Free premium training:

One thing I often say is that I really want to help people make money online. But lets be honest, actions speak a lot louder than words and because I honestly do want to help people I decided its time to ‘put up, or shut ...


Free new feature for Video-Takeover members

Today I added a new scarcity feature to my Video Takeover software. 100% free for all existing members.     Scarcity is just one part of Video Takeover .. it actually does much, much more than that. So much in fact th...


Currently Viewing : Free WordPress plugin

I want to show you a WordPress plugin I wrote, that uses a proven type of scarcity to increase sales and conversions for anyone selling products or doing affiliate marketing.   I got inspired to create this plugin a few da...


Free Profit Canvas WordPress plugin

Free Profit Canvas WordPress plugin


ClickBar: Free call to action bar with scarcity timer

One thing we should all know by now is that scarcity sells. Anything with scarcity on it, be it a squeeze page, sales page, product review, anything will get more engagement if it has scarcity.  Because of this I decided I wan...


Free Training Webinar: Recording

The other day I did a free webinar with my friends Mike and Austin. This one was unique in that there was no sales pitch at all, just the three of us trying to help people to make money online. Below is the replay for anyone wh...


Free Jack Jacker WordPress plugin

One thing I always say is that I honestly want to help people make money online. I created a new plugin that I believe is going to make it a lot more easy for people interested in niche, affiliate, and CPA marketing to get both...


ClickBack Rewards new retargeting feature

New retargeting feature added to the ClickBack Rewards software In this video I want to show a new feature I just added to my ClickBack Rewards software. With it you will be able to run retargeting ads to anyone who has visited...


Fancy Forms WordPress Plugin

Several members have asked for an easy way to add a Fancy Forms Pop Up to every page on their blog without having to edit each individual post. To assist with this I have written a WordPress plugin that will quickly allow you t...


SqueezeMatic WordPress Plugin

Click below to download the new SqueezeMatic WordPress Plugin.With this plug in you can quickly add your SqueezeMatic pages to any WordPress site.*Note: Version 1.8 has been released. If you dont have this versionplease delete ...