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2.5/ 5

Creator: Radu Hahaianu and Cyral Gupta
Type: Desktop Software


Has some value as an emergency backup


Not viable for the serous email marketer

Hey everyone Brett here and today Im taking a look at Email Jeet. This one was a tough one for me. You see its being released by Radu Hahaianu and  Cyral Gupta. The problem is that I have worked with Radu before with me promoting for him and him promoting for me and I would […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Hey everyone Brett here and today Im taking a look at Email Jeet.

This one was a tough one for me. You see its being released by Radu Hahaianu and  Cyral Gupta. The problem is that I have worked with Radu before with me promoting for him and him promoting for me and I would really like to continue to do so. Also I respect him as a marketer and developer. I also respect Cyral as a developer and have really liked some of his other software.

I struggled with this review for several days. However as always my first loyalty has to be to my readers and I have to be totally honest and say exactly what I think. I just hope that Radu and Cyral will not take this review as a personal attack because it is not intended to be in any way.

Ok so what exactly is Email Jeet? Well its a desktop email software that the creators claim is better than using an auto responder for 3 main reasons. 1) No monthly fees like auto responders. 2) No down time 3) No restriction on list imports. In fact here is a cut out from a sales page preview I was given.


Ok so lets take each one these things first before we move on to looking at the software itself.

First no monthly fees: This is sort of true but not really. You see the software itself does not actually send emails. You have to use an outside service to send the emails. There are several options it supports such as MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, PostMark and MailJet. It also supports SMTP so you can send emails from your own web server (if you have one).

Of these sending options only SMTP is free. The other options are all paid services that will charge you on a per email or monthly basis. Sometimes these fees may be lower but depending on the number of emails you send out you may actually pay more by using these services then if you just used a autoresponder. This is because these services charge on a per email basis not based on your list size.

For example: One of my lists has about 3,700 subscribers on it and I mail to it about 20 times a month. This means I send out  74000 emails per month to this list. Using MailChimp I pay $50 per month for the 2801-5000 subscribe tier with unlimited sends. However using Email Jeet with Mailjet I would need to pay per email and my monthly charges would be $51.49.

Now this is only a little more than my auto responder and in many cases, for many people the price will be lower than an auto responder cost. For example if your sending less number of times a month it will be lower. Also some of the other services have better pricing. For example in the scenario above Mailgun would charge me $32. The point though is that these services are in no way free and while it is technically not a monthly fee since your paying per email, if you plan on sending regularly to your list, you will in effect be paying monthly. The whole ‘no monthly fee’ part is misleading at best.

Now there is a option to send via SMTP on your own server / host. This is totally free. However there are problems that make this not really a viable option. You see since Email Jeet is a desktop software and not a web software it has no unsubscribe functionality built into it. The only unsubscribe functionality provided is the default functionality from using one of the paid services such as Mailgun. This does not exist with using SMTP and since it does not exist in the software either there is no way for people getting your emails to unsubscribe if you use SMTP. What this also means is that this option is not can spam compliant. In effect if you are using this option you are a spammer. Not good.

Second no restrictions on importing: This is true to a fault. You see since this is your own software running on your own computer there is no one to tell you that you cant import a list. Unfortunately this also means that its the only way to get a list onto your software. There is no API integration. You cant put a form on a squeeze page or your site for example and have it go onto your list automatically like you can with an autoresponder. You have to use some other 3rd party software that saves your signups to a .text file or .csv file and then manually add them to the software regularly. This is caused by the fact that this is desktop software and not web based software. Had it been web based they could have had an API or a form builder. But they chose to go the less desirable desktop route.

While we are on the subject of list importing we might as well also talk about list management with this software. Its terrible.  There is no way to even see the emails on your list. As I said the only way to add emails is to import. This is true if you even want to add a single subscriber. You have to put the email in a text file and import it into the software. If you want to delete a subscriber you have to put the email into a text file and import it with the delete option. Its terrible. Why could they not just let you see your subscriber list and have an input field to add a new subscriber to the list and perhaps a check box next to each subscriber to delete them from the list? Honestly I cant think of any valid reason why they chose to totally ignore list management.

Even worse than that there is no click or stat tracking built into the software. There is no email open tracking built into the software. The only tracking to be had is if you log into the sending service you are using and view it there. There is no info in the software itself. I found it very annoying that I have to use a desktop software to send my emails and then log in somewhere else to view the results of the send.

