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Solid tool that makes a good concept easier to exicute


Groups cant be ordered

Today Im doing a review of Buzz Ignition So what exactly is Buzz Ignition? Its a easy to use software that lets you run like / comment contests on Facebook. In case you dont know what a like / comment contest is. This is the kind of contest where you make a post (normally on […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of Buzz Ignition

So what exactly is Buzz Ignition? Its a easy to use software that lets you run like / comment contests on Facebook. In case you dont know what a like / comment contest is. This is the kind of contest where you make a post (normally on a fan page or a group) and you tell people that if they like or comment on the post (or sometimes both) they will have a chance to win a prize.

So why would someone want to run one of these kids of contests? Well to answer that you have to understand how Facebook decides what people see in their news feed.

A while back a lot of fan page owners noticed that only a small percentage of their fans where seeing their posts. Needless to say there was a lot of outrage and claims of Facebook hijacking their fans. But that’s not really the case. The simple fact is that the average Facebook user has a couple hundred friends, has liked dozens of fan pages, and is a member of several groups. With all of these sources making posts, Facebook has to use some kind of algorithm to determine what will show up in your news feed because there is just to much to show everything.


To make this determination Facebook uses thousands of factors that are broken down into 3 major categories.

1) Affinity: You are more likely to see posts from a source if you have interacted with previous posts from that source. Makes sense right, if you like and comment on posts from a specific friend or a specific fan page, Facebook assumes that you will want to see more of that person or fan pages posts.

2) Weight: Very similar to affinity, only on a larger scale. Basically Facebook assumes that posts that have other people liking and comment are ‘good posts’ so it will show this post to new people.

3) Time: Old posts fade away because Facebook assumes that old posts will become less important. Makes sense in the fast paced environment of the internet.

While there is little we can do about time, if you look at the other two factors you will notice something. In short the more a post gets liked, commented on, or shared (but shares are a different animal), the more likely new people are to see that post in their news feed. This is actually what ‘going viral’ is. People interact with your post, so more people see the post, who in tern interact with the post, and cause even more people to see it, on and on. Also because people are gaining affinity with the source of the post, future posts from that source are more likely to get seen by that person,Β  giving them a ‘head start’ over everyone else.

But how do you get the interactions in the first place? How do you get people to start liking and comment at first to start off the whole process? That’s a good question, and one that Buzz Ignition hopes to answer.

By making a post (even a marketing post) also be a contest you can jump start the viral action by enticing people to like and comment on the post. This increasing the posts weight and helping to ensure that even more people will see the post. Who will then be enticed to like and comment themselves .. on and on..

For example, lets say I was going to use Facebook to promote one of my own software products. I could make a post describing the software, with a link to go buy it, and also say “I’m giving one free copy away, like and comment for your chance to win the free copy”. Now everyone has an insensitive to like and comment to win the free copy, thus increasing the posts ‘weight’ and causing new people to see it.Β  However many people wont want to take the chance of not winning so they will just buy it anyway so I still will get sales from that post. If I was running a fan page it would be even better because not only would that particular post be spreading, but I would also be increasing my affinity with my fans, this making it more likely that these same people will see my future posts. Basically I would be increasing my fan pages reach.

These types of contests are not a new concept, people have been using them for a long time to not only spread the actual post but to also increase the reach of their future posts.

Ok so now we know the motivation for usingΒ  for Buzz Ignition, so the next question is how good is the actual software.


In my testing it worked very well, I had no problems with it at all. As for ease of use: I dont think anyone can have a problem with it. Its so easy. The software does not make the actual post for you. You do that inside of Facebook. Then you use the software to find the post you made, set your winner criteria (if they needed to like the post, comment on the post, or both) and then you press “Go” and it selects a random winner based on the criteria you set. Want more than one winner? Just press “Go” again. You will then get a link to the winners Facebook profile so you can contact them and tell them how to get their prize. It really could not be more simple to use then they have made it.

There is one thing I did not like though. When searching through your groups of fan pages it would have been nice if they group or page names where in some logical order (such as alphabetical)Β  so the one you are looking for is more easy to find.


But I did not see a way to do this with Buzz Ignition. So I resorted to using the browsers search functionality to quickly find the group I was looking for.

So what do I think of Buzz Ignition over all?

As I said these kinds of contests are not a new concept. Smart Facebook marketers have been using then for quite a while now. Why? Because they work. This software just makes running these contests much more easy and manageable. Buzz Ignition is a tool, but more than that its a very easy to use tool that is a good value for anyone wanting to do marketing on Facebook.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Click Back Rewards & Buzz Ignition look like the perfect matchup. Great Bonus! I’m in!!!!! *But I have a quick question: Will I be missing out on any upsells when you launch Click Back Rewards in the future; or is the bonus the full funnel/package? Thanks a lot Brett.


