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3/ 5

Creator: Luke Maguire
Type: Chrome Extension


Solves an actual problem with Instagram


Did not like the scheduling feature

Tonight Im doing a review of InstaMate Now Im going to admit, before I started testing this I really didnt know much about Instagram. In fact I didnt even have an Instagram account, so the first thing I did was ask Luke to come and have a chat with me. You can see the recording […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight Im doing a review of InstaMate

Now Im going to admit, before I started testing this I really didnt know much about Instagram. In fact I didnt even have an Instagram account, so the first thing I did was ask Luke to come and have a chat with me. You can see the recording of our call below.

Ok so after speaking to Luke I realized what InstaMate is all about. In essence its about fixing some issues that exist with Instagram. Mainly that its only usable on a mobile device.

First let me explain my saying what Instagram is. Its a mobile photo sharing service. So you take a pic on your mobile device and then post it to the Instagram network so that your followers can see it. This is great for anyone who wants to share pictures of cool things they see as they are going about their day. For example a nice sunset, a street performer, a funny sign, or even a selfie. But its not so great for anyone who wants to do any kind of branding and marketing. If you want to share a quote or a mime, a logo, a product shot or a cool promotional graphic that you made with YouZign or any of the other graphic tools that have been put out your kind of stuck because chances are those things wont be on your phone.

Now Instagram does have a website, you can log into your account, you can view other peoples stuff, all from your computer. But here is the rub, you cant post from the website. You can only post from your phone. So really your only option if you want share something from your computer, to Instagram is to use your phone to take a picture of your computer screen.

Honestly when I found out that you can do everything on Instagram from your computer but make posts I just couldnt believe it. Its silly. Its like they forgot to complete their website or something. It was a shock to me, and a serous let down. Instamate solves this obvouse deficiency with the Instagram website by letting you post images to your computer, but it also does more than that.

In testing, since I didn’t have an Instagram account, the first thing I did was put Instagram on my phone and create an account. I used their setup tool to see if any of my Facebook friends also had Isntagram accounts and was surprised to see that hundreds of them, both personal and business fiends, where on there. I followed a few friends, and very quickly got 30 or 40 followers myself.

The next thing I did was log into my review access for InstaMate. Now something I want to be very clear about is that InstMate uses a Chrome extension to function.


What this means is that it will only function on the Chrome browser. Fortunately though Chrome is also the most popular browser in the world. Installing the extension was quick and easy. All I had to do was click the “ADD TO CHROME” button andΒ  I was good to go. I didn’t even have to restart the browser.

The first test was a simple one, and for me probably the most important one. I used InstaMate to post an image from my computer to my Instagram account. This to me was the most important because as I said its a functionality that does not normally exist with Instagrams website.


This worked without a hitch and within a few minutes I got my first ‘like’ (though its a heart on Instagram) on my first picture.

With how quick I got my first engagement I got a little excited about Instagram. So I wanted to make some more posts, and decided this was a great time to test InstaMates search functionality to help me find more things that I can post to my account. In a few minutes I found a really cool quote graphic.

Which I scheduled to be posted to my Instagram account with InstMate and also post to my Facebook account (and got instant likes on). Thats actually a cool side effect of the InstaMate search functionality that is worth mentioning. You can download the pictures you find and use them as posts on other social networks.

Now you might have noticed that I said I ‘scheduled to be posted’. InstaMate gives you the ability to schedule posts for a later date. Though to be honest that was a but of a lit down (for me at least, but it might not be for everyone).

First off I noticed a GUI error that was causing some of the scheduling calendar to be cut off.


I reported this to Luke who said he will have the developers fix it right away. In fact it my already be fixed by the time you read this post. But I did need to mention this in order to stay honest and transparent because this bug did exist at the time of my testing.

The second thing that I didnt quite care for about the scheduling feature with InstaMate is something that I realized on my own, then confirmed with Luke. Its also something that might not bother you at all, or might be a real pain in your rear.

