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3.5/ 5

Creator: Dwayne Golden Sr & Jr
Type: Web Software


Autoresponder with out a monthly fee


Some of the functions do have a bit of a learning curve (watch the tutorials)

Finally, after a week I have completed my review of Genius Marketing Pro. A lot of people have been asking me if I was going to review this product. In fact last week alone I must have gotten about 50 emails from people wanting to know what I thought about it. First let me explain […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Finally, after a week I have completed my review of Genius Marketing Pro.


A lot of people have been asking me if I was going to review this product. In fact last week alone I must have gotten about 50 emails from people wanting to know what I thought about it. First let me explain what Genius Marketing Pro is.

This is designed to be an all inclusive platform, the main features are the page builder, a built in autoresponder, a funnel system, and a survey system. Now I will be totally honest. The thing that interested me most about this platform is the built in autoresponder. I mean its cool that this has a page builder, but honestly its not fully drag and drop, while it is ok for spitting out decent pages quickly its not as flexible or powerful as some of the other solutions out there. The same thing with the survey system, there have been other survey platforms out there, and while this one is not bad, some of the other ones have been much better.

For the funnel system, its kind of cool that they have it in there, you can add digital products, and create a funnel and all but really, do you actually need that? Probably not. You can do all of these things in JVZoo, add a product and have JVZoo deliver it, you can create a funnel in JVZoo, create coupons, dimesales and lots more. JVZoo is not only a much more powerful platform, its a platform that has thousands and thousands of active affiliates on it looking for things to promote. Sure they are going to want a 5% cut of your sales price as payment, but its worth it I mean thats only 50 cents on a $10 sale, and you only pay when you make a sale so there is no risk, if you don’t make money, you pay nothing. The most important thing about using JVZoo over some self hosted funnel system is the affiliates. You might ask yourself, why didn’t the creators of Genius use their own funnel system to sell their own software? Simple, because JVZoo is a dedicated, solid platform that has thousands of affiliates. There is really no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when the wheel works.

Now the autoresponder that is built into Genius Marketing Pro is a different story. That is something that got me excited. Autoresponders are quit expensive and are normally an monthly fee. But here is a chance to have an autoresponder that you can use without every paying a monthly fee. That is something that is very much worth looking into.

Unfortunately when I first started testing there where a bunch of bugs and things that badly needed to be improved on.

First off the autoresponder was limited to 200 subscribers. That was far to low to be viable.

Second off there was this crazy huge list of words that you could not put in your emails.


While I can see how a ‘spam words list’ might be a good idea in concept their list was far to huge. For example ‘no cost’ was on the list of spam words. So was ‘free to download’ and a lot of other things that could be legitimately used in an email. I thought they where being way over protective with this massive spam words list.

The third issue was that this system was letting people subscribe to the same list more than once.


Even worse it was counting both instances of the email against the very low max subscriber limit. That was just .. stupid (honestly I really cant think of a better word to describe it than that). I would expect any decent system to be smart enough to realize that the email address is already on the list and not let it be added again. Unfortunately this one was not smart enough to do that.

Finally what was perhaps the biggest issue was that none of the emails campaigns I tried to send out would actually send out any emails. Every time I tried I kept getting this same message:


I tried over and over, I watched the tutorials, I did everything I could think of but I just could not get the emails to go out.

Now something that some people might not realize is that when I review a software, if I find bugs, I dont just write a bad review and blind side the product vendors. I always try to let them know about any bugs I found. I really dont know the product vendor Dwayne well but I did know one of the JV managers on this product for a while, so I sent him a message letting him know that I found bugs. We did a Skype call and I showed him everything I found.

Then it came about time to launch .. and nothing was fixed. I really couldn’t believe that people where actually promoting this with all the issues it had. I kept asking myself. Did they even test it? There is no way they could have. Well so be it. I got out my screen recorder and made a video showing all the bugs I found and that where never fixed. After I made it I once again sent the JV manager a notice just letting him know that I would not be approving this product. I also wanted to make sure, one last time, that the issues I was having where not caused by something I did.


But just as I was finishing editing my review video, I got a message from both of the product creators Dwayne Jr and Sr.


