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Posted April 6, 2015 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles
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A lot of people have been asking me if I was going to review the new Traffic Fusion software.

I heard about this a while ago and honestly I did not know what to make of it. Why? Because after listening to the description of the software it really sound familiar. I was sure that I had heard of it before. Also when I looked the the affiliate demo the video showed a different product in the demo: 1 I was not sure what to make of this. I thought perhaps Precious Ngwu (the vendor) just decided to change the name of this product last minute. So I did some Google research and I see that there was a product named Traffic Annexa that launched last year. Though the site for it is now offline and all the affiliate links on ‘review’ sites I found are dead. I tried looking it up on JVZoo but it was not found. I tried looking up Precious’s other launches on JVZoo but he has them all removed. It seems that after his launches are over, he removes his products from JVZoo and they just suddenly vanish. So as I said, I was a bit confused. I did not know if Traffic Fusion was a new product, if it was a rebranding of an old product, an improvement of an old product, or what. But I knew that Traffic Fusion was going to get a lot of hype so I decided to hit up Precious on Facebook and see if I could get a review copy of it. I was given a review copy right away however I could not get it to work. 1 Despite working with Precious directly through Facebook chat, and him giving me multiple versions to download and multiple keys I was unable to ever get this to install on my computer. This is probably only the first or second time I was given a review copy of a product but still could not review it. Because it simply would not work on my machine. Well obviously there was no way I was going to promote it. But even further than that I’m still left with a bunch of questions. What exactly is Traffic Fusion and how does it relate to Traffic Annexa? Why does a demo of Traffic Annexa show in the Traffic Fusion JV page? Is it a rebranding of an old software? Is it a new version? Why has Traffic Annexa suddenly vanished (along with all the other products this vendor launches) and will the same thing happen to Traffic Fusion? A lot of my blog readers have been asking me questions about it that I cant answer because it simply would not install on my machine, despite multiple attempts and direct assistance from the vendor. So I decided to write this article to not only tell my experience, but also largely to ask my readers to post their experience with the Traffic Fusion software in the comments.

If you have bought, used, or know anything about Traffic Fusion (and unlike me could get it to work) .. please take a moment to post your experience and opinion of this software in the comments below.


UPDATE: Precious has told me that the issue was with his licensing server and thats why I could not get it installed. Makes me wonder how all the people promoting this tested? He has also said that this product has never launched before, that he was going to call it Traffic Annexa but changed the name (though this still seems really familiar to me). I got new access to this and am going to try to install this one more time tonight.

UPDATE 2: So I finally got my review copy of this software to install on my computer (now that they removed the licensing requirement) and went about to testing it. The first thing I needed to do was add my Google account to this software. However the instant I did this is what I was greeted with.



I have to say. Overall I’m not to impressed with this so far. That was enough for me. I deleted the app from my computer and will not be messing with it anymore.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Hi Brett,

    What operating system are you running on your computer? I haven’t purchased it myself but I’m just curious. Is this a Windows based software?


    I simply won’t buy ANYTHING that Precious promotes anymore, sad to say. His first couple of products were great and he really had a great back story to go with it. But then it was one “iffy” launch after another, product not working as claimed, refunds not being processed, on and on. Basically a bunch of stuff that was just “real bad business”.

    Then a couple of products ago he attempted to “re-launch” himself – and it ended up pretty much the same. This guy had a ton of promise when he started and it appears as though he has just become one more in a long list of people to stay away from.

    All of the above is just my own opinion of course.


      I can agree with you 100%! I bought traffic fusion and it made no results to me. far away from the promises that the software makes! Stay away from this piece of software!

    Linus Persson

    Precious Ngwu is not a person to be trusted in internet marketing. I tried almost every product of his and it is useless. I never gotten results from it and the support team is bad. The support answer (at least for me) within a week, but it takes maybe 3-4 days to get an answer.

    And i have promoted his product as an affiliate once, he didn’t pay me the commissions, and i contacted him in every way i could find.

    For this product, i would say it’s not worth the money. And will probably not give any results. It didn’t gave me any results.


    I bought it but it would not work and their link to Contact Us did not work either so I have requested a refund.


    All I can say is I attended a webinar on this product this morning (for as long as I could stand it) and listened to Robert Mercado continuously ask the audience if they were psyched about the product. Giggling incessantly as he watched his “engagement” and must have been counting the money from his expected sales. It was so unprofessional I just could not take the product seriously. It’s a Google + deal. Reading out loud all the stupid comments from the money desperate newbies who just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the next shiny object.

    Don’t these guys ever attend a professional webinar to see how it’s done? What a freakin’ amateur.

    Hlias Staurou

    I buy this softwear with all the OTO’S after the instalation i try to make it to work but i have one problem to insert my groops from Google+. I send email in the support but i din’t get anser.
    I was sure that this product something reminds me, you are right Bret.
    Bad decision to buy this stupid thing, the guy how present the webinar in the end it crays, why mabe it was feeling bad for that he doing…
    Anyway i am going to ask for refund not from the support but from paypal.
    Because they told lies and also i have the social engage plugin for wordpress from the same vendor and it’s not working.
    Guys be carefull with this things after 2 years online the most of the products it’s for the thrash.
    Thank you!