When I was testing I realized that this functions via a Chrome extension. So what this means is that in order for the scheduling to work, your Chrome browser must be open and running at the time the post was scheduled to be made. Now they do have some kind of app that you can put on your mobile, but I did not test that. But in essence you need to have your browser running for the scheduling to work.

This may sound like a total let down but it might not be super bad. If you schedule your posts to go out when your normally online and working then they will just happen in the background without you having to do anything. This of course is provided you use the Chrome browser frequently. For me personally, I use FireFox as my primary browser so that’s a bit of a problem, I would have to keep Chrome open at all times for the scheduling to function. This is why I said it might be a pain for you, like it is for me, or it might not be any inconvenience at all. It all depends on if you primarily use Chrome or not.

Despite this though I like InstaMate. First of all, even though I dont have a lot of experience, I can see that a lot of my contacts / friends from other social networks are on Instagram. Also from the little bit of experience I have its quite easy to get people to follow you and the engagement of Instagram users seems very promising. I like that InstaMate lets you search for images, that you an use on your Instagram posts or even on other social networks.

But what I really like is the fact that InstaMate fixes an actual problem with Instagram by taking its functionality to the desktop. If your doing any kind of marketing / branding on Instagram your going to want to post more useful things than just pictures you snapped with your mobile and without InstaMate you really dont have a viable way of doing this. This makes InstaMate a very viable tool for anyone using, or wanting to use Instagram for business, branding or marketing.








BONUS: Luke has provided me with a huge bonus pack, delivered right inside of the members area, for anyone who picks up InstaMate through my link.

1) Affiliates Plugin: allows you to set up an affiliate marketing program for your users tracking their referrals, clicks and sales.


2) Automessage: WordPress Plugin allows you to send custom automated welcome emails for several days after a user joins your site or network.


3) E-Newsletter:Β  plugin adds a professional management system for your email newsletter and subscribers to your WordPress website.


4) Invite Plugin: allows your users to send out invitations to friends to view or join your WordPress site.


5) Private Messaging: WordPress plugin allows your users to chat and share files safely on your website through direct messages.


6) Social Marketing:Β  plugin allows you to offer incentives for users sharing your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.


7) Ultimate Facebook:Β  plugin fully integrates your WordPress blog with Facebook (autopost to your Facebook page or wall, Facebook sign-up on your blog, import comments, share photos etc.)


8) Easygram: WordPress Plugin allows you to create amazing posts or galleries on your WordPress Site which include your Instagram photos.


Click here to get InstaMate and these bonuses (and more).







 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Some other people who teaqch Instagram methods claim that posting from your desktop is against Instagram’s terms of service. Opinion?


      I read Instagrams TOS: and I did not see anything that says you cant post from your desktop.


        Just read your review more thoroughly and wanted to add that someone using a phone or tablet could move images to those devices via Dropbox or something like that. I do that all the time with my tablet, mainly just PDFs I want to read, but if it works for that, it would would for images. A bit clunky, though.


        That would not apply to what Luke has named his product. But to the username he uses for his account.


        Looking for a reason to try to complain? Nope, seriously considering the product but wanting to be sure of what I’m getting into..


        I think Rosie’s concern is valid because the “insta” is directly pulled from Instagram..


        Interesting but I doubt that is legal. insta and gram arent words that can be trademarked. Besides Theresa has a ton of insta products that have been out for years instabuilder instamember etc


      I really would love for this tool to work! I want something like this… but I’m also very cautious about it. Everyone wants a way to upload to Instagram and like you said in the video Brett, it is surprising that they don’t have their own way to do it. But from what I’ve read, they’re very protective of it being a phone only solution. Heck you can’t even post to instagram from Facebook and Facebook OWNS instagram!

      I’ve been reading up elsewhere and while you may not specifically find something in the TOS about desktop uploads, it appears that every other tool that has tried this has gone to great lengths to find a way to make sure they don’t get slapped by Instagram by using a bank of phones to do the uploads or something similar.

      I’ve also spoken to the folks at one site with an automated tool that posts to Facebook, twitter etc who does not upload to instagram because “Instagram nonetheless prohibits automated, scheduled posts from third party services.” (I’m not mentioning the name because I didn’t ask permission to quote them).