It seemed that somewhere along the lines there was some messages lost from me telling the JV manager and the JV manager telling them.Β  They asked me if I would get on Skype with them and their lead developer and show them the issues / concerns that I had. I agreed and for the last couple of days I had repeated Skype chats with them. Doing testing, pointing out issued I found, testing their fixes and helping to make sure the system was as good as it can be.

Well after a few days of working together I’m pleased to say :

1) The 200 subscriber limit has been increased to a reasonable 2500 subscribers. You can upgrade this later, but its 2500 total now without needing an upgrade. This is a very viable limit, when I had that many on my list I was making a few thousand a month, so by the time you get to the point of needing a upgrade you will already be making some decent money.

2) That crazy keyword spam filter thing, was completely removed. I had a chat with Dwayne Sr. personally just last night and argued the case that it was over kill. After a bit of discussion he agreed and now its totally gone.

3) The bug that allowed the same email to be on the same list multiple times: corrected.

4) The issue with me not being able to send out emails turned out to be 3 things combined. A) There where problems with Yahoo mail, B) Their double optin emails where not going out C) Their system was not reporting subscriber status in an easy to find way. After a good bit of back and forth, all three of these have been corrected.

Though I was personally most interested in the autoresponder that was included in this system the product vendors did ask me to look at some other functions that are included such as the page builder and the surveys. After checking it out, I found a few bugs in each of them, which their development team promptly jumped on to correct.

A lot of times when I point out bugs or issues to the product vendors they just tell me to ‘bugger off’. Often these same people will then get angry when I write a bad review pointing out all the flaws that I told them about but they chose not to fix. I personally hate when that happens. No one benefits and its just an all around bad outcome. However Dwayne has shown that he actually cares about his products and wants his software to be a quality system. By the time we where working together this had already launched and affiliates where already promoting it. He could have just blown me off since he was already getting sales, but instead of doing that he personally worked with me and his developer to correct the issues I have found. Very cool.

While I still think some of the stand alone page builders, survey systems are more functional and more flexible than the ones that are in Genius Marketing Pro, I personally feel that the autoresponder functionality alone makes it well worth the purchase price. When I was working with the vendors testing, I did dozens of different tests. I sent text emails, HTML emails, emails with links, emails without links, timed emails, emails with attachmentsΒ  and everything else I could think of trying to find bugs. After working with them for the past couple of days the system is now functioning quite well and I feel comfortable saying:







Click here to get Genius Marketing Pro and free lifetime access to Copy Builder!A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    I, too, was somewhat interested in the Autoresponder aspect of this, but I would think the complete removal of the spam filter could pose a problem, i.e., as a user, you would have no control over how others use the system. Without any spam filter, you would have no way to know how many messages others are sending that are seen (by Google, etc.) as being spam. At some point, it seems it could affect the delivery of your emails even if you were not doing anything wrong. Am I wrong?


      None of the big name AR’s have filters that remove the kind of general words that where in their filter. Its important to note that Dwayne, while new to the ‘affiliate / JVZoo scene’ is not new to software development. He owns a fairly large development firm and has written other mailing systems. So he has some experience.


      Rich this will happen sooner than later. has the right approach I think. Also every cpanel has its own auto responder. So technically you don’t need any outside service.

        Kim Celinder

        Hey, just a FYI, the autoresponder in cPanel is not like an autoresponder you find in an email service, the one in a cPanel is just like the ones in outlook etc. where you can “Autoresponse” a single email to someone that write an email to you, saying that you are on vacation, out of office etc.


          You are right, Kim. I had another system afew years ago and they had a fancy autoresponder in Cpanel. The standard Cpanel autoresponder is useless.


    Hey Brett!
    Looking for the link…


    wai kei, hooi

    Where does one host the downloadables, such as freebie PDF’s and even videos?

    The sales page says I can have the pages I created hosted on the vendor’s server.
    does this mean I need to have my own host to keep download files?


      If you download the pages that you make with their page builder you need to upload them to your own hosting, so you will need a domain / hosting. You can use their own domain, but its branded to them so I dont think this is the best solution. This is one of the reasons I said I feel that there are better page builders. As I said in my review I feel that the real value comes from the autoresponder. Being able to have an AR without a monthly fee is going to be a big saver for someone just getting started.


        They have custom domain implemented… or did I dream about that!

