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3.5/ 5

Creator: Radu Hahaianu
Type: Desktop Software


Pulls keywords from the Google suggestion database


Need a Google Adwords account to get keyword stats

Watch the video below to read my updated review of Keyword Suggestion that covers the latest version of this long lasting software. By now we probably all know that picking to best keywords is crucial to getting ranked by Google. This is particularly important for niche sites. Pick a keyword that gets to many searches […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Watch the video below to read my updated review of Keyword Suggestion that covers the latest version of this long lasting software.

By now we probably all know that picking to best keywords is crucial to getting ranked by Google. This is particularly important for niche sites. Pick a keyword that gets to many searches or that is to competitive and you will be going up against the big boys and will have almost no chance of getting ranked. Pick a keyword that gets to few searches each month and it wont matter that your ranked for those keywords since no one is searching for them any way.

Normally what people do for keyword research is they go to the Google Adwords tool. However the thing about that tool is that it is designed for advertisers. It was never designed by Google to be a ranking tool.

Keyword Suggestion is based on a simple yet very powerful concept. What if you could search a database of keywords that people actually type into the Google search? Just think of how powerful that would be. You would only be looking through actual search terms. Not just a dictionary list of randomly combined words like with the Adwords tool. Fortunately Google actually keeps a database of all the keywords that people type into their search box. They then use this for their suggest as you type feature. We have all seen this before. It looks just like this:


Keyword Suggest actually goes beyond the normal keyword tools which are restricted to the Adwords functionality and actually accesses the Google suggest database to do its keyword research. What this means is that your only searching terms that people actually type into Google. What does this mean for you? You get better keywords, faster.

When I first tested Keyword Suggest I was impressed by how fast it does the search. However there where a couple of things I did not like about it. Not that it was a bad software at that point. Just that it needed a little refining. So I did what I always do. I sent my critique to Radu and gave him a list of changes that I thought would make a good tool a great tool.

Now I always try to stick my the mantra of “I review the product not the creator” but I do think I owe it to Radu to say that his response to my critique and change suggestions was excellent. You see a lot of times when I critique a product and let the creator know what I did not like about it I’m met with excuses, anger, or some other negative response. However Radu thanked me for my feedback. Even better I could tell he was genuinely grateful to get some ideas to make his product better. At only 18 years old Rady has shown that he is not only a skilled programmer he is also more mature and professional than other vendors twice his age.

Over the next couple of  days Radu integrated various  updates and changes that I suggested and now Keyword Suggestion is slick, easy to use and super fast. In fact the only thing I do not particularly like about it is that you have to log into Google Adwords (through the software) to see the keywords search statistics. This though is a minor thing and honestly Im being very picky here.

We all know that picking good keywords is the foundation of  online success if you intend to get any kind of SEO rankings. Keyword Suggestion is a slick piece of software that while very easy to use, is going to let you get better keywords while spending less time getting them. I think anyone would be doing themselves a disservice by not taking a few minutes to click the link below to watch the full demo of what this software can do.

UPDATE SUMMERY: The following is a summery of my updated review of the latest version of Keyword Suggestion.

1) The new version comes as both a desktop software and a web app.

2) The new version seems to to do even searches faster than the old version.

3) Besides these two changes the new version seems to be essentially the same as the previous version of Keyword Suggestion. The layout, interface and functionality all seem to have been updated very little.

4) Though I normally don’t review OTO’s in this case I made an exception since I was given access to the OTO without asking for it. The OTO adds a function that allows you to pull articles from E-Zine articles. Because of the many restrictions on these articles I was personally not to impressed with the OTO

5) If you already have Keyword Suggestion you might not need to purchase the new version, however if you do not have Keyword Suggestion it is a good keyword research tool, sold at a very fair price, that will help you find long tail keywords, which people are actually searching for,  that you can target in your website / blog and easily rank for.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hey Brett. Isn’t this just the Keyword buddy software that is PLR?