      So my simple warning is that it is possible that InstaMate could be forbidden from uploading and therefore your money may be gone. I don’t know that for a fact nor do I know if your account could be suspended.


        If its not in their TOS (and it isnt that I can see) than anyone who says otherwise is just ‘talking’ and ‘gossiping’. I dont take part in gossip, facts are what interests me. If it was in their TOS I would be concerned, but it isnt. That of course is my point of view though.


    My concern is whether this breaks Instagram terms and whether my account could be banned.


      Well its easy to alleviate that πŸ™‚ Just read their TOS. I did, and did not see anything that specifically says posting from a desktop is not permitted.


        hola Brett..

        Yup.. the TOS did not mention anything about posting from desktops.

        However it did mention this:

        10. You must not access Instagram’s private API by means other than those permitted by Instagram. Use of Instagram’s API is subject to a separate set of terms available here: {link removed} (“API Terms”).

        I would think that POSTING Images into the platform is one of Instagram’s Private API as it is not listed in their public Dev API.

        As such, users would be breaking the TOS by using this app, wouldn’t they? Unless, Luke actually obtained permission from Instagram to use their Private API in his app.


          I would think that their API terms apply to their API, and since they dont use the API their terms do not apply. If you feel uncomfortable though dont use this.


    All it needs is an image editor


    Just so you all know, OTO1 ($37) is an image editor, OTO2 ($27) is over-the-shoulder training from Luke, OTO3 ($27) is a link cloaked for affiliate links or any other offer links you may have. This seems quite valuable I think. OTO4 ($297) is just an opportunity to buy 30 licenses to give away to your co-workers of friends etc. (only 7 of those are available).
    I’m really curious to dive into Instagram as an alternative and see if it works for me. Free traffic is free traffic πŸ˜‰
    Hope that helps.


    So, only 3 stars because of the chrome only scheduling post ?
    Would you give it more stars if it had a Firefox extension?
    Or would it need to be a stand alone program for scheduling post to get another star?
    I’m seriously considering buying the entire funnel, that is why I’m asking.
    Thanks Brett


    What are the OTOs? Anymore I hate purchasing anything not knowing about the OTOs because I have just made a purchase and found out without the OTO I am pigeoned holed with very limited useability.


    Good review Brett I had been hearing instamate was coming out today but honestly I was not thinking of picking it up. I have had 2 instagram accounts in te past and found ithem to much of a hassle to keep up with even my VAs didn’t take to it so well.

    After watching your review with Luke today it totally changed my mind and I have already purchased it. That is because the review spoke to most of the reasons I haven’t liked instagram. Great review and it works for me now. Thanks.


    Is it possible to reply to people and see comments etc from Instamate ie is their full Instagram access ?

    joseph sorkin

    Found this this morning: Posted by Nate Sanden (Postradamus)
    There is still no official Instagram (publishing) API. The way the tool you mentioned does it is by requiring you to enter your Instagram username and password into the tool, it then logs into Instagram for you (behind the scenes), pretends to be a mobile phone and uploads content as though it was you on your phone doing it. So it is not an officially supported way of doing it, and there could be risk involved, just FYI. That said, tools (and users of them) have been doing this since the beginning of software so its nothing new. It’s just you need to be aware of how it works so you can decide whether its worth the risk.


      Thanks for that info… suspected this was how it was being done as that’s how I’ve seen other similar tools working. Risky (but could be manageable risk if you don’t mind losing your instagram account).

      I just read this in the InstaMate Facebook comments:
      “ive had 2 accounts disabled , informed support just waiting for them to figure out how to remove them from my instamate only 1 active account left in ther? hmm we see.”

      So one user reports 2 of his instagram accounts suspended while using this tool. Users beware (not that anyone will see this, they’ve probably already bought)


        Mitch .. this is not a gossip forum. Please speak about your experiences, not what you ‘heard’ someone else say. If its not your personal experience your talking about, your just gossiping.


    can we set up our profile and image for profile with this?


    Hi Brett

    I enjoy your honest reviews.