      Bonus does not include the upsells for my launch. I cant give everything away for free Charles.


        I guess Charles wanted to know if/we he will get the chance to buy the upsell – which might be the agency license?


          Yes you will be get the chance to buy the upsell, but not until the actual launch on the 30th. Once the software goes public, everyone who already has an account will be able to get the upsell directly from inside of their account. As for what it is …. hmmmm am I becoming predictable? πŸ™‚

    Charles O

    Hello Brett,
    This is a very generous offer. Click Back Rewards looks great.

    Thank you for your generosity.

    I purchased Buzz Ignition. Where do we send the receipt ID?
    I sent it to your contact form linked above.
    Does that work for you or do you prefer a different email?

    Charles O


    Awesome. Just purchased and sent info through your contact me page.


    Hey guys looks like my contact form might not be working correct. Ill have to check it. Send your receipt ID’s to to get your bonus.


    Hi Brett,

    Does this only work with video’s or can I use Amazon offers for this as well or simply any page from my website?


      Carel, I dont understand the question, Buzz Ignition is a Facebook software for running contests in the timeline.


        I meant your software Brett, sorry!

        Can I upgrade for future upgrades and how much would that cost me?


          Carel, with respect Im not prepared to speak about my software, its upgrades, specials etc at this point since my software does not even go public for another 10 days. There is a demo of it above, if you pick up Buzz Ignition through my link you will get access to it free as a bonus (for the next 48 hours).


            OK Brett, with respect………. why should I be happy with a bonus when you don’t explain if I can get the upgrades in the future?


              Carel, the upgrades are not a part of the bonus Im giving so they have no relevance at this point. You will be able to upgrade in the future etc, though Im not prepared to disclose prices or explain what the upgrades will be to a launch that did not happen yet.

              I have described the Buzz Ignition software, I have described what Im giving as a bonus. If you feel Buzz Ignition + my bonus is a good deal go ahead and purchase, if you dont, do not. Either way though, thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read my review πŸ™‚

    Michael Rytter

    Hi Brett

    This is exactly what we have been doing since just before Xmas, only manually, with boosted posts (from within the ads mgr, not the page), and using custom audiences on some of the ads… has worked like gangbusters!

    As we are just after page likes….our cost on every ad has worked its way down to .01 per engagement within the first day. As u know from the group, our sales have also soared. (I have screenshots of the reach, on average 170,000 to 250,000, and comments and shares in the thousands on the boosted posts, if interested! Crazy stuff!) Your description above describes almost EXACTLY what we do…minus the paid ad part! Also, we have been getting them to “like and share” instead of “like and comment”, and we get them to “like the page” rather than “like the post”.

    So basically, what this software does is keep track of the “entrants”, and pick a winner? Man, that sounds GOOD! When our contests end, we have been putting ALL of our page likes into “” and picking a winner that way. The “pain” for us, is capturing all our fans manually from our page to enter into…. as there is no easy way to do this (if there is, we have yet to find it!)

    About your new software…..I am soooo interested…..I may buy this “buzz thingy” just to get yours free! (LOL!)


      You got it spot on Michael 1st you totally understand the concept .. well that makes sense since your using it already (and see it works). Second your right about what the software is, its a tool to make these kinds of contests much more easy, because it tracks all the people who have liked / commented etc.. and all you have to do is click “Go” to pick the winner. As a side note this is actually more fair as well since your not manually picking the winner no one can accuse you of not being impartial.



    It would be very interesting to know how EXACTLY Buzz Ignition and your software compement each other?



      My software puts contests inside of Facebook (as a post) where people can opt in (collecting their email) and then get extra chances to win by driving traffic. Buzz Ignition lets you run a contest where people who like / comment on a post can win which increases its chance of going viral and at the very least will ensure more people see the post. So think about it you have software A) That makes a post which can get peoples emails from inside the post, and software B) which makes posts get seen by more people (including the posts made with software A). A smart marketer would use my software to make a post for a ‘main’ contest. Then have a second contest with a second prize for anyone who likes / comments on the post made with my software. Now your collecting emails AND going viral.

        Michael Rytter

        Actually, just nosing around on your site Brett, I found a research tool right here on this site that demonstrates the power of contests on Facebook!

        Go up to the menu at the top of this page and click on “FREEBIES”
        -Next, click on “Free Facebook Research Tool”,
        -Next in the “enter fanpage name” text box, type: “countrysigndesigns” (without the quotes)
        -Next, click on “Get Fanpage Data”.

