I want to show you a common problem that every website owner will face, and the WordPress plugin I wrote (and personally use) to solve this problem.


It does not matter if your just getting started or if you are running an established and popular website. Eventually everyone will have to face the ‘bounce problem’. In general as much of 60,70 or even 80% of your site visitors will bounce. But what exactly is a bounce? Bounce refers to traffic (site visitors) that view one page of your site, don’t interact with your site, and then leave (often quite quickly). This is a huge problem for all website owners because bounce traffic is a total waste, even worse it is a lost opportunity.

There have been several plugins and software products released to solve the bounce problem. This kind of makes sense because it is such a big problem for everyone with a website. However generally they all had one of two issues. Either they triggered unexpectedly when the user was not actually leaving (like when they would just scroll the window), or the bounce redirect, pop up, or whatever would keep showing over and over, annoying your regular site visitors (not a good thing).

Fortunately though I happen to know a bit about software development so I created a plugin that fit my exact needs. Watch the video above to see a step by step demo of how it works.

In only 5 days of using BounceBaby on this very blog I was able to catch the attention of over 1000 people who would have just bounced away and since I’m showing a squeeze page to people before they leave I was able to add over 120 new emails to my email list. Now thats a lot better than the 100% wasted traffic from before I was using BounceBaby.

After my successful test (and a few tweaks) I decided to make BounceBaby available to the public. I also decided to do some things that are pretty unique among product vendors.

First of all you might have noticed there is no timer, countdown, or warning that ‘this offer will expire if you don’t buy right now’. That’s because there is none, this product wont vanish next week, and I’m not trying to pressure anyone into buying. Bounce traffic is a real issue, and BounceBaby helps solve that issue real well. So instead of trying to pressure people into buying with urgency I’m just going to sell a useful plugin at a fair price.

Even beyond that there are no upsells when you pick this up. Also you don’t need to buy any kind of ‘extended license’. If you feel that BounceBaby is something that will be useful to you please feel free to use it on any site you own or manage.

While there is no high pressure, no crazy upsells, and no extended license requirements, there is an extra value. I’m going to include a free training course that teaches how I built this site from nothing to one of the most popular IM blogs online. This course teaches how I do affiliate product reviews and my tactics for getting hundreds of free site visitors every day from Google.

If your running a website big or small, eventually you will have a problem with bounces. Bounce traffic is a total waste, its a lost opportunity and its something everyone with a site has to deal with. The BounceBaby WordPress plugin was designed by a top marketer who runs a very popular website for use in his own business and on his own site. If you would like to control your bounce problem and stop having wasted traffic and lost opportunity click the link below and pick up your copy of BounceBaby right now.


BounceBaby: WordPress plugin






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  1. Chris Hunter, 04 November, 2016


    How does this work on mobile? Thanks!

  2. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    It uses mouse movement to track the user leaving, there is no mouse on a mobile, also these kinds of ‘pop ups’ / ‘redirects’ generally do not look very good on a mobile. Because of this I designed BounceBaby to not display on a mobile device (which is more than likely just going to annoy mobile users). In the future I might make mobile an option though for anyone who really wants it to show on a mobile.

  3. DARRELL MILES, 04 November, 2016

    I’ve been looking for this plug-in for a while. A great deal at a fair price.
    Thankx Brett

  4. Tim, 04 November, 2016

    Great Product!!! Who’s your daddy? Brett is…lol


  5. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    lol πŸ™‚

  6. Michael, 04 November, 2016

    Hey Brett, I have a quick question about this. I get that this puts another of your pages into an iframe. By doing this, does it appear to Google Analytics that it’s not a bounce? In other words does it look like another page was “clicked to”?

  7. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    Google Analytics can not track iframes, what is going to matter is where you send people, for example I send people back to a page on my blog. If you send them somewhere else, you it will still look like a bounce in Analytics.

  8. Attila, 04 November, 2016

    Hi Brett you said: “In fact you can also sell it as well if you like to other people.” – is this mean you will get agency licence to this plugin? Or how can we resell?

  9. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    No my ‘agency’ systems are ‘done for you’ with a sales page etc. This does not have an agency, however you are welcome to sell this to people if you like (just not to give it away for free).

  10. Aleksandr Ivanchin, 04 November, 2016

    I really see great value, bud!
    It kinda like a wp traffic up but much better
    because of stats inside of it.
    Thanks Brett!

  11. Rod, 04 November, 2016

    Hi Brett, great plugin been looking for one !!,as a matter of interest, you say “Bounce refers to traffic (site visitors) that view one page of your site, don’t interact with your site, and then leave (often quite quickly)”. Do you know what constitutes an interaction and if you only have content and the visitor just reads the post (viewed one page) and leaves is that considered a bounce. I have asked a few people and have not got an definitive answer if you could shed some light in would be great. Thanks.

  12. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    There is no 100% standard term for ‘bounce’ Rod, its not a legal term with a definite definition. But in general it means traffic that does you no good and leaves right away.

  13. Rod, 08 November, 2016

    Hi thanks for taking the time to answer and link.

  14. Jim Redmond, 04 November, 2016

    What are the differences between BounceBaby and WP Traffic up plugin?