    Just have to pick you up on one point though: It is not an oversight on Instagram’s part to not allow posting from desktop computers. One of the many reasons is exactly because they don’t want marketers and automated tools ruining it like Twitter. You might not agree with this decision, but it’s not the case they haven’t thought about it. They have thought about it.. A lot.



      We should be careful about saying why anyone does anything or what they think unless we are them, otherwise we are just making a guess. They well might have made a decision to limit the desktop posting, or they might just not have gotten to it yet, or … who knows.. all I know is that for whatever reason this basic functionality is missing from their website. As for not wanting marketers, well they took something like $500 million from marketers last year, so I guess they dont hate marketers to much πŸ™‚

    Michael Rytter

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Instagram was such a pain in the A$$ to use that I tried it and ignored it….. until now!

    The thing is, from our (a marketer’s) perspective, it’s wrong to ignore that kind of traffic! (unless you are lazy like me!)

    Going to have a lot of fun with this!

    Tks Brett… you’ve done ok in the last couple days! πŸ™‚


    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the great review! But, I’m a little confused. Do we still need a smartphone to set up an Instagram account? Or, can it be done from the software?

    Also, is there no training on the software without the OTO2?

    Thanks in advance!!


      You still need your phone to set up your initial account. There is training on how to use the software included with the FE. The OTO is more about tactics etc I believe.


    how are your bonuses being delivered for this one?

    David F

    If you work on one computer at the office during the day and on your home computer at night and you use chrome on both do you have to leave the computer you are not using open with the browser on or does the chrome extension carryover to the second computer so if you have the second computer’s browser open you don’t need to be concerned that the other computer is not on.

    Harold Nusbaum


    Your review of a product in an APP you are unfamiliar with exceeds others who say they are familiar! Kudos Bud! I just purchased InstaMate (including all of its OTO’s!



    I use a laptop, and both Firefox and Chrome browsers. If leave Chrome up and running, but close the laptop, will this be ok? Or do I have to leave the laptop open (which will require continual charging of the battery.)



    Hey Brett could I use your clickable image software to post clickable images to instagram via instamate? Thanks


    as a buyer of your products, buying other products through your link and a follower of your blog, it s a bit shitty when wanting to promote your product you re just cancelling the affiliate request. when every seller is doing like that nobody will ever make sales in JVzoo… but hey thats just my opinion!


      1) I have 20,000 customers using my software, I cant possibly remember all of them by name
      2) If you dont send any information, how your going to promote, a link to your website, contact info etc .. and your not known you are not going to get approved (by me or by anyone) vendors take ALL the risk if the affiliate turns out to be a scammer. Its the vendor that gets stuck with the charge back.

      Always remember you get what you put in, that is true in life, and its true when trying to do business with someone or build a business relationship.


    What if we don’t use the extention for google chrome and we directly use the panel to schedule the posts? Lets say I have scheduled posts for the next 3 months through the web panel (not via extention) So the schedule problem accurs when you uplaod ypur own images from you pc or also the reposts? When you repost the images of other people, do you still have this “must be open browser” problem? As I asked, Is this problem only via the extension or also do we need to hold the admin panel also open? Thanks for the review!


    Hi Brett –

    I have purchased a few of your products in the past, and i do read your reviews – which I find very useful.

    I hope you can help me out with a few queries regarding Instamate.

    I have never used Instagram before, but I do use Chrome.

    1. Do I have to set up an Instagram account on my Android phone BEFORE I can download the Chrome Instamate extension?

    2. Do I have to set up all 3 Instamate/Instagram accounts via a mobile phone?

    3. I assume using the same mobile number is okay? (If it is, then a simple “Yes” will suffice!)

    Thanks for your time and the review – much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    Bob Charles

    Just picked up Instamate through your link because I appreciated how deep you went into detail about the way scheduling works. I appreciate you man! I don’t know if you are going to Mayhem this year but if so I’ll see you down there!


    I bought Instamate right first day of Promo. But I find it very deceiving that they did/do NOT disclose on their sales page that it is the Chrome Extension ONLY!