        Rene Jaspar

        Just re-starting after a medical issue. Start up costs etc
        I signed up with SOC years ago, and used for business.
        Great tool= 3 plus years off, now I want to work on my Send
        Out Cards business, but need help to know what other services
        would help me- Auto repsonders, and other things I do not even
        know about. Where do I start? Thanks Rene


          Step 1 define your goals, decide what kind of marketing your going to do. Once you do that, and know what you intend to do, you can then begin to list the things you need, and look for tools to help you meet those needs.

    Ainsley M

    Great review, Brett. I was dreading my previous ‘off the cuff’ purchase, until I read further down your review that you had helped them sort out the issues. Surely that’s worth tens of thousands to a vendor.
    I too pretty much bought it for the autoresponder. I do worry that they are accessing my list however – no privacy assurances have been made. Now I feel OK but unfortunately never bought via you. Regardless, I do thank you, again, for working for the integrity of the IM world – with honest reviews, technical excellence, and ensuring what we buy is at least practical.

    Can I ask – did you test ’email click magnet’ with the autoresponder? Did it work successfully?
    How did you find the overall deliverability of the autoresponder – did it end up in any spam folders in any of your tests? Was it a great percentage that made it through?

    All the best
    Ainsley πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the review Brett
    I know it takes time to test this stuff out and I’m glad the product owner decided to work with you instead of going off the deep end!

    Yea Stephen is not too reliable and I tend to shy away when I see he’s involved!
    I had some questions about the product so I put in a support ticket with Stephen yesterday and I still have not heard back from him.

    When this happens it usually tells me the product is not supported that good and I just move on.

    But since your review here maybe I’ll give it another look…

    Much Appreciated for the Honest Review!


      To be fair its important to note: Stephen is not on the development or support team. His sole responsibility in this launch was coordinating affiliates (ie JV Manager)

      Stephen Gilbert

      Hey Jimmy, thanks for the heads up. Yea I had a baby recently so I am still working on getting into a routine. I’ve hired support staff and it’s going well, but I am always looking for ways to improve my business and i appreciate your honest feedback. It’s a challenge for sure but, I will do better about responding daily.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention πŸ™‚



    I bought both reseller packages and will give my customers a choice. Thanks for being “the most hated guy” on the Internet. You and Dwayne are good mentors. Thanks for all you do!


      Over the last few months the way vendors react to me has changed. Where before they would hate me, threaten me, insult me etc. for pointing out flaws in their products, as I build up a bigger and bigger following and they realize that I could care less about their threats etc. many vendors are learning that its better to just use me as a sort of ‘expert tester’ and improve their products based on my feedback.

        Dave Sweney

        Hi Brett,

        This is a boon for us as marketers and also for the developers… A crucial role that fills a void on both sides of the equation…

        I am sure that you will continue to expand your list of people that come here first before buying a product or service…

        On my part, I pass along your site url all the time as I speak with others involved in affiliate or other online market segments…

        Thanks for your effort, it helps us all!

        One last note:

        You can’t buy integrity…It is earned, and fleeting if misused…

        Dave : )

    Johnathon Norton

    Thank You for reviewing this software. More importantly, the product creators should be extremely grateful for obvious reasons. If you would of charged somebody, to JUST find
    those bugs, not mention Skype calls on top of all that. That would of cost them a few bucks. Lol.
    Good job!! Thanks again, for making the IM/MMO world a better place!!


    Hi Brett,

    I’m still concerned that I’d have trouble using this autoresponder with my Ecom stores.
    Those vendors mention that their system works with AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp. I think they say all the popular autoresponders. So I’m very hesitant to purchase.

    I did send support at Ecom Empire a message asking if I would be able to use Sendlane which is a Jimmy Kim product but never saw a reply.

    Just had a bit of a shock too. Purchased BuildMyList from Jimmy Kim last May, $49 and then paid for the Elite version ($97) I’ve had virtual helpers working on it for me but tonight I learned that Version 2.0 of BuildMyList had the front end upgrade priced at $0.50 for members. Okay, I paid that BUT the Elite version is another $97! Haven’t even had it a year and he’s charging again!

    So I’ll be abandoning BuildMyList (Expensive lesson learned) and I was planning to go to AWeber or GetResponse. I don’t know what’s the best thing to do now, with Marketing Genius Pro.being offered. Their product wasn’t even ready for sale and would have been a complete disappointment without you spending hours helping them. Hmm.


