MyMailIt is my full featured, cloud based autoresponder.

MyMailIt is the cloud based email platform that I originally built for my own business. To this day I still use MyMailIt for all of my emailing needs. Beyond that over 5,000 people have sent over 6,500,000 emails with this super easy to use platform!

With MyMailIt you get:

Unlimited subscribers
Unlimited imports
Unlimited lists
Send unlimited emails
Create unlimited follow up sequences
A built in drag and drop form builder
Email tools and analytics

.. all without ever having to pay a monthly fee!




A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.
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  1. Rich, 25 December, 2018

    hi Brett please could you add a contact link on the MailIt website offer?
    one question is if I have multiple domains on HostGator do I set this up in a folder/subdomain of one and all emails will have that main domain
    If so can I buy once and your upsell and host on multiple domains each one has its own self hosted autoresponder or is it one licence one domin?

    many thanks

  2. Brett Rutecky, 28 December, 2018

    No there are no plans on adding a contact link. To answer your question though, its one setup per MyMailIt account.

  3. John Lyons, 06 April, 2019

    What is the latest version?

  4. Brett Rutecky, 07 April, 2019

    This is the latest version.

  5. weston, 05 June, 2019

    I’m thinking of buying the My Mailit system so I can ultimately save money with Get Response. I know you’re using this platform in your business, but is there a certain way you need to write out the emails? I understand no spamming, but what I will be doing is promoting warrior plus/JVZoo offers to my list. In the emails be talking about making money, living a better lifestyle, and linking to either review videos or blog posts on my website. Not directly to the sales page. Will what I have work for your system? Just not certain of what the “rules” are and would like to know before picking it up. Thanks!

  6. Brett Rutecky, 06 June, 2019

  7. weston, 07 June, 2019

    By the way, thanks for removing me from your Facebook group from no reason and with no warning, when all I did was ask a question about this software. I have heard you’re an asshole from many marketers. This confirms it. I was gonna buy it but not now!

  8. Brett Rutecky, 09 June, 2019

    You mean from the group that has a sticky post that shows up top, with a big graphic which says STOP READ ME FIRST and clearly says that support and presale questions regarding my software are NOT to be asked in that group and also provides a support desk email for questions (including, as it says, presale question). One of us for sure is an asshole, the same one who cant follow simple 3rd grade level instructions. The other one is the person who kicked you out of a group for breaking the group rules.

    By the way, I really appreciate you NOT buying MyMailIt. Frankly I need to not have to deal with self centered jerks who cant follow instructions a lot more than I need a few bucks 🙂 Also quite frankly, judging from your other comments (which I deleted) especially the ones where you asked if you can use MMI to send bullshit get rich offers to MLM programs I can see that you are not really the quality of person I would prefer to use my mailing software anyway. So double thank you for choosing not to buy it.

  9. Felipe, 17 July, 2019

    is the pro version of mailit available?

  10. Brett Rutecky, 17 July, 2019

    Yes you will be offered to upgrade your account inside the members area.

  11. Darren, 26 July, 2019

    Hi Brett, a couple of questions before I decide on this. Is there an option for tagging? For example, subscriber would be on a autoresponder for (lets say) 7 send outs, then moved (tagged) to a broadcast list. Make sense?

    Correct me if i’m wrong here. After watching a couple vids, there needs to be a setup process with my hosting. I am with cloudways. Does your training specifically show cloudways or another hosting to get this set up.

    Also are you still 100% using this?

    (Little of topic here.) Ive purchased some of your older products socivid and the FB inbox, and I use to get emails from you, but not anymore, so just curious.

  12. Brett Rutecky, 26 July, 2019

    Yes you can move subs from one list to another automatically. Yes you need to send with your own hosting, thats the whole point. No I do not give specific tutorials for specific hostings, there are far to many out there for me to do that. Also if your hosting cant give you SMTP settings for their machines then you should get a better hosting .. lol. If you do not open or click my emails then I likely deleted you. I do not send to people who are not responsive. PS) Of course I am still using this. Im not one of those ragular IM jackoffs .. I only sell things I personally use. If its not good enough for me its not good enough for you.

  13. Kirby, 09 November, 2019

    Personally, I like your style and straight-forwardness! Thank you for being real, Brett. 🙂

  14. Rob, 28 July, 2019

    Hi Brett,

    I just want to ask if this works well even on a shared hosting, like one of hostgator’s for example?

  15. Brett Rutecky, 31 July, 2019

    Yes, though you should check your hostings emailing rules and limits to make sure they will suit your needs.

  16. Mark, 29 July, 2019

    Hello Brett,
    Do you use HTML code for the subscription forms as apposed to javascript? My page builder(Profit Builder) only works with HTML code.


  17. Brett Rutecky, 31 July, 2019


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