The third thing is no down time:  A while back there where some issues where a few of the well know autoresponders went down for short periods of time (30min – 1 hour and very rarely a little more). So what they are trying to do is play on that and say that using this software you never have to worry about down time. Well first of all the autoresponders rarely go down and the issues they had a bit ago was a rare occurrence. Second this software uses 3rd party services to do the sending. Even the SMTP option uses your host. Well those services can go down as well. There is no way that the creators of this product can say no down time when their product relies on a 3rd party integration which can go down. I mean they use computers that are subject to failure just like the autoresponders. This statement is silly and its a sly play on peoples fears to try to get sales.

Ok so now that we covered the claims that they make lets take a look at the software itself:


One of the first things I noticed about this software when I opened it is there is no help section build into the software. Im using Windows and I can honestly say I have never seen a Windows desktop software that has no help menu in it. Even something very basic like Notepad has a help menu in the header. The creators of this did tell me there is tutorials in the download area but really why do they need to be there and if they must be online why cant they have a help button or menu item that when clicked opens your browser and takes you to the online tutorials. Its a small thing but it shows a lack of attention to detail in the software’s overall design.

I already reported about the very poor list management functionality and the lack of any type of in software reporting so I wont repeat that again and will instead focus on the actual email editor.

This has the ability to send out HTML emails but the editor is not true WYSIWYG. You have to enter HTML code and then press the preview button to see what your email will look like. It would have been much better if the editor was split into two sections. The input section and the live preview that updates as you type. Also again there is a problem with this being desktop software in that any graphics you want to add to your email (such as a logo) must be hosted somewhere else, and you then enter the URL into the HTML code.

Perhaps the worst thing  about this editor though is there is no way to save a template. What I mean is that when sending out emails your likely to want them to be formatted similar with similar logo graphics, background etc. It would be great if you could use the HTML editor to make a template and then save it for later use so all you have to do is fill in the text content of your email. But there is no way to save a template at all. Not cool.

I spoke to Cyril a lot about this software and made several change suggestions. Now to his credit he did integrate some of them. But frankly there are to many problems with this software for him to make all the changes I suggested. One change he did integrate can be seen in the screenshot. At the very bottom you can see there is a throttling option when sending emails. This is required when using the SMTP option to prevent you from having problems with your hosting. It did not exit however until I pointed this out.


In the conversation it seems that he knew that SMTP would require throttling. So I have to wonder. Why didnt he include it in the first place without me and that other guy (who ever he is) having to ask for it?

While they want you to believe that buying this is going to save you the cost of paying an autoresponder the simple fact is that this comes with costs of its own and has such limited functionality that it is in no way a viable replacement for an autoresponder. In fact Cyril agrees with me that this is in no way a replacement for an autoresponder.


A supplement to your autoresponder? Thats just silly. Its like saying I should buy a bus pass when I own a car. Why would I buy a poorer quality service (that also has fees) when Im already paying for a better and more functional service anyway? Also if this is not a replacement for the autoresponder than why are they saying on the sales page:


Well why would they even ask you if your sick of paying autoresponder fees if by their own thinking this does not eliminate the need for an autoresponder? I just dont get it.

The simple fact is that because this is desktop software and not web based it is so limited that it is never going to replace a real autoresponder. Its only real use is if you happen to have a email list that you want to import and mail to. But even then MailChimp allows list imports without a double optin. They also have a totally free plan for anyone with under 2K subscribers and 12,000 email sends each month.

Besides the list import (which for most people is not a big problem) the only other use is if the autoresponders go down (but that rarely happens and this uses 3rd party services which can also go down). I guess it could be useful if your autoresponder bans you. But if they do ban you then your probably a spammer and not a marketer anyway. In which case this would be a good spamming tool.  But for the real email marketer this is not a very viable tool in my opinion.

Again I want to be clear that the major reason for its deficiencies is the fact that its desktop software. I think the concept of not using an autoresponder is a very good one but this is very limited in its functionality by the fact that its not web based.

Sorry Radu and Cyril. I have promoted for you before an I hope to do so again in the future. But this time I have to say:




 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for the in-depth review and thanks for considering this software for promotion. It’s a shame that it didn’t stand up to your standards.

    When I made this software, I certainly wasn’t trying to replace any autoresponder, nor was I trying to duplicate their feature. In fact I am a customer of autoresponders myself… To this date, but I use them only to collect email ids (and that’s only because I’ve been lazy enough to not build my own functionality or implement another script).