    It looks like an awesome tool and I already purchased it before your review came (sorry :).
    But the only problem I have is that the Mac version download is wrong.
    It contains a .exe file and can’t be used on a Mac…

    So I still haven’t take a look at this software 🙁


    I have been using Keyword Researcher for the last three years or so. The Keyword Suggestion tool appears to be very similar in format and functionality. Brett, I could not find any major differences between the two except that the Researcher is a little more refined. If you are familiar with the Researcher, are there any advantages that the KW Suggestion offers?



    I bought this on your review, but it nothing but Keyword Buddy with a change of name.
    It’s getting REAL hard to trust anyone these days. I coming to an end of buying these
    products from anyone anymore. If all this stuff I already have on my hard drive doesn’t
    work; so be it!


      This is the updated version of Keyword Buddy. They are both products in the same line. I have not reviewed Keyword Buddy but I do know that it was the old version because Radu told me.

      Im a little disheartened about the ‘REAL hard’ comment. Are you saying my review was not honest? The software works exactly as I describe. I was totally honest in my review and not at all misleading so Im not sure what that real hard to trust comment is suppose to imply.

      People often tell me they respect me for being honest so I will hope that you will respect the honesty that Im about to give you now. Why are you even buying a keyword tool if you already have one? Also what is with that comment about ‘if all this stuff on my hard drive doesnt work’ .. I cant speak intelligently because I have not reviewed ‘all this stuff on your hard drive’. However I will say that this tool works very well, which is why I recommended it. Honestly it sounds like your the kind of person who buys stuff and then expects it to magically make you money. Guess what. Thats NOT going to happen, EVER. These are tools and just like any tool you need to actually use them. The best hammer in the world is not going to build me a house. I still need to swing it.

      This tool is quite useful if your going to actually use it. It works very well and is a great thing to have for anyone who is going to put it to use. That is why I recommended it. It is a second generation version of an older product, but so what. My iPhone, my car, my motorcycle are all new versions of older ones. Are you saying that developers should never created new versions of their software? Given that I imagine your still using Windows 3.1 on your computer right?

      I am not dishonest and frankly I resent the implication in your message. I described this tool exactly, pointed out the pros and cons, explained what it is used for, and explained why I think its a good tool to have for anyone who is going to use it.


        Well said Brett. Your reviews are always appreciated .


        Hey Brett,

        I not at all saying you are personally dishonest and I have bought several products of yours and quit a few you recommended. When
        recommend a product that you have reviewed and I get into the
        product and the info instructions there is to another product it leave you to think you been had. I have downloaded the product three
        times and have not gotten it to run but once. As I am reading
        your response I am trying to get it to work. The creator of the product should have removed the Keyword Buddy or given a reason for it.

        The other stuff were nothing of yours.

        By the way are we not ALL internet JUNKIES? If not, you wouldn’t
        be marketing to me and I wouldn’t be buying.

        Keep up the good work!


          Radu should have updated the training. Honestly I did not even need it so I really did not look at it much. I am aware that most of the updates (besides the ones I suggested to him) where coding wise, making it run faster and return better results etc. But still I agree he should have updated the training. You have to keep in mind though that he is a developer much more than a marketer.

          Im unique among marketers in that I honestly want everyone to make money online 🙂 (the internet is big enough for all of us) Thats why I only recommend tools that I feel are going to bring genuine value. Honestly I could make a lot more $$ if I was a little less honest in the products I review. But to me $$ isn’t everything.

          When I tested it, getting it to work was no problem, I simply downloaded it and ran it. If you having an issue though shoot Radu a support message. I have no doubt that he will be glad to assist you.


    Can this software work for other regions than USA and other language than english ?
    Are the results (output) comming from where our computer is based or from USA database ?

    Thanks !


      My understanding is that the keywords it finds will be from the country that the computer is located in. So if your in the USA it will search the USA database. If your from somewhere else it will search that relevant database. I believe this is by default. I do know that there is a section where you can specify your ‘region’ to search so you should be able to search keywords from anywhere by setting that to your target.


    Hi Brett.
    what are the differences Keyword Suggestion – Keyword Rocker.
    If I want to focus on helping local businesses, which do you recommend to buy.