      “Build My List” by Jimmy Kimm is little more than a ploy to get you to join his monthly autoresponder. If your going to build an eCom store and want to add subscribers from your store, then Genius might not be best for you. Genius is going to be good for people who are going to build up their list through squeeze pages etc.


        so Brett,
        do you think there’s nothing to gain towards list bulding at all from ‘build my list’? I’ve barely gotten into it, but if that’s all it is (jimmy Kim self promotion), I’d rather get a refund and put it towards a useful product-

        I’m wading into this still with a day job, so trying to not waste time, thats why I love your review site-



        I was all set to bite the bullet and buy Genius until I read your comment that Genius is not the best solution if one wants to add subscribers from my eCom store. So for now Mail Chimp will have to do.

        Kinda keeping my nose to the grindstone and focusing on building an eCommerce store. Thanks for your integrity. πŸ™‚


    Edit my previous post if you wish. πŸ™‚


    Brett thanks your review, I really appreciate your intelligence and your businesss knowledge.

    Tom McGaughan

    Thanks for your review Brett…
    I was and now re-interested in the autoresponder part of this product.

    Thanks for being the IM’s product ‘Fact Checker’…!!

    I appreciate it.



    I purchased it. As far as me, the coupon creator (one of the reasons I purchased it) does not work.

    I tested it using chrome and mozilla and does nothing to save the coupon for later use. I sent the support ticket and they said is ok on their end. Go figure, I’ve spent 45 mins non-stop trying to make it work and they said is ok on their end.

    Still waiting for their support ticket response, which by the way, hasn’t been that quick, takes long hours (like 24).

    We’ll see what happens.


      Honestly the coupon / product / funnel system did not interest me at all as I said all of that stuff is provided in JVZoo (along with a ton of affiliates), I looked at it briefly but my main focus was on the autoresponder and a bit on the page builder / survey system. As for response time to support tickets. 24 hours is very standard for online support.


      I just tried and created several coupons with no problem. There are two possible issues I can think of:

      (a) If you don’t complete all the fields (except the expiration date), the coupon will not be created. There is an error message, but it is somewhat easyt to overlook.

      (b) There is no button or link to go directly from the Add Coupon page to the coupon management page. The best way to get there is to select Manage Coupons from the Products menu. If you use the browser back button, the new coupons will not be shown until you refresh the page.


        a) I would not call this a problem with the software.
        b) You should send them a report about the back button, this might not really be a bug – it could be because of the way data is passed, but they might be able to make it more user friendly, one thing I have to say is these guys are not afraid to make updates.


    From the sounds of it I’m surprised you approved this product. It sounds typical in this niche just hurry up and shove it out there with little to no testng.

    Why not get real users to test your stuff before putting it out there for sale? I just don’t get some product creators in the IM niche and their theory of a half baked cookie is better than no cookie at all.

    I come from the I.T. world where we develop real software and really test the crap out of it before it’s deployed.

    I’m also a product creator and before I sell anything to the public with my name on it, it is thoroughly tested before I put my name on the sales page, but I guess that’s just me.


      Well as I said, I approved it because they worked with my testing to fix the issues. I would be kind of unfair for me to say, here is a list of bugs I found, then they fix them, then I reject after they correct the issues I had. Now if they had not corrected them … this review would have been very different. FYI: No disrespect to anyone, but there is a difference between having testers and having good testers, Im sure they tested, Im also sure their testers did not do the best job (or at least where not as thorough as I am)


    Bummer Brett, I bought the product over the weekend and since you never sent anything out I jumped before the price went up. I bought for it the email auto responder! You no holds barred critique it’s putting many creators and promoters on notice. Your readers or buyers don’t mind having someone that knows promoting and code writing giving it to us straight! Thanks.

    Robson Mastermindswins

    Hey Brett! I like the way you handle this review of GMP, now I can really purchased a product with confidence of knowing that I got a quality product as well be able to trust the vendor. This is what I call good Business for all of us.


    Robson Mastermindswins


    Hi Brett

    One question and this one for me is important
    Talking about the autoresponder email is it possible to use amazon s3 as a mailer or any possibility to use it in any way please respond



      Amazon s3 is hosting / web storage isn’t it? I think SES is the email service, though I might be wrong. Either way though no I don’t believe so. Honestly Im not sure why you would want to do that either, but if that’s what you want, I think your looking for a self hosted mail software that you can put on your own servers.