    Hi, Brett.
    I know what you are saying.
    There was similar software released last year that the same thing.
    I don’t remember the name, though. But, you created multiple Google+ accounts, set campaigns and then you post on different Google+ communities. The wording used: “infiltrator” is something that I noticed.
    So, this one does something similar.
    Just my $0.02.



    Purchased it. All the videos inside are for Traffic Annexa. Seems like a rehash of an old product.

    Basically if looks like an automated way to spam groups you are in on different networks.
    You hook up all your accounts and select the groups those accounts are connected to and then set the post parameters and hit go. It auto post for you. I’m guessing this would not be welcome in most groups.

    The video engage is a simple overlay for embedded videos on your sites that give the viewers an option to “Click Here” and go to your affiliate offer.

    Not impressed so far.



    I bought Traffic Fusion and I have the software installed in Windows. I attached some of my Google Plus accounts but the communities I’m a member of are not showing so I cannot get it to work either. Instructions are not clear enough so I contacted support and I’m waiting for an answer.

    To be continued………….


    Stupid question here-do you have the Adobe Air platform installed on your machine correctly? What did the vendor say about why his traffic fusion software didn’t work?

    I would also be very curious to know if anybody has been able to really use the software successfully. It sounds like it belongs in the “too good to be true” category.


      Yes Frank I have Air on my machines 🙂 (Im a very experienced developer myself). I just heard back from the vendor, it was an issue with their licensing server (which makes me wonder how all the other affiliates tested) .. and he said it was called Traffic Annexa, but he changed the name and this is the first time they are launching it .. though this still looks a lot like a different product I have seen.

    Steve H

    I seem to recall a similar product that was launched in late June of 2014 by Precious, called Traffic Elixir that supposedly did the same thing, which is the user spams various social media groups such as Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. From what I’ve seen watching the promo videos, and ascertained from other reviews, this product seems to work in a similar fashion.

    From what I’ve seen, not many groups allow promotions so you would have to be pretty sneaky about getting that traffic to your offers, blogs, squeeze pages or whathaveyou, my concerns about using it would be getting you removed from those various groups and possibly losing your accounts for violating TOS. I’m not saying this is for a fact how it works, but that is what it would seem by reading between the lines. The sales copy and video are pretty vague in their description of how the software is supposed to work.

    So for me when I see a product with really vague information on the way it works and no real social proof, experience has taught me to pass on it.


    Thanks Brett, your my go to guy on reviews. Mark Thompson is big on re-purposing products. Sometimes its ok but most not so much. I rather see a successful product relaunched vs re-branding.

    Your thoughts?


      Im not sure I would ‘re-purpose’ a product, because I keep selling them after the launch. (Launching is not the only way I know how to market) .. but I do have a very large library of code snippets / functions that I use in my software products. But then again every developer has a library of code functions.


    Hey Brett! I was wondering if you would give this one a go or not. All things considered, this does not surprise me in the least. I was in the checkout Paypal form to buy this until I saw the “OctaMarketing” name and immediately deleted the sale. After the fiasco that was Social Engage, and previous product failures, I will never purchase another product from OctaMarketing or any of the handful of marketers that are a part of that company. These people are the ones you warn us about constantly. That is from experience. Keep up the great work, Brett. Nice to know there are good marketers out there like yourself.


    Thank you very much for this update. I am a network engineer trying to get into this internet stuff. I bought one product from him and got it to work partially but then i couldn’t remove it from WP either. It is now stuck in WP.

    So when I saw this other product coming from him with no actual demonstration, I became skeptical and started looking around and found out no one had done any demonstration with this product. I sent him a message wanting to see a demo but never got a reply back. So I decided to just move on until I saw your email.

    It is weird that no one ever did any demonstration of this video before.

      Steve H

      Hey Morgan, I’m also a network engineer. I’ve been a marketer for years and full time the last 2. If you need help removing something from WordPress let me know. I’ve become very proficient with it..


    Hi Brett,

    The software is called Traffic Elixir.

    {links removed}

    They even have videos that have the same script.
    This was released around June 2014.

    I think that they have the same OTOs.
    Just my $0.02.

    Jim Carpenter

    After buying several bad products, I don’t buy anything if Precious Ngwu has anything to do with it.


    I remember this software , It was given away for FREE as a bonus , when Peter Gater ,Lunched his product , Rank me . Yes it was with this name ” Traffic Annexa ” And I am sure , soon will be given away for free again ..


      Alvaro, I think you mean Peter Garety, and yes, Peter Garety is another one with quite a tarnished reputation. His latest products limp along at best and his technical support is really bad. So you should watch out for his products too. Brett did a review on one of Peter Garety’s products and as it turned out, Brett was correct in sharing some of his doubts at that time (about the product, not the vendor).