        The results that appear show average single and double digit amounts of likes etc., as you go down the page, until about the halfway point…then BOOM!….the sudden spike you see is the results from one of our contests!

        PHOTO Likes: 2867 Shares: 3487 Comments: 1014

        This stuff REALLY works!

        Feel free to go over and look at our Facebook page. We aren’t running any contests right now, but scroll down and you’ll find 3 from the past couple months. (Not trying to sell anyone anything here…IM’ers are NOT the demographic for our products! (LOL!)

        Just want to show everyone that this stuff works. Our page “likes” went from 3200 in late December to over 10,000 by February.

          Michael Rytter

          We did our contests on Facebook manually….Wish I had Brett’s software then…I’d have a heck of a mailing list of ALL the people who liked and shared our page to enter the contests, but didn’t buy, not just the buyers! As it was, the only folks we could add to our list were the people who purchased products, as well as the contest winners (all 3 of them, LOL!), we had no way to capture the rest. That changes NOW!


          When I was freelancing I did a lot of Facebook app development. I know contests like this work, because I have seen them work first hand for a lot of people.


    Hey , Brett ! I just purchased , I have sent my receipt


    Isn’t this like gating?


      No like gating refers to hiding content until a person likes a fan page. Facebook use to have functionality in their API that allowed this, but it no longer exists. Like gating is not only dead, its no longer possible.


    nice plugin but his OTO1 has insane price


      1) This is not a plugin
      2) I normally dont review OTO’s however:
      3) I am aware of the OTO for Buzz Ignition, which is a white label, copy of this that you can host on your own server, sell as your own, under your own branding etc. I believe this is $197. Now as a developer I can tell you that a software like this probably took around 100 hours of coding / testing. When I was a freelancer I charged $75 per hour. So a software like this is valued at around $7500. You could probably get someone on Elance to do it for around $5000 though. While you may think paying $197 for something that is valued at at least $5000 is ‘insane’ .. I say its a ‘good deal’ (if your actually interested in a white label version hosted on your server that is)

        Michael Rytter

        The first OTO is $47… For me personally, I didn’t see much advantage to getting it….it’s is a developer license, built in retargeting, and the ability to run the contest and generate the “likes/comments” on an external page, along with a bunch of graphics (Neil called them “templates” :)) that weren’t very well done.

        HOWEVER…..The White Label version for $197….I am sooo considering that… is a really good deal! I just don’t know if I will do anything with it! It may just gather cyberdust on my hard drive like so many other whitelabel softwares are currently doing! (Too many side projects, not enough time!)

        I have to prioritize and focus. The Buzzy FE and Brett’s software fit perfectly into our main business, and are fully functional tools we can and will definitely use immediately ! So, as much as I am tempted….. (I did bookmark the page for OTO2! LOL!)


          The white label OTO is a good deal .. IF .. your going to use it πŸ™‚


          I don’t believe in whitelabel If I am not allowed to sell it in Jvzoo or clickbank or WSO !!! seriously where am I going to sell it then!!!!!!????


            Sounds like you have some miss conceptions. I dont know much about ClickBank.. but you for sure could sell it on JVZoo .. you probably cant do a WSO though. As for where else .. well are you going to sell it? Ever think of advertising and selling it yourself without affiliates? You might be surprised to learn that hundreds of sites sell things online without an affiliate network. While you are for sure entitled to your own opinion, it sounds like your making statements without any real experience in what your talking about.


              I did buy whitelabel before it was called FB optin plugin and Jvzoo and wso refused it because they know it was a whitelable sold by them before . regarding selling it using ads or site well I dont see anyone managed to sell a lot of quantities of software without affiliates helping him spread his software and without a trust worthy site


                Well a WSO has to be something that you make yourself, they specifically say it should not be a PLR product or something you purchased. As for selling a lot of quantities on your own .. JVZoo does not care about that. Ill let you in on a secret also, every day product vendors sell their own products. I have sold thousands of copies of my own stuff without affiliates. HOW: this is done is something you need to learn, and the reason I said you where confused. But be assured, it can be done with a little bit of know how.

    Seann Valen

    Brett, That last post on how to use the two sold me. I’ve been waffling on the upgrade to SLC. It just doesn’t feel right. This does. I know this is different but I think it will work better in the long run.

    The Front End @ $29.95 and OTOs 1- External Contests + Pixel Engine $49.95 2- White Label $167 and 3- WL monthly @ 27/mo.
    I’m going to grab the FE + OTO1 and with your generous bonus…WHAT A DEAL!

    Thank you for the review AND the great bonus!