    To mail my leads I use Email jeet, and earlier the predecessor which I built only for myself.

    What do I get out of it? Why would I use this?

    Here’s why… Explained in the words of Abhi Dwivedi who I gave a copy to, and who used this software to mail his clients

    “just send an ugly email to my seeder list using emailjeet and send grid…that swipe landed in spam twice via GetResponse! Email Jeet inboxed it in under a second…and I mean inbox, not promotional tab! BOSS!”

    You see, what it does best for you is integrate very well with Sendgrid or Mailgun or another of these services, using their API.

    Now technically both GR and Sendgrid send emails for you at the end of the day… But as you would know as an IMer, it’s important to inbox as much as you can, and for some reason 100% pure email services like Sendgrid / Mailgun do a better job of inboxing than GR or Aweber.

    I noticed this fact when I tried Sendgrid on a whim, it gave me an instant 20-25% boost in commissions… Well it was a revelation, that I have been sharing with my close IM friends over the last few months.

    That’s how this software came into being, when one of my friends told me to make a better version of the tool that I had built for myself.

    So Brett, it does create value for customers. All you need to do is compare two email hits. One day with Email Jeet + SG, and the second day with only GR.

    Would you tell me about the results you got?

    Thanks once more for your honest-to-heart review and for giving me a number of useful suggestions in the course of our conversation.



      Thanks for the response Cyril. Honestly though Im not buying it .. because of some magical unknown reason that you cant even explain or dont know you get better delivery rates with email SendGrid then with GetResponse? If all I need to do is send using each service and compare then why is there not just that on the sales page? Did I miss your direct comparison? Also you seem to forget that GetResponse is not the only autoresponder. Personally I think people who get low open / click rates have 2 problems, poor list management and poor value for their list. This software wont help with either of those things. For example I myself get a 22% open rate average on my emails and a 15% click rate.

      Most of the sales pitch is based on using this as a replacement for a autoresponder. Why? Because your copywriter knows that if you said something like
      “Pay and additional $35 a month in fees so you can use this service , and you still need to pay for your autoresponder, and you can get a slightly higher open rate because your spamming”
      no one would buy it. So the sales page tries to make people think that can buy this and not need an autoresponder and save that cost, which is as you said yourself, far from the truth.


        The reason to use such software or similar wp plugins would be to send your emails to main inbox and not to promotions tab of Gmail.

        Because Aweber & GetResponse messages do end up in promotions tab and it definitely lowers your open rates.

        But sure, it doesn’t replace the regular autoresponder service- that’s obvious.


          With respect I will suggest that if your emails from your autoresponder are ending up in promotions / spam you need to send better emails (because your getting flagged way to often)


      Hello Cyril, you may consider hiring Brett to see if sum of these issues can be addressed..? I purchased this product on my way to work this morning without having time to jump into it. But after this review I feel I most likely will be requesting a refund for Email Jeet. I’m sure many others will be doing the same is these issues are not addressed. I have many of your jeet products (if not all) and you have always emphasized your willingness to improve upon your products. I’ll hold off on my refund request to see your reply on what your plans are for Email Jeet and these issues.

      Thank you for all your Jeet products.

      *Brett; No review on the OTO1 “List Cleaner Jeet? =)


        No I normally dont review OTO’s also I never review an OTO on a product I dont approve since you cant buy the OTO anyway unless you first buy the product I dont think you should buy. (hope that makes sense)


    Thanks for the in-depth review Brett.

    Keeping an eye on EmailJeet though to see what updates will be happening in future.

    Top of the day to you!


    David Preece

    Looked promising, then i read Btetts review and had second thoughts.


      Oh Dear, I just bought this and i dont even have a list yet, on the next page i went to pay for list building and that wasnt a 1 time payment either it was monthly.

      Thanks for the honest review i think i need to go get a refund

    Teo Seifer

    Loved all your article. And also loved how Cyril defended and made justice of all the benefits and differentiation to Aweber and GR. Honesty and caring at its best on both sides.
    I m having trouble on each and every submission with hotmail addresses. Sometimes almost 20% of my contacts bounce due to the fact that I have GR. 20 % are hotmail addresses
    Do you experience nowadays something similar to this with hotmail addresses only? Would this software solve the problem?


      Im my test send to my affiliate lots of emails bounced because they where Yahoo email addresses. If your getting a 20% bounce the issue could also be with the address that you are sending FROM and not what you are sending to. Also please be aware that there are 2 kinds of bounces. Soft bounces and hard bounces. A soft bounce is no big deal, its temporary a hard bounce is permanent.

