campaign. Give it a name, enter your URL’s, select if you want to drip feed the back link creation, and press go. Done! I really liked the drip feed functionality. With this I can tell the software to create the back links at a steady pace over a few days or even a month. This is important because by creating your links over time it looks more realistic to Google, and I was very glad to see them implement this. The only thing I would have liked to see is a little more detail in the reporting. But to be honest I’m a bit of a statistics nerd so that’s probably just me.

Even though this software is so easy to use my 8 year old daughter could probably handle it there are built in video tutorials and easy access to support, just in case. Also this has a cool section called ‘Indexr University’ that explains how keyword and niche selection. Its a nice bit of training that ads real extra value to this product.

If you have followed my blog at all you know that I’m a big proponent of building networks of niche sites. While careful selection of your target keywords and niche will for sure help you rank its a simple fact that quality back links have always been and likely always will be the number one thing of importance in Googles eyes. But really this is not just for people doing niche marketing. Anyone who has a website or blog is going to need to rank in Google. Organic traffic from Google is one of the only free traffic sources to be had online. With Link Indexr you can take super low cost back link services (like you can get on Fiverr) and turn them into viable and valuable back links to your site. This will increase your sites creditability and ultimately its Google ranking.

This software is available right now direct from its website for $27 per month. However for a limited time Joshua is running a promotional special where you can get it for a one time fee, life time use, at a very reasonable price. All of these things add up to just one thing.




 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett,
    Do you think this software can be used for websites in non english language ?


    What I meant by that, is, the software seems to build backlinks from some web2.0 sites to the links we typed in, so no matter if this web2.0 site contains links leading to english sites from links leading to non english sites ? Does the link in question have some text around it to make it more natural ?


    Hi Brett. Thanks for the review.

    Do you think this is better than GSA’s SEO Indexer?

    That indexer is a litte cheaper and probably does the same thing.


    Hi Brett, do you have to enter the backlinks or does it do it for you? Thanks for your review.


      You enter the back links (see screenshot). As I said, what I would do use use a Fiverr service and get a bunch of backlinks for $5 and then enter them into this software to get link to those links. I describe the way I myself will be using this in the article.


    So to say though but I just purchased this and there is no single bonus anywhere

    Shawn Soszka


    I’m newer to the backlinking process, do you have any recommendations in terms of learning more about the process? A “dos and don’ts” resource?


      Shawn that would take a lot more space then a comment reply. Perhaps Ill do a free training article on the subject. In the mean time do some Google research, there is lots of good free info out there.


    I tried their service and let me say I was very disappointed , cause they lied on their sales page and video .. they say I will get a full URL reports of the backlinks pages where my url will be placed but all what I get was a joke report.rxt file contains:

    it has my URL (the one I submitted) and beside it word saying
    “Indexing Status: Successfully Crawled” !!!

    seriously you want me to believe from the report that you did all the backlinking method without giving me a proof ..very bad services wont recommended at all


      While I agree that the reporting should be better, your basing your entire comment on the assumption that poor reporting means that the work was not done. Thats an unfair assumption. Thanks for commenting though.


    Well I was thinking of buying this service (I can’t really call it a software as all I have to do is put my links in it and let it do a job that I don’t even know what that is ) but after searching a little I found this link where I saw a case study showing that only a few links per day were indexed they may have been crawled as the report said but not indexed. Well that fact and the customer support not being really helpful made me change my mind of buying it. Did you have success with your url’s indexed rate Brett?


    Brett whats the go you did a interview with Mike From Maine on SocialRobot Pro now i see the refund rate up to 13% this is not good bye any means but still can not find your review on it any where with mike but any way is link indexer better the SocialRobot Pro as i see the refund on link indexer is only 5%, so whats your take on this…


      You cant go by refund rate. Many people buy a product knowing that they will refund no matter what. Also when commenting on a review, please try to keep the comment about the product that is the subject of the review, that being said I did not review Social Robot, though I did run a special on it. Finally this product and Social Robot are different products you cant directly compare them.


    Well excuse me! Sorry to have an opinion, i would tend to disagree with you totally on that and when i comment on something it normailly is about the product at hand, as i don’t no what Social Robot is, if you read my comment it is about SocialRobot Pro NOT Social Robot and yes you did do a review video on this SocialRobot Pro with mike that you must of forgotten about..So this is not you then o sorry i must be miss taken 🙂


      Thats is me, but as I said I did not review it. In fact you can even see in the title of the video you are linking to I did an interview. There is difference, you see an interview is where the I talk to the product vendor and they show me their product. A review is where I test the product and write an article about what I find, and sometimes make a video showing what I found. You cant find my review article, because as I have told you, I did not do one.

      As for the name of the product, being SocialRobot Pro, where I refereed to it as Social Robot. Dont be obtuse, you knew I was talking about the same thing as you where. If you would like to get some freebies and tutorials this is a good place for you. if you would like to get some honest reviews this is a good place for you. If you would like to talk about IM in general this is a good place for you. However if you are here to be melodramatic or are looking for drama as a form of entertainment then this is not a good place for you. I have no patience for that kind of thing.


    Don’t delete it this time post it…

    M8 come on are you serious your link in the youtube video body says review and so do the comments, if you look at your link in the you tube video that you put there you link it back to SEE it says REVIEWS you can say what you want as i am just stating the facts, But hey that’s just me…as i have no time for this to and throw business good day…


      I deleted your post last time, because sometimes I am to blunt and wanted to avoid being so honest to you that Im offensive. However you seem to be persistent, going out of your way to continue your childish behavior. Now since you asked me not to delete your post I will take that as a invitation to respond honestly, and as such I will.

      Your acting like a complete moron and a total jerk. I have told you three times now that I did not do a review of that product. I explained that I did a interview and never made a review. I also pointed out that the title of the video you have linked to even says that its a interview, and even spent the time to explain to you the difference between an interview and a review. However you seem to either not be willing or not able to understand what I have tried to explain multiple times.

      Now as for that link. Your right, there is a link in the description of that interview video to the review section of my blog. What you fail to realize is that A) It does not go to a specific post, because as I have said multiple times now, I never did a review of that product. You also fail to realize that B) I put it in there because I want people who watch the video to have an easy way to get the one of the most popular parts of my blog, which is the reviews. Had I done a review of that product I would have put in a direct link to the actual review, but since I didnt there is a general link to the review section. Im sorry it never occurred to you that I might put a general link to a popular section of my blog in a video in order to drive YouTube traffic to my blog. However your lack of ability to consider that is not a reason for the way you are acting.

      At this point I feel that you are simply trying to make an argument. Its not possible that anyone can be as obtuse as you are being. As I have said I have no patience for childish behavior or for people who troll around the internet for entertainment. Because of this, Im sure you will understand why future comments from you will not be approved. This is a blog to help people, not a place to get entertainment via trolling. Seek your entertainment else where.


    Hey Brett,

    I know it’s been awhile since the Link Indexr software came out. I was wondering do you still use it and still recommended it. Or would it be better to just getting a monthly subscription to Backlinks Indexer instead.


    Okay thanks for the quick reply. Have a good weekended.


    When I go to buy this it takes me to people per hour website which seems to be a jobber site. It looks like I am paying a person to do links as opposed to software. Is that correct? Seems to have nothing to do with Joshua Zamora except the first page.

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