    Nick Naggar

    — Thanks Brett, very helpful review and info.


    Dear Brettt!
    Thanks for the review, unfortunately you did not mention anything about the OTOs. Are they worth to invest? Would appreciate your opinion on the OTOs. Thanks, Elke


    What other page builders do you recommend that are better than this?


    Wow Brett, another fight with another vendor to protect your readers…thank you so much for getting those things fixed otherwise it would have been a waste of $67.
    I jumped on this few days ago, I do like integrated systems including your Profit Canvas, it allow us to speed up things and not having to login to different platforms..,,,
    I have your squeezmatic (page builder) and your ClickBackRewards (contests) so I was interested mainly in the autoresponder feature, but it would have been useless without your intervention to fix the issues, and bringing the subscriber number to 2500 is truly awesome considering the one off payment….thank you so much and I hope that one day you will become a reference (Consultant) for all the vendors out there, come and see you first, listen to your advice before actually moving the product from the development stage to the sales phase if this makes any sense!!
    I haven’t tested any aspect of the software yet, but you have done that now for all of us, thank you. I just wonder if putting the FB custom audience pixel on the page that is hosted by the platform will work at all? usually, they don’t as you have to download the page, upload it to your host then put the pixel on your website…I was just curious if it’ll work on their platform??
    All the best Brett, and thanks again, you are doing such a great job.


    As a matter of interest were you able to get sub user accounts to work. They get added just fine but when they login and try and create a new page for example it says they need to upgrade.


    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the great review. I have two questions.

    Is the funnel builder part of the first main offer or would I need to buy the OTO to be able to use it?

    Secondly about the autoresponder – would I need to use something like Mandrill to deliver the emails or does it work like Aweber?


      I believe the the funnel part is included (I asked the vendors for a FE access). Ill double check though to be sure. For the autoresponder, it works like Aweber, you dont need some 3rd party delivery service, this an actual autoresponder, not just an interface for another system.


        Thanks – Just waiting for your rely on the first question before buying :))


          If I may, the funnels are not included on the front end, they come in OTO1. Front end is the page builder, the surveys, the autoresponder and the ability to add/sell single products and coupons.


            I spoke to one of the other JV managers and he said that “automatic funnels” are a OTO, but “manual funnels” are a part of the FE. Honestly I dont know the difference, I was not interested in the funnel system at all.


    My concern was the one off payment. It is hard for me to believe that this software will be maintained a year from now. It was for this reason I did not buy.

    Thoughts brett?


      These guys have a fairly large software development firm outside of the IM niche (they do 7 figures a year) I don’t believe this is a ‘cash grab’ type launch. I believe that this is a attempt to expand into a new market. I also believe that they are giving an great value from the beginning to break into the market (loss leader strategy). I have done that on some of my launches. Launch at a one time price, build up customers, feedback, testimonials from happy users etc .. then move over to a monthly price after the launch. The point is, just because your getting a great value, don’t assume that its a bad thing.


      here, they no longer in one off payment as stated in the review above in this page. They charge the FE on monthly $47 until you cancel. this is not that worth.

    Collins Marin

    Thanks for your effort, it helps us all!


    Hi Brett –

    Thanks for the review – and persistence to help the vendor get it right.

    Your comments on the AutoResponder say that it now ‘works well’, but make no mention of ‘how’ it works… does it just send out user specified auto-responses – or does it also do List Building? If list building, how is the responder info/data stored: in a database file? CSV file? Text file? How is it accessible?

    – Michael


      Michael, I think you might be confused as to what an autoreponder is, an autoresponder is a system for sending out emails .. it does not ‘build your list’ .. you have to build your list (through squeeze pages etc). While you can download your list, thats not really the point of an autoresponder, as the point is to send out mass emails. I hope this helps. For further reading you might try searching Google and reading about what an autoresponder is and what its for.


        Hi Brett – I asked about the funtinality becuase I currently use auto-responders on a couple of my websites. When a visitor submits an inquiry, the site not only sends out the auto-response email, but also saves that visitor’s name, email address (and other form info, depending on the site) along with the timestamp of the inquiry and the source (webpage) to my user database. This provides me a database table of ‘inquiries’ that I can use in future marketing efforts.