        Teo Seifer

        I dont think so the from is a problem. Cause the rest is receiving and only hotmail users are the issue. They are all soft but hotmail users are almost never receiving emails …


          Go over to MailChimp and create a free account. Upload your list (MailChimp allows uploads WITHOUT confirmation) and shoot them an email. See if you get a better result. Its 100% free.


    I have just bought this software and I wonder is it possible to intergrate an unsubscribe function within the software itself?

    Rick Roberts

    Good in-depth review Brett. The only thing I don’t see mentioned is anything about a timed sequence of emails. If this software is just good for one-off sends then there is no way it will ever replace a real autoresponder service. I can see use for a software like this for the grey (and black) hatters but other than those groups this software doesn’t usefully replace any other email marketing service.


    You saved me again. I was just about to purchase when I saw your email. This software would have disappointed me for this reason. The main reason that I was going to purchase it was to not have anymore monthly fees. And the sales page gives that impression there would not be anymore monthly fees.

    We would not be paying Radu and Cyril directly, but to use their software we would have to pay someone else to make their software work. Which comes out almost as costly as other autoresponders. Not to mention who would want to use smtp if you can’t unsubscribe?


    It restores a great deal of my faith in IM to see that Brett has the integrity required to produce this sort of review in this kind of situation, and I am really grateful for that. Thanks Brett!

    Regarding Cyril – I have a number of Cyril’s products and I’m very happy with them. His products are usually of a very high standard. I can only assume this is a temporary aberration that slipped through – albeit with his best of intentions. Thanks Cyril, for your products that I already have.

    (PS: I always read Brett’s reviews – not always with intent to buy – mostly to help me keep in touch with the market.)


      I agree, Cyril is a good developer, with a awesome attitude. I dont believe most of the deficiencies of this product have anything to do with his skill. More because of the restrictions caused by the fact that this is desktop software, a platform not well suited to this.


    Thank you Brett,

    Your always saving me money. I know this has been out for some time now but do you have any thoughts on Rapid Mailer?


      Im sorry Charles I have never used Rapid Mailer I dont know anything about it. Also since the launch is long passed its very unlikely I will be able to get review access. (thats normally only given for the initial launch)

    David Baer

    I have huge respect for both Cyril & Brett as both developers and marketers. You guys both come to this from different angels and different ideologies (to a certain extent), but I am a regular user of softwares that each of you has created.

    That said, in this case, I think the sales page and marketing of this product are not an accurate reflection of its benefits. And, while Cyril has pointed out some solid reasons how an end-user can benefit from EmailJeet, it’s not what the sales page (or Todd Gross’ video) says.

    I’d love a solution for bulk promotional email that is CAN/Spam compliant, and costs less than the services I currently use, but it looks to me like this is not the right solution (yet).

    I know that Cyril is a compassionate and responsive developer, and wants to help his customers be successful. I have had first-hand experience with his fixing a problem in the past when an external API affected his software’s performance. So perhaps some of Brett’s observations can be incorporated in an update to the software. It probably won’t be fully redesigned to address to all of the points Brett laid out, but, for any developers lurking out there… this discussion represents a great opportunity 😉

    Ken Sar

    Well Done Brett. I could not have done an in-depth review like yours. Well done.

    I agree totally with Brett and I see the issue ahead of being misuse. Not recommended.


    Unfortunately, I fell for it. To me an autoresponder does the whole job, not just retain one’s


    Nice review.. I’m thinking to buy the Email Jeet but before that I want to see honest review and now I found it. How about the Rapid Mailer? I think this is the best option if you want to save monthly bills on autoresponder 🙂


    Thanks for the review Brett and all the reviews you have supplied, great to see the ‘independant’ kind 🙂

    I was looking for a piece of software to use to send one-off emails to prospects. I have several pieces of software that will bring results for local businesses who don’t have a mobile website/a website/a facebook page etc etc. I don’t need a full autoresponder as these lists don’t need to be kept. so I think you have found me the perfect solution. I don’t want to email hundreds or thousands at a time and I have my own SMTP system.

    So thank you!

    And Cyril there is a market out there for your system as not everyone needs a full-blown autoresponder.