    Colin Jeffrey

    Cheers young man, I always like to see what you have to say, and I’m going in for this right NOW …


    just purchased buzzignition and looking forward to your software as well

    thanks alot



    Thanks Brett, I’m in…can see many ways to use this with your bonus


    Brett can you do a review on Engagfire {link removed} live please. It looks good but may not work as promised?

    I love your reviews and try to buy only through you after I have seen your review.

    Cheers, Matt


    Thanks Brett,
    Your new software looks great!
    As long as i get the chance to purchase Click Back Rewards OTO’s (my agency) I’m in. Otherwise i would wait till it launches in ten days.
    So glad you are integrating SendReach into your software.
    It looks like you are becoming predictable, as i see the (my agency) in Click Back Rewards demo, also hoping to have the JvZoo button integration as well.

    *****GREAT DEAL…Let the games begin!


    I don’t get it, Bret.

    Neil shows two identical posts. The one on the right has tons of engagement because it uses Buzz Ignition.

    Yet as far as I can tell, the software is merely a convenient way of selecting a winner.

    No doubt, it makes the process really easy, but I don’t see how using it increases likes, shares, and comments.

    What am I missing?


      Im not sure how else to explain it. If you tell people they can win something if they like / comment. Its obvouse that more people are going to like / comment. Also as I have explained when people like / comment, Facebook gives more weight to that post, so even more people see it, who are then told they can win if they like / comment .. on and on… and yes your correct this software is a tool to make running these kids of contests more easy. Good software is just what this one is .. a tool to make your life more easy πŸ™‚


        Ok. My mistake.

        I was under the impression that the likes, comments, and shares all came from the use of the software.

        It’s clear to me now that a contest post using the software will get the same engagement as a contest post that doesn’t use it, right?

        Given that the posts are identical, and that they both require likes and comments to win something, there will be identical engagement.

        I guess it was the name of the software that threw me.

        I purchased, by the way. I definitely see the advantage.

        It’s aggravating to me to tabulate all of the people who have liked and commented on a post. I’ve done it and it’s the most painstaking thing I’ve ever had to do on Facebook – a tedious chore that I thankfully will never have to do again!

        I love your reviews, by the way.



          Yes the main advantage of this software is that it makes running these contests 10X more easy. I guess you could run one without the software, but as you have just pointed out, it would be a super pain to try to tabulate all the likes / comments to pick a winner. Personally I would not want to do it that way! I like the analogy of a hammer and a nail .. I could probably push a nail into the wood with my bare hand if I pressed hard enough long enough .. but personally I would prefer just to wack the nail once or twice with a hammer and be done with it. This software is a hammer πŸ™‚


    I purchased this morning but haven’t been able to download the Unlimited (Lite) version. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?
    I keep getting getting “Secure Connection Failed” upon clicking the download button. Sent message to support, so far no response.


      I just spoke to Alex about you. He uses Amazon s3 to host the script files for people to download. Amazon is having sporadic issues it seems for some people. He told me he has been emailing the script directly to people and he believes he answered you already. However if you did not get an email from him or your script, please use the contact form in the blog to let me know and I will get on him about it again.


        Thanks Brett. I never received any email response from Alex or his team and the comment I left through his “support” site remains in moderation since I first posted it on March 21st. But, as Alex states in his response to this thread, the members area download is now working.

        I haven’t tried installing the software yet but I appreciate your help in expediting a response from Alex.


      Hi Bill,

      Please try to download the file again from the members area. The link should be fine now. I’m also going to do a installation video for those that have issues during installation.

      Send me an email if you need more help


        Thanks Alex. The download is now working. I haven’t tried to install it yet but just an FYI:
        You may want to check that your support ticket system is working properly. I’ve had a post on this subject waiting for a response since March 21st and as of today, March 23, it’s still sitting waiting in an ‘awaiting moderation’ state.

        Thanks again.


    I purchased, installed it, have the database errors that they “fixed” and waited for the new version. I installed it, and it still didn’t work on one VPS I have. It worked on the second. I then added a second FB account and went to see if it worked. Nope. Didn’t pull the pages in (I bought the white label.)

    I contacted the developer for a refund. They are arguing that I installed it wrong. Not sure how I installed it wrong when it works with one FB account and not another. Also interesting that they have a “No Hassle Refund” policy that they don’t honor. Hearing from others that they are not refunding. Looks like developers to avoid. I have a short list of people to avoid. These guys are being added. Guess I will have to file a paypal claim.

    I have refunded 2 products in the last year. Both were horrible. This is just as bad. Avoid at all costs.