    Hi Brett
    i found the whole product to be substandard, the constant upsell video loops, the low quality training video, and at the end of the day it is a cheap copy of Keyword Researcher which is a vastly superior product. I have contacted the seller at least 4 times in as many days to get my money back, no response & no refund forthcoming!….says it all i think 🙁


      Sorry you are unhappy. The training is not very good but I did not even need to look at the training when I started using this. Its that easy to use. I really did not consider the poor training a bad thing since its so easy to use anyway. Im not sure what your talking about with ‘constant upsell video loops’ there are no videos built into the software. Finally I have not used ‘Keyword Researcher’ so I cant comment on that part of your message.

      As for getting a refund. I can say this, Radu makes about $4.50 per sale on this. Im sure hes not plotting on how to keep your $4.50 🙂 I think its more likely that hes not getting your emails for some reason. There could be any of a dozen reasons why your emails are not going through. I have spoken to Radu a lot and I have no doubt that he will give an unhappy customer a refund. Send me your receipt ID in a comment (Ill delete it after I get it) and I will forward it to Radu on Skype and make sure you get your refund.

    Rae Macleman

    I feel I have to join in here. i bought the original Keyword Buddy in 2013 and it worked well – except for me (and maybe only me) the Analysis module did not work. It would load the keyword but the ‘analysis loop’ never ended.

    I bought Keyword Suggestion Pro thinking that it was actually an updated version that might have cured the problem I experienced. The reality is that the new version took about 4 times longer to scrape the same number of keywords for the same search phrase as the 2013 version. On top of that the analysis module still didn’t work for me – in this version clicking on the keyword did not even load it into the analysis module.

    I created 2 short screencast videos demonstrating these issues which I forwarded to Radu for review. The result was a very polite exchange of views and an instant refund. I found that his response time to mey email was measured in minutes rather than hours or days.

    I have bought several of Radu’s products in the past and found them well made and useful (I am an applications programmer so I like to think I understand how a product has been put together). It’s just a pity that the 2014 version wasn’t better / faster than the old one.

    In short, I think that the new product fell a bit short of its sales hype, but I won’t hear a bad word said against Radu. He is as you say a mature IT professional – a rare commodity in the IM software world these days where the ‘make a fast buck’ guys outsource to India and then sell on a load of crap, with little or no support.


      I cant comment on how fast this works compared to the old version (Keyword Buddy) as I have never used the old version. However you did touch on a real important point here. The professionalism that Radu shows. At 18 years old he is more professional than people twice his age.



      I had the same problem after running the software and trying to get the analysis feature to work. Never did and I submitted two support tickets and waiting for a response.


    Hi Brett,

    Thank you again for another honest review.

    I have bought it through your link.



    I’ve got a review copy few days ago, I’ve tested it and it does work as intended.
    At first I thought not another Keyword tool, but luckily I took the
    time to take a closer look!
    I like the fact that it runs in the cloud, I like the speed of execution and the inclusion of KEI and CPC. Good tool


      Yea the online version is cool because you dont need to enter in your own Google credentials, its also nice to have to downloaded version as well (just in case …) The speed improvements really are impressive also, it was fast before, but now its really, really fast.


    Hi Brett,

    I’m a bit confused. I purchased Keyword Suggestion today. Radu is talking about the pro version with the article writer. Where can I purchase the article writer? It is something I could really use for my work.



      Well as I said the OTO is not so great. I could not give you a link to it in good conscious. Though Keyword Suggestion is a good tool and I think you made a wise purchase decision on that.


    Hi Brett,

    I wrote yesterday about getting ahold of Radu. Do you have his contact info that you can
    provide me with? I am trying to get the Pro version of Keyword Suggestion with the Article Writing Tool. Or minimally, a link to purchase this tool. Thanks


      Im sorry no I cant give out Radu’s contact information to a random (I dont know you personally) person who messages me on my blog. That would be like giving a stranger someones phone number. Not to cool. I can forward Radu your email address though (knowing that you want to be in contact with him) and I will do that for you.

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