        While I do this all internally on my own server with my own programming, auto-reposnder companies like GET RESPONSE, AWEBER, MAILCHIMP, etc, generally allow the account holder access to that data through their systems. I wanted to know if the built-in auto-responder in GMP also saves that kind of user data and provides the user access to it.


          That’s a bit of a ‘grey’ area. They send you an inquery and they get added to your AR. Technically they are not ‘opting in’. Now if no one complains its cool but that could be considered a grey hat type of thing. Now to be totally transparent I do a similar thing, when people sign up for one of my SaaS they end up on my list, so Im not saying its bad, I dont think that the Genius guys are going to allow this kind of thing though.


    Hi Brett,

    I noticed the product 4 days ago and thought you did not review it, so I bought it through another link.

    The main thing I was interested in was the page builder as a replacement of unbounce or leadpages.
    Immediately after purchasing I tested the software, but, to be honest, it didn’t meet my needs.
    The concept is nice, but the page builder is to limited.
    You can’t add the content where you want to add it and coloring backgrounds is limited.
    Also there are no boxed page option so every page is full screen width, which is not so pretty on a 27inch screen.

    I hoped it would fit my needs but it didn’t.
    4 days ago I asked for a refund at {link removed} but still haven’t heard anything from them yet!

    Any idea what timeframe a normal refund would be done?


      What! You mean you didnt consider my page builder πŸ™‚ .. really though I would not buy this just for the page builder, as I said there are better solutions. I just sent your email address to Dwayne directly, Im sure he will get you fixed up.


        I already use your page builder (squeezematic) but the problem is that most of my clients want responsive pages πŸ™‚

        Thanks for contacting Dwayne!
        I just got an email that he will take care of the refund.

        Once again thanks!

        PS: If you have build a responsive page builder let me know!! πŸ™‚


      Hey Tim,

      Dwayne here. Not sure what happened but I tried to track your request with the email address you have here and didn’t find that request. But no worries I already sent an email message to your inbox so that this can be resolved asap for you.

      In the email message I asked you to send me the email address you use with our system so that I can have this taken care of for you.

      We don’t ever attempt to keep money that does not belong to us as we know that our product is not for everyone and respect those who wish not to use it.

      Thanks again,

      Dwayne Golden
      PS. All the best and thanks for your response in advance


        Thanks for your quick response Dwayne!
        I received the refund.
        I really appreciate how you handeled it!

        As said before I hoped it would fit my need so better luck next time πŸ™‚
        Good luck with the sales!


    Tony Moriarty

    Outstanding Review Brett…many thanks

    Sadly I have already purchased Genius Marketing Pro
    BUT thanks to you I now have a BETTER Product

    How would I use your SqueezeMatic to make GMP much BETTER.


      Well you can build your squeeze pages with Squeeze Matic (or Profit Canvas) and use their autoresponder form code in the pages you build. As I said I like GMP for the autoresponder.


    Hey Brett,
    Great review! Thanks for taking the time + extra time to not only review this, but really go the extra mile to help everyone by alerting them to the bugs in the system AND seeing that they got fixed! Wow!
    I had bought this a few days ago, and have been mildly happy with it, mainly due to the limitations of the page builder, as you pointed out. I haven’t really played around much with the autoresponder, but can see how it will help streamline some things.
    One of my complaints is how you can’t use html code for the optin forms so that it can be integrated with a self-hosted autoresponder solution (I use RapidMailer). I’ve already submitted a ticket request with them, but I’m sure it would carry a lot of weight if you might be able to see if they could add this feature. But you’re probably waaay busy with other projects, so it’s cool if you don’t.

    One other thing I wonder about: Why do you always use the word ‘where’ instead of ‘were’?? Kind of confusing. πŸ™‚

    In any case, your reviews are brilliant, and I’m a fan. Please keep up the good work & know that you’re doing good in the community, brother!



    Hi Brett! Really glad you wrote this in depth review. I was also mostly interested in this because of the AR. Could you tell me please, why this would be an actual better solution than, e.g. Mailchimp, when the free limit there is also about 2000 subscribers. Ok, Genius gives you 500 more. But what happens when you need more? Do you know the conditions?

