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Creator: Lee Pennington
Type: Cloud Software (SaaS)


Make branded mock up graphics very fast


Have to press the 'crop / save' button twice

Today I’m doing a review of the new cloud based software: DropMock So what exactly is Drop Mock? Well its a kind of graphics program, but its not the typical graphics editor. Its a mockup software. The basic idea of DropMock is that you can quickly and easily create mock up graphics. For example if […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of the new cloud based software: DropMock

So what exactly is Drop Mock? Well its a kind of graphics program, but its not the typical graphics editor. Its a mockup software. The basic idea of DropMock is that you can quickly and easily create mock up graphics. For example if you where a web designer you could create mock up images to see what your site design might look like in different scenes, you could also use these images as a presentation for a client. This can also be applied to logos or any other kind of graphics.

You can also use to make print ads and graphics for offline presentations.

However beyond that Drop Mock is also really great for branding. You can take your logo and make some really cool, professional quality graphics that you can then use for ads like Facebook ads or for social media posts like Instagram or Pinterest. This is the thing  I was most interested in actually. Making nice branded graphics to post to my social media accounts, use as ads, or even as cover images for my videos and video ads.

Here are a few images I made with Drop Mock, in total these images took me about 2 minutes to make (DropMock is super fast)


Creating a branded mock up with Drop Mock is super easy. Simply log into your account you will see a screen that looks like this:


The number of templates you see will depend in the version of the software you have. If you have the FE (front end) version you will have around 30 templates to choose from. If you have the upgraded pro version you will have an additional 100+ templates.

Simply select a template, and then click the place holder image in the preview to upload your own graphic.


Wait a few seconds and then crop or clip your image as needed.


The image cropping tool worked well. It allowed you to move or resize the area to crop and it even allowed you to zoom out (or in) your image with the mouse wheel. This is great for if you don’t actually want to crop your image and instead want to shrink it so that the entire image fits into the cop area.

The one thing I did notice that was kind of strange about the DopMock crop functionality though is that it has one button “CROP & SAVE” but in my tests you actually have to press it twice. Once to crop, and once to save. This is not the expected behavior given that there is one button and it has both functionalities as the buttons text. I would have expected to press the button once and it perform both functions, not require a double press. I pointed this out to Lee. I’m not sure if he disagreed with my opinion on this or if it’s just something that they have not gotten around to updating yet, but either way at the time of writing this article this is still how the system works. You must press the “CROP & SAVE” button twice.

Once you do that the software will then automatically add your image into the template, taking into account the template itself, adjusting / skewing and even texturing the image to make it look like it was actually a part of the photograph and not just an image added over it.

From this point you have different options depending on if you have the front end version of the upgraded pro version.

If you have the front end version your final option will be to download a standard resolution image. This is a VGA image. The resolution depends on the actual image but are normally between 640×480 and 800X600px. If you have the upgraded pro version you can also download a very high definition version of your image, a few thousand pixels by a few thousand pixels normally.

Ill be totally honest. The definition you need is going to depend on what you intend to use the image for. For most online applications such as posting to social media, using as a ad, or even as a cover / preview for a video the standard resolution is going to be fine. However if your doing a presentation or any kind of offline / print media your going to want a high def image.

Up till now I have pointed out a few of the differences between the FE version and the upgraded PRO version, but I want to talk a bit about one of the other upgrades. While writing about the up sells is not something I normally do I felt that this particular one was well worth mentioning.


Its a full featured image editor, powered by the Aviary API / SDK. This editor is very well done and being backed by Aviary is quite stable, functional and professional quality. It allows you to add all sorts of effects to your image, adjust its properties and even add text to it. I thought it was a very good add on that is not only a good example of a proper up sell, but is also worth considering.

So what did I think of Drop Mock over all? Well I really like the concept. I like that it allows you to mock up previews in different scenes. This is going to be great for presentations or proposals. However beyond that I personally am really interested in using this to make cool branded images for posting to social networks, for ads, and for video covers. These are just some of the cool things you can use these images for.

While there where a few things that I thought could be improved, such as the “CROP & SAVE” button or the fact that there is no user image library and you have to upload your image for each template every time you make a new image, over all I found DropMock to be super easy to use, very fast, and intuitive. With it anyone is going to be able to make professional quality, branded, photo realistic images super fast, super easy, and without needing to be some kind of PhotoShop wizard. In my opinion this one is a definite winner, and its one I can guarantee you that I will be using myself.

