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Creator: Martin and Mario
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They stole my idea!

Today Im taking a look at a new software called Deal Count   These guys stole my idea! Ok perhaps they didn’t, but they did build a software that uses a marketing tactic which I personally thought of months ago and which I have used with great success.  The tactic is scarcity. Scarcity sells, that’s all there […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at a new software called Deal Count


These guys stole my idea! Ok perhaps they didn’t, but they did build a software that uses a marketing tactic which I personally thought of months ago and which I have used with great success.  The tactic is scarcity. Scarcity sells, that’s all there is to it.

Now when people normally thing of scarcity they think of timers. We have all seen them. “This deal expires in 12 hours 2 minutes 10 seconds so act now!” .. sounds familiar right? Yep. But there is actually a major problem with this kind of scarcity. When you tell potential customers that a offer, special, or bonus expires in 12 hours or 24 hours or what ever all your really doing is telling them how long  they have to make their purchase decision. All your really doing is telling them that the do not have to decide right now. You giving them time to leave (and frankly probably not come back later).

However Deal Count uses a different type of scarcity. Perhaps the best way to describe what deal count does is tell you about a case where I used the kind of scarcity deal count provides:

A while back I did an affiliate promotion and I gave early ‘beta access’ to a software that I had not yet released (I still have not released it actually) as a special bonus. I only wanted to give a very limited number of beta access accounts so I wrote a custom program that would track every sale I made as a affiliate display a running account of how many bonus spots where left right on my bonus page. So it started off that I was going to give 200 bonuses away and this was displayed my bonus page. Then when someone purchased it went down to 199, then 198, 197 196 etc. Each time a bonus was claimed the running count was reduced, and it happened in real time so people on the page could see the opportunity slipping away right in-front of their very eyes.

This is exactly what Deal Count does. It allows you to offer a limited quantity of a ‘deal’ and display a running count to your visitors that shows them how many deals are left. They can see the deal slipping away right in front of them. This is a massive scarcity because unlike a timer which tells them exactly how long they have to procrastinate on purchasing they have no idea how quickly the ‘deals left’ counter will count down because they have no idea how many other people will claim the deal or how fast. All they know is that the deal is limited, and that they can see other people taking it, and they can see their chance at getting it slipping away. Guess what this leads to … if you said lots of sales you guessed right. In fact when I used this tactic I got some of the best results I have ever seen.

Now you might be wondering why I do not use this tactic all the time. Well there is a simple answer to that. Because for me it was a lot of work. I had to write a custom script every time I wanted to use this tactic. However now that Deal Count exists anyone can use this tactic, quickly, easily, and without needing to code. Nice! In fact I was strongly considering creating a platform just like Deal Count both for myself and for my customer I just had not yet found the time to do it (which is why I tease Mario and say they stole my idea).

So far I have been talking about using Deal Count for affiliate promos because that’s what I do and in fact if your a user of either my Instant Video Pages or HIJAX software this is going to be perfect for you. However you can use it for lots of other things. You can use it for physical products “There are 10 more available at this special price” .. you can use it for offline clients “Get 20% off and Joe’s Pizza, only 10 coupons remaining” .. you can use it for professional  clients “Only 10 free consultations left, hurry and book yours now” ..  in fact you can use it with anything where you are offering a special ‘deal’ that you can limit and that you want people to take action on right away. Basically you can use it for just about every marketing situation that normally exists.

So what is my over all opinion: I love it, in fact I hate that I love it because I really was going to build a similar system myself I just have not had time. Well I am not going to fault Mario or Martin because they where quicker to create an easy to use platform that lets anyone take advantage of this excellent marketing tactic than I was.






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    Great to see you doing these review posts…not great for your fingers I suppose, but they are awesome…Great review and thank you. Have a great weekend Brett.


    Great looking product and your excellent review.
    Your offer looks really good too.
    Problem…. clicked the link to buy and defaulted to a basic WordPress Page?
    Tried different browsers and ‘private search’ but still the same result?


    Just picked this up. Looks pretty cool, but honestly just wanted the killer bonus! Thanks Brett.
    (ps: darn Brett, I had to think for a minute…?what + 4 = 13? 😛 I Like the captcha)



    Jim Rausch

    I too think this is a deal breaker! This is a MUST buy and use to promote any type of marketing. After watching your video with Mario, I couldn’t hit the buy button fast enough. Thank You Brett for sharing your thoughts and review. As I was watching other Affiliates promoting the heck out of this product, the first thing I thought of was Your product launches as you mentioned. A big man knows when to appreciate the better mouse trap and here you showing your true nature of being the bigger man complimenting Mario for his hard work (even if he did steal your idea lol).

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