    At first when I logged into my account I could see and use all the features there, now it Forces me to install that darn Chrome extension if I want to post or schedule through my dashboard or use other features, although I Still see this at their sales page:
    “With Instamate you can add multiple accounts to your dashboard & switch between them accordingly. You will get 3 lifetime accounts for the price of 1 membership.”

    Not exactly honest – why do they assume that Everybody has/wants to have Chrome on their computers? They should give us a choice

    Saundra Jackson

    Great review. Upfront as always. I need more like you out there.


    For anyone that does not have a smartphone, you can download a desktop application like BlueStacks, which allows you to run Android’s operating system on your computer and install any app from the Google Play Store. I’ve used it to create Instagram accounts and post images from my desktop using the Instagram app of course. It was a little difficult to figure out how to locate your images… but it did work.

    BlueStacks also allows you to install apps from outside the Google Play marketplace like ShowBox (aka MovieBox available to jailbroken iDevices) an app that allows you to watch free full length movies and TV shows without ad interruptions… which was why I installed it in the first place but it also came in handy when I realized Instagram wouldn’t allow me to post images from my computer.

    Antoine Arav

    I did buy Instamate, but after getting a tip from a software maker that I trust I requested for a refund.
    Here is why:

    If you read the TOS for developers Instagram only permits:

    The Instagram API Platform can be used to build NON-AUTOMATED, authentic, high quality apps and services.

    If something is breaking terms of use and automating a spammy practices… it’s blackhat and it won’t be around long.

    His other product Viral Autobots had the “auto part” shut down on Facebook within 3 days of launch.

    No wonder he only offers a short guarantee on it!


      The Instagram API Platform can be used to build NON-AUTOMATED, authentic, high quality apps and services.

      … makes perfect sense only InstMate does not use the API and its not automated even if it did. Not sure who gave you this ‘tip’ but he seems to not understand how InstaMate works.


      Regarding Viral Autobots, his developer team worked with feedback from FB to come up with a different solution so the “auto part” has been working again for quite some time. I know because I own Viral Autobot and it is indeed working fine, with autoposting.


    Thanks Brett!

    I appreciate your detailed reviews and how engaged you are in answering comments and questions on your blog.


    Brett, is there an option to give credit to original photo owner? Doesn’t sound right that other owned photos are repurposed or used without permission? or I’ve missed something?


    I purchased Instamate a couple of weeks ago…and I have only a week to go before I lose the ability to refund… Trouble is…I haven’t had time to get started yet…and I’m in the middle of buying a house and filling in for someone at work. Too busy.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about Instagram’s TOS, but I can’t lose the suspicion that Instamate will be shut down, one way or another.

    Wish I had a crystal ball!

    Thanks for the open review and the accessible discussion. Much appreciated.



    There is an pc android emulator that you can freely use, is this software really necessary?

    Shauna Walker

    I bought it and asked for a refund with in 15 minutes for one reason. It said I had to leave the window open or it would fail. Ugh! I use a laptop I cant leave m laptop on all day, can I? I dont know I really liked it otherwise and really want it back. What shall I do?


      Why cant you? I leave my computer on all day. So you bought then refunded for a frivolous reason and now you regret .. as for what you can do .. nothing, I would be surprised if your not blacklisted. I would have done that if I where the vendor.

    Cassandra Goode

    Bret I have enjoyed your review and now I know that I am going to make my purchase via your link. You gave a thorough review here. I have over the years realize that with marketing it is all about the numbers and Luke knows that right off the bat. I also realize that the ones with the most numbers have a better chance of more leads, more conversions, more exposure, more sales if that is the capacity to which they are using their softwares for and I do believe it is. But, if everyone is worried about a software going against Instagram’s TOS then an 8 figure marketer has open up a wide market to sell the same services of “automation” on the platform with a price tag that would unravel the average guy/gal. The thing is, no one there is complaining about going against the TOS and misuse of the API. So, I think honestly instamate is an awesome tool to allow you to enter into Instagram platform with a profession presence and chance to expand your business model/models. Keep up the great reviews Brett!!

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