UPDATE: Lee just sent me a Skype message and let me know that the issue with needing to click the “CROP & SAVE” button twice has been fixed. Very cool Lee, thanks!







BONUS: The vendors have provided me with some excellent bonuses, for anyone who picks up DropMock through my link, that are available right inside of the members area.





In case you did not notice. All of the preview graphics for these bonuses where actually made with DropMock. Click here to get it now as well as instant access to all of these bonuses (right inside of the software members area)






 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Gary Pettit


    I watched the interview on this with Mike from Maine( I thought it looked awesome) but it seems like most of the functionality and options only come if you purchase the OTO’s and Monthly membership. I thought it looked incredible as everything was being demonstrated and not till the end of the review we found out about 60% of what was shown was only if the OTO’s were purchased.

    It seems pretty empty on the front end

    Please correct me if I’m wrong


      The FE is going to be fine for most people, especially if you dont need the high def graphics, its main functionality, mocking up your image works fine in the FE. What you need to ask yourself when considering the OTO is: Do I need high def graphics? Do I need more templates? Do I need the graphics editor?, of course only you can answer those things. Incidentally these are good OTO’s, more should cost more. Thats not unreasonable. A bad OTO is where they cripple the FE version and almost force people to buy the OTO, which is something that Lee did not do with Drop Mock.

    David F

    Can we sell the mock ups for clients or is that an OTO?

    David F

    By video cover do you mean the video thumbnail that shows before the video starts playing?

    Pixel Dome

    Too Over priced for the options available,


    Hi Brett,
    To get the extra templates you have in demo version, i have to have the pro version, which is monthly payment only ? Just to clarify, if i skipped the monthly option and just bought oto 1, the editor. I would still only have the original templates from the front end ?


      I’ll ask the vendor to jump in and answer that one. Im not totally sure, though I do agree that there should be a way to get the extra 100 templates without needing the monthly upgrade.

      Lee Pennington

      Yes Craig if you don’t want monthly (the first upgrade) then with the editor you would only have the templates included on the front end. Sorry otherwise would answer faster but in a webinar!



        I habe bought the FE versin of DropMock BUT What IF I upgrade DropMock to EMC and decide in a few months time later to cancel my subscription?

        – Does my DropMock account returns to the original stage with 30 templates only, or can I keep the 100 templates AND the monthly templates provided in the meantime?

        – Do I loose the capability to download high definition images for existing templates?

        Please clarify this in order to allow me to take the right decision..

        e.g. i had to cancel my monthly subscription to Viddyoze Club and as a result I have lost access to all the templates I had paid for during the previous months.
        Is that a fair deal?


    Roy Harper

    This looks like it would also be a great tool for loading products into an ecommerce store after the mock ups are made. The drawback is having only 30 mock ups in the front end offer. Integration with YouZign is a definite plus. Did anyone notice if more mock ups are available in any of the OTO’s? If so, how many if you recall?


      Well as I said in the review text as well as in the review video (did you read the review or watch the video), you get 100 or so more with the upgraded PRO version.

        Roy Harper

        I read the full review, and see in the OTO’s there are 100 or so templates available. Perhaps I misunderstand something here. Looking at the sales page it seems to me the Elite license allows 30 mock ups, and there are 30 templates available on which to do the mock ups. My question isn’t about the number of templates loaded into the software, but about the number of mock ups I can create using the software.


    Thanks for the great review Brett. This is probably a question for Lee, if we sign up for the design club and then a few months down the track happen to decide to cancel the club membership would we still have access to the designs accumulated so far? Secondly is there any option for just adding some of the extra functionality (ie Dropmock HD and Dropshot) but not the ongoing designs/cloud storage?


      I dont believe it is ‘a la carte’ allowing you to pick which features you want and dont want unfortunatlly. It looks like the packaged all the extra features into the monthly plan (except the image editor)


    Thanks for the review Brett. It’s a nice product and it would have been more attractive if the funnel for upgrades separated the monthly subscription from the PRO upgrade. I have found the HD graphics for ads, website, social images are more important for conversions especially for online product sales than images at standard resolution.

    It is what it is, however, and it’s still an awesome package at the price points in the funnel. And I certainly do understand that there is a cost to the product vendor to host cloud-based services like this and HD graphics are bigger in filesize, so the product is priced accordingly with this in mind. Just wished they didn’t force subscription with HD in Pro package.