    Thank you, Jim R

  15. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    Very few honestly, I added some stat tracking that I personally wanted, honestly if you have WP Traffic up and dont need stat tracking then you dont need BounceBaby. unless of course you want the free re-sellers license that I am giving away or the free training bonus πŸ™‚

  16. Jim Redmond, 04 November, 2016

    Thanks Brett, Re-sellers license and training are more than worth the entry fee.
    Jim R

  17. Ron, 04 November, 2016

    Hey Brett,

    I use WP Profit Builder plugin to design my pages. Will it work with that plugin in the design mode?

  18. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    Honestly I dont know because I have never used WP Profit Builder. Sorry I cant give a better answer than that.

  19. Gary, 04 November, 2016

    A couple of questions, Brett:

    1. How is Bounce Baby different to an exit popup?
    2. Would it not be better to redirect users to another page on your site directly rather than encasing the page in an iframe? That way you’d have the visitor essentially clicking to another page on your site as far as Google would see it, thereby reducing your bounce rate, and you’d be capturing the traffic in the same way to put an offer/optin in front of them.

  20. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    1) Not sure how to answer that, the main thing is that its not a pop up, its a full site. I guess they are similar though.
    2) The idea here is to capture the site visitors, not to have nice looking analytic .. lol πŸ™‚

  21. COLIN KOH, 04 November, 2016

    Thank you Brett, just purchased πŸ™‚

  22. John, 04 November, 2016

    Hey Brett, could we rebrand this plugin to our liking before selling it?

  23. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    Sure why not πŸ™‚ But you will also have to change the support link in the plugin and do your own support, because if someone emails me and asks me for help with “Johns awesome plugin” I wont know what the heck they are talking about πŸ™‚

  24. David, 17 November, 2016

    Great plugin!

    I have a question too:

    The code has any type of License? I mean if I could make changes.


  25. Brett Rutecky, 17 November, 2016

    Sure make changes if you like, just remember I cant offer support once you change it as I cant support your changes.

  26. David, 17 November, 2016

    I know.

    Thx for your answer Brett.

  27. Bob Roger, 04 November, 2016

    Hi Brett;

    My site has different catagories like most do, does your plugin have the ability to send traffic to different full pages for the different catagories, because with WP Traffic up plugin it doesn’t do it, catagories are given the wrong re-direct full page or pop-up that I set up.. I sent them a support ticket…

  28. Brett Rutecky, 04 November, 2016

    As the demo showed, you have 2 options, you can put redirect popups on individual posts /pages, or you can put one on the entire site.

  29. Roy Harper, 05 November, 2016

    This is one of the most generous offers I’ve ever seen. Google factors bounce rate quite heavily when ranking a site, which makes sense given their focus on providing relevant results to searches. The price tag is super low, then adding in resell rights along with not having to support the plugin makes this one a no-brainer. The plugin solves a problem every WordPress site owner has (even if they don’t know it yet) and gives IM’ers a product to sell.

  30. Jason Hale, 05 November, 2016

    Hey Brett,

    I wanted to let you know Bounce Baby is working great for me.

    Thank you so much for creating this.

  31. Brett Rutecky, 06 November, 2016

    Awesome πŸ™‚

  32. Mike Janssens, 06 November, 2016

    Great plugin. Thanks for that.
    I was just wondering: can I transfer the reseller rights to others?

  33. Brett Rutecky, 06 November, 2016

    Sorry no, but thank you for asking.

  34. Fabian, 07 November, 2016

    hi brett,

    looks very nice πŸ˜‰ but is it compliant with advertising? It is also compliant for google`s rankings?

  35. Brett Rutecky, 07 November, 2016

    I have no idea what your talking about here sorry. Is it ‘compliant with advertising’ could mean anything, also is it ‘compliant for Googles rankings’ does not make any sense.

  36. Lore Trujillo, 08 November, 2016

    Hi Brett,

    My bounce rate is 90-99%.

    I bought zero-bounce and it does not work any more, just worked the first two weeks, the support desk can not help me.

    Now I have uninstall zero bounce and install an exit pop-up that IΒ΄ve created with Profit Canvas, but the bounce rate is also 95% or higher.

    Do you think Bounce Baby will help me with my high bounce rate?

    I really need to lower my bounce rate.


  37. Brett Rutecky, 08 November, 2016

    Well the first thing you should do is ask yourself why its that high, because 90%+ is a likely a sign that something is really wrong.

  38. Lore Trujillo, 09 November, 2016

    ItΒ΄s clear that you are right, but I have no idea where to start to find out what is happening on my website.

    A year ago, I did not even know how to make a web page and now I know just a little bit more.

  39. Brett Rutecky, 09 November, 2016

    Good for you on taking action and learning πŸ™‚

  40. DeJuan, 07 February, 2017

    Really clever Plug-in, Thumbs Up!

  41. Phil, 21 February, 2017

    Seems to be a very great help!

    However I build pages with the Igloo builder and then I cannot use short codes.
    Do you have any plan to provide script texts (JS or others) as well?


  42. Brett Rutecky, 21 February, 2017

    Sorry no, this is a WordPress plugin for people with blogs / sites etc.

  43. William, 22 February, 2017

    Hey Brett – can i paste the code on other sites besides wp?

  44. Brett Rutecky, 22 February, 2017

    No this is a WordPress plugin, for your WordPress website. Sorry.

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