    I was really interested in Profit Canvas, esp. because of the page builder (didn’t buy), then Genius came out, and I was left with another option….but after reading your review and some comments, I’m glad I didn’t purchase Genius for the page builder. Although I haven’t bought ProfitCanvas, I congratulate you on it probably being on top of my interest list. Great concept!

    Have a good one and keep going.


      Mailchimp will close your account with out warning and without recourse. I actually used them and they closed my account just for saying the word “JVZoo” .. and it wasn’t even a promotional email, it was an email to my JV partners telling them I was doing a launch on JVZoo.


        Oh boy. Bret. I didn’t read this comment of your about Mailchimp.

        So my search for an affordable autoresponder for eCommerce purposes continues. Sigh.


          You might be ok with them so long as your not doing any affiliate marketing .. MailChimp hates affiliate marketers .. even ones like me who only email out reviews and not affiliate links.


            Okay. Not sure if an eCommerce site suits Mailchimp’s definition of affiliate selling or
            marketing. I sure don’t but they may.

            I will contact them to find out. Thanks.

    Mark Marley

    Hi Bret,

    Great review for Genius Marketing Pro and very timely. Sorry to say I just bought the product a couple days ago and am going through the training videos and programs to verify any bugs. I had some questions, one being I click on the funnels tab and it says I need to upgrade in order to create a funnel or any of the other funnel functions? In the sales page and some of the up sells it mentions we would be able to get Done For You Funnels otherwise we could make the funnels manually with the other tools available through the program? I sent a ticket to support hoping to get this matter resolved.

    Bret, you are awesome and I really appreciate all you are doing to help vendors and the IM’s at the same time. I feel a lot better knowing you thoroughly reviewed this product and that the vendor is willing to correct the bugs and standing behind his product to make improvements for every ones benefit.

    Keep up the Great Work!


    Hey Brett,

    I was on the fence but I didn’t see enough benefit, but thanks to your review that has changed. A good AR was the last argument I’ve needed and I’ve just purchased through your link, being very happy you offered the $20 bonus πŸ™‚

    I looked rather quickly over the system and as others I wonder why I can’t create funnels manually – the salespage of the FE says very clear that we will get a “A LOT MORE THAN A PAGE AND FUNNEL BUILDER”, but to use any feature for funnels we have to upgrade!? Mmpf!

    Anyway, thanks for your review, I’m glad to be and will stay your follower.


      I’ve just noticed that it’s not possible to import or export subscribers to or from the autoresponder???


        No you cant import, that would cause a lot of potential spam issues. As for exporting, I let Dwayne know that this is something they should add. Its not a ‘bug’ per-say, but it is something they should put in.


    Well ! I Have A Current List And Want To Import My List And Now I Know I Can Not ! So I Will Continue To Use My Current Autoresponder Service !


    Hi, as you said this Genius Marketing Pro is a single payment product, why the FE now on the check out page stating that :
    $47 Includes 1 month of service.
    Future Payments: $47.00 will be billed every
    1 month until cancelled

    Its mean the autoresponder is billed $47/Mo until cancel? What’s the difference with the other Getresponse or Aweber out there??


    Overall a very solid review of a competitor’s product.
    The irony of all this is that you have freely given your time to help make a more attractive product for the vendor. I have GMP and also considering Profit Canvas Pro. Would they go hand in hand with each other?

    Kudos to you Brett. ????

    Rene Jaspar

    Hello Brett
    I have taken the time to read all of your posts.
    My motto is Strength Through Sharing
    The Law of Reciprocity
    Know a lot more know, then 1 hour ago.
    Basically, you are endorsing GMP and you
    feel a monthly fee is the normal for this kind
    of product and service?
    Many thanks
    Rene-Sylvan Lake, AB Canada


    I don’t understand why nobody has mentioned the fact that once you build your funnel a d start making sales with GMP, they process the payments and keep 50% of the price! I bought the program but didn’t start using it until after the guarantee period was up. Then I figured out this huge RIPOFF CLAUSE, and wrote to support to verify that I had it right. Who the heck can afford to pay half of what they bring in to these people? And didn’t you understand this? Or is there a way to get around it? If so, please let me know!


      Well you could always take 100% and pay for the updates, support and hosting yourself. Which would cost you at least 1/2 of your income. So as to who can afford to pay half? I would say every single business in the world. Its called a margin / cost of doing business, and we all have it.

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