    For those who are concerned about using this and no unsubscribe feature and wanting to do what I want to use it for, there only needs to be a sentence like ” this is a one time mailing, if you are not interested in what we are offering simply delete this message and you will not hear from us again! Your email address has not been placed in any storage file. Thanking you!” included after the message. Or this at the beginning of the message in like a ‘block of some kind’ – ” This is a one time mailing with an offer to help you and your business, not interested – then delete this message and you will not hear from us again”

    Thanks again Brett, I always check out your reviews, have bought a couple and not bought a couple :-), You’re doing a great job!!



      “For those who are concerned about using this and no unsubscribe feature and wanting to do what I want to use it for, there only needs to be a sentence like ” this is a one time mailing, if you are not interested in what we are offering simply delete this message and you will not hear from us again! Your email address has not been placed in any storage file. Thanking you!”

      Ummm no thats NOT all you need to do. Can Spam REQUIRES a method for people to unsubscribe.
      Also its a lie, since by adding the email to the software you ARE storing it.
      Almost no one sends a one time mailing. If you really are going to do that you are the VERY rare exception. In fact I doubt even someone who intends to only mail once will actually only mail once, especially if they get some results from the first mailing.


        Hi Brett,

        The email that we send has a contact us option if the business is interested in what we are offering.

        We don’t contact them again unless they use this contact us option. Then they don’t go into an autoresponder as that is not the way we correspond with them.

        We delete these lists, we are not in the internet marketing area, we don’t sell internet marketing products we don’t build lists to market to.

        Our clients are local businesses in our city and surrounding area.

        So i guess we are a VERY rare exception.



    Love your straight in the face, no nonsense, tell it as it is approach!
    Please continue your noble work 🙂

    Bob Southwood

    Thanks Brett for an honest review. I would have purchased and would have been disappointed if I had not found your review. I am a newbie and finding honest people on the web has been a struggle during my learning period over the last 12-18 months.

    I have folders full of freebies and purchased IM products that I will never get time to understand how to use let alone time to use or read them. But that has all ended. Now I check reviews on products I am interested in if I can find them and finding an honest reviewer makes it much easier.

    What I did learn from my internet experiences is that if you offer a Good Product and Good Service and have a Genuine Respect For Everyone you will make it in Internet Marketing. I did not find much of that online but the few genuine marketers I did find I will go back to.

    Thanks again for your honest review.

    Bob Southwood

    Claude Corry

    Thanks heaps for that info mate.

    I actually have an on my own site auto-responder which is called Rapid Mailer. Have you heard of this WP-Plugin? Would love your thoughts on it and would really appreciate your opinion.

    Claude Corry


    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for your depth review.

    You’ve touched upon things which many other marketers (who are promoting this product) don’t. I’m really surprised at this.

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on your reviews from now on.

    BTW I noticed that Alex Jeffreys promoted one of your products recently so well done on that.

    Thanks again.



    It is refreshing to see s review site that gives honest reviews. I did glean from the sales copy that there might be an additional cost to be able to actually send the emails but was not sure. This review resolved that issue. Too bad about the actual cost because I had a list with Aweber that was over 10000 in subscribers that I had to trim and stop promoting to save $100 a month in fees. Now I pay just $59 per month.

    I am going to start using this site to check out products before I buy.

    ruth daily

    Would like more info on the rapid responder. I am looking for something that has less restrictions than the traditional responders offer plus a savings too. Brett T is critical but hassome good points.


    Thanks Brett…..Now that’s what I call a review, you put work into that and honesty, I look forward to future reviews from you and have signed up as instructed above….many thanks

    John Nephin


    FAKE Product! I already purchased this “email jeet” from Cyril and Radhu.
    The software never work! Never send and email!

    This could be normal , we expect to have some issues and bugs
    in any software, but the killing thing its about one month now and these two people NEVER ANSWER any support ticket. Just ignoring us as if they are ghost
    Big shame really!!


    Email Jeet never worked for me. Cyril and Radu will not answer my queries. Any ideas folks?

    Lee M

    Thanks for your review. I purchased both items in Nov 2014 and found later none of the emails, several 1000s never left my computer. I requested their help but never got it, they never sent a reply

    I wondering, can I still get a refund now?




      No .. it has been nearly a year, there is no way your going to get a refund. I try to help everyone avoid what you experienced, which is why I give totally honest reviews, and why I told people not to buy this one. I suggest you check my blog before buying in the future. I dont just hype everything, Im not afraid to say whats good and whats bad when I do my reviews.


    Do you have a tool that has a function to send massive emails?


    Hi Brett,
    How about Email Jeet 2 ? Is there any improvement upon your review ?

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