      Yes it would have been. I actually told them that myself. That there should be a way to buy the 100 extra templates on its own.

      Gary Pettit

      I 100% agree… I bought the front end (through Bretts link) but did not want the monthly membership. However, if they offered a one time payment upgrade for extra templates I would have taken the bait. I think Lee Pennington is leaving a lot of money on the table not offering this and a lot of people who do not want a monthly plan would have purchased.


    First didn’t want to buy. Your video made me see it could be usefull for me. The only thing wich keeps holding me back is the question iff the upgrades are free. They always promis that, but some screw you, like Mints. Bought Mints and all the OTO’s in october 2015. Now they selling Mints 2.0. As a Mints 1.0 customer I didn’t even get a mail about an upgrade. I sent their support 3 emails about it. never got an answer. I don’t mind tot pay for new functionality, but getting tons of emails about a 2.0 version without even adressing me as an Mints 1.0 customer, I don’t like that. That it can be done right I’ve seen by Easy VSL from Mark Thompson, about every month they deliver an upgrade for bugrepair ore more/better functionality. And when they came with the 2.0 version they gave the 1.0 customers an good offer to upgrade.
    Dropmock is interesting, I think I buy the basic version, don’t want to pay 37 dollar each month for the pro version.


      Well of course I cant say what people are going to do in the future. I can say though that I have spoken to Lee several times and he is a stand up guy, I trust him to do what he says. Mints App and DropMock are totally different products, by totally different people, its unfair to judge one person based on your experience with another.


    Thanks for quick reply lads. Its a shame you can not buy 100 templates without monthly subscription. I already use some free software that uses mockups. Only about 15 or 20 templates but its free. So i will pass on what is otherwise nice software.


    Thanks for the review. It looks like a very useful tool. On another note, I don’t see a Mints App review. Is that because of your new review policy?


    Hi Brett,

    I’m always hesitant to purchase a product which includes images because we have no idea if they are copyrighted which we all know about Getty and their Picscout. It’s the only reason I didn’t buy yousign. Do they own the correct licenses? There’s several different types and how can we know?

    But my question is Dropmock’s sales page mentions Yousign twice, on the page and in their FAQ’s at the bottom of the page says:
    Q: Do I need an account to integrate YouZign?
    A: Yes, like any other software integration you are required to have an account.

    So do we need Yousign to use Dropmock?

    Plus: Do alll you bonus images have (and come with) the correct licenses?



      Your saying the ‘correct licenses’ assuming that all licenses are the same and there is one which is ‘correct’. This is not the case though. Since I don’t know your intended usage I cant answer this question. If your going to be worried about making a purchase that has a graphic in it from another source then you should stop buying anything online. I mean lets say you buy a software, whats to say that the buttons / icons in that software are not from IconFinder, without a license being purchased by the developer? You cant tell. Frankly I think your over thinking and getting yourself worried for nothing.

      Becky Beth

      If I’m not wrong, they mentioned in the webinar that all the images are made in-house so there’s no copyright infringement issue at all.


        Yes I heard that too about their images are in-house which is a good thing.. that I like to hear. But the sales page does mention Yousign, Is yousign required to use Dropmock? I’m only assuming (which I don’t like doing) that it’s not needed.

        As for my first comment. I did say “Do they own the correct licenses? There’s several different types..” Yousign integrates with a couple image sites (pixabay) which I know for a fact there are copyrighted images on these types of image sites.. And that some marketers include some of these images as bonuses, etc.. By correct license they would require it to allow them to include the image/s in a package which would also allow the end user the right to use and include the license in the package so we can all be protected from the image trolls..

        Thanks, I always appreciate your reviews.



          No it is not required in any way. In the video on this review you can see me using it without showing Yousign.


            Thanks Brett. I’m sure I clicked your link but I’ll double check first if I decide to purchase, not 100% sure if I need it. It’s one of those cool shiny objects eh..lol

            Take care,

    Mary Greene

    Brett, can we use photoshop to edit the images rather than buying their own editor?

    If we upgrade to the membership, will we be locked out of the additional templates we paid for if we discontinue the membership?

    Thank you!

    Ray Lane

    I have to say, I LOVE this program. Well made, easy to use, and quality images.

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