      Kevin, you have to be a little bit realistic about the “no hassle” part of their refund policy. Of course they are going to try to assist you before they give you a refund. They would be silly to just say .. “Oh ok, we could have helped you but we will refund you without saying a word”. Also please only speak of your experience not what you ‘heard from others’, I would prefer to avoid gossip on this site, talking about what you heard from unnamed others is basically gossip. I approve most any comment, these ‘others’ are welcome to post their own comment if they like.

      For your VPS .. there are a million different variations of server settings / configuration. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is to make a software that will work on them all perfect from the start without tweaking. I personally had no issues (and I did test the white label, which I installed on one of my own servers).Im sorry if you did however I think the real take away is that you had a problem, and they did an update to help you with your problem.

      For your Facebook I can think of several reasons why that would happen and not be their fault. Right off the top of my head, it could be that Facebooks log in cookie does not ‘delete’ after you log out. This is not normally an issue because Facebooks TOS says that your not suppose to have more than one account. However if you are switching FB accounts on the same computer it could cause a problem, its a known problem with their API (which Facebook does not care to fix because your only suppose to have one account anyway). If you are going to switch FB accounts on the same computer, log out of your first account, restart your browser, then log into your second account. This way the you can be sure the old Facebook cookie has cleared.

      Contacting PayPal is a very bad idea. You wont win the dispute, and it will cause your money to get put into limbo by PayPal, which will only prevent them from refunding you until they win the dispute (that is it will delay your refund). Alex is a good guy, I was just talking to him about you on Skype even though its 5am his time.

      My suggestion is give the guy a chance to help you then if you are not happy get that refund (if you decide you just want to refund and dont get it let me know and Ill make sure you do).


      Hi Kevin,

      As you saw in the installation guide – In order to make the app work with another facebook account, you have to add that account as an admin inside your facebook app (Roles – Add Tester/Developer)… If you’ll do this you’ll see that the app works perfectly fine with another account.

      Regarding the White Label Version – Check the “Adding Users Video Tutorial” to see exactly how you should do it.

      The app is 100% BUG FREE … You just preffer to send a support ticket asking me for a refund instead of checking the installation guide again and see what you are doing wrong.

      Regarding the refund, I will refund you as soon as possible.
      If I haven’t done it yet, it’s because I haven’t got to your ticket yet.

      Have a nice day,



    Thanks very much for this informative review and your generous offer.

    I have purchased though your link and sent a copy of my receipt to you




      And I just responded with your access πŸ™‚


        Got it thank you – yours is an awesome product very well explained – even I understand what to do (old, plus new to all this)!

        I read in your reply to “Bob March 20, 2015 at 4:40 pm” with the suggestion to use “Software A” then “Software B” so that is the way I’m going.

        Better go look at “Software B” now!

        Thank you again for your offer and I’m sure Click Back Rewards will be a raging success when launched – good luck πŸ™‚



    Hey Brett,
    The software shows how to pick a winner based on the criteria you pick, but it doesn’t tell us how to run the contest. How do we run contests to those pages/groups that the software picks?

    Colin Koh

    Hi Brett, liked your honest reviews on many softwares and bought the buzz-ignition thru your link.

    Really respect your reply to Kevin and standing behind your trusted friend.

    Keep it up man.

    Colin Koh


    Hi Alex – Thanks for the review. What do I need to do to let you know I bought though your link?

    Shawn S

    Hey does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix a SQL database? I’ve encountered a snag in getting my buzz ignition software up and running, I’ve tried to install the software but keep getting errors.

    Still awaiting a response, but I figure they are crazy busy with the launch.


    Are you still offering a bonus?

    Paul O'Byrne

    Thanks for your review of the software however in order for it to work I would assume that your FaceBook page would have to have a few Hundred Fans otherwise the competition will reach no one. So what would you say would be the minimum number of fans before starting a contest with this software…..I am knew into Facebook?


      You dont even need a fan page, You could make a post to any group your a member of and turn it into a contest. This is an awesome feature because there are tons of Facebook groups in any niche you could want to promote.

    Paul O'Byrne

    Thank you for your replyand never thought about that!!!
    Just one last question if I may..FaceBook has banned the FanGate, Friend Gates etc. So you can not capture their e-mails as you can not ask for their e-mail before they enter the competition, so how can you get their e-mails or can you only capture their FaceBook Id’s

    Thats it I promise!!!



      Fangating is something totally different. This is not about capturing emails (neither was fan gating when it existed). This is about increasing the number of people who see the post as well as your affinity with the post.

    Evelyn Townsend

    What’s happened with BuzzIgnition software? I can’t access my account any longer. The website url says account suspended? Thanks Brett!

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