    I was looking at this, I have more or less software that can achieve this, so I’ve dismissed it, and now I feel a bit better if i didn’t go for it, as I see Mr Rutecky is having trouble installing it….well two things: Mr Brett needs to sort out his win7 machine, or the software has some compatibility issues?? either way I will wait and see….


      Could not get it to work on my laptop Kami .. I got a Facebook message from the vendor just a few minutes ago. He said there was an issue with his licensing server. Ill try to get it installed again tonight.. makes me wonder though .. all these people promoting it.. how did they test it?


    Yeah, appreciate the review, Brett! I’m now making it a standard practice to either UNSUBSCRIBE or change emails to the junk Gmail for all the JVZoo lemming who recommend products WITHOUT testing them prior.

    Life’s too short to be wasting time on screwy products!

    Precious’ reputation is not so much anymore, at least in the marketing circles I affiliate with!

      Adam S

      You inspired me to do the same thing Rob. I just unsubscribed from 5 list just now.

      Thanks Rob.

      Thanks Brett.


    I went to look at it and Macfee flagged it as a dangerous site


    Do a Google search for “Precious Ngwu banned warrior forum”

    Gregory Michael Howard

    I’ve got it all configured but have not used it, all appears to be in working order. Will update after I inspect the results of several campaigns in the coming 3-5 days.

    terri jones

    I would like to see if i would have a problem. can you help me to get a review of it so i can see if the key works for me?


      I cant get you a review copy Terri, you will have to request one from the vendor, also to be honest, unless you have some affiliate sales (a few hundred or so) its unlikely the vendor will give you one now that it has launched.


    I purchased the software and the upgrade, but could not even get access to it to see if it worked; therefore I asked for a refund of my money. I purchased another software using the vendor’s ID and was promised to get a copy of the Traffic Annexa. After I purchased the product of another vendor using Precious’ ID, I received something, but it did not have a name and could not be opened under any program. Now I see why because the product was already removed.


    I have heard it is about automatically creating alias google+ accounts and accounts of two similar, social networks in order to join niche specific groups/circles choosen by your keyword. Then sending this members as targeted traffic to any website-/affiliate-/squeeze-offer you want them to get to.
    I suppose the danger in that concept is (besides a potential software issue) to get banned from these groups/circles sooner or later, if the automated posts only contain a preselling to affiliate- , pitch- or squeezepages.


    I bought it. tried to get it to work, but I have wasted enough time on it and am asking for a refund.


    My buying equation(s):

    C = Chad Nicely = nice guy but “paid spokesperson”

    P = Precious Ngwu = many products = overhyped = rapidly abandoned shaky offers

    C + Offer = maybe + due diligence required

    P + Offer = Run don’t walk in opposite direction!

    Based on personal experience.

    NOTE:Get your refund requests in sooner rather than later.;)


    It’s a shame really. I wasn’t even aware that it was a Precious Ngwu product since it doesn’t say

    that anywhere on the sales page. And you’ll also notice that someone else is promoting it for

    him now. I will be asking for a refund now that I know who it’s from. ( sorry Brett I got your email

    to late ) I too have purchased other products from him and they don’t work for me either.

    When support finally answered me, it still wouldn’t work and than they stop responding

    altogether. Which brings me to another point. One of the up-sells for this is “Fusion Engage”

    {link removed}

    Tell me this doesn’t look an awful lot like this earlier product “Traffic ROI Machine”

    {link removed} Which incidentally, I still can’t get to work.

    As I was writing this I have been trying to access the product to no avail……

    David Gruder


    I too recall a product named Traffic Annexa. It was Precious Ngwu’s free bonus for Peter Garety’s P1 Rank Me” purchasers. Since I didn’t purchase that product, I don’t have a way of knowing whether Traffic Annexa is the same as Traffic Fusion.

    On first glance, however, Traffic Fusion looks to me like a Desktop version of Precious Ngwu’s Traffic Elixir WP plugin, which I do own.

    Hope that helps, Brett,


      What do you think of the Traffic Elixir WP plugin?

        David Gruder

        Truth be told, Brett, I’ve not yet played with it. Just as I was planning to give it a try a couple of other products were released that captured my attention even more than this one, and I frankly never got back to giving it a try. Now I find myself wondering whether I’d be wise to do that…

        David Gruder

        PS: I just recalled that Traffic Elixir needs to be loaded in one’s website’s root directory, and I must confess that this made me a little wary to install it.


      I can’t believe PG is so hungry he has ti promote this crap. 😉

      “Greed is good!” – G. Gecko

        Priscilla Golden

        Ken, Peter Garety is not promoting this because he is greedy. He is promoting because Precious promotes his products and is always on his leaderboards. They have are scratching each other’s backs. That’s how it works!



          That’s why I have way more respect for marketer’s like Ryan Lee. Ones with Integrity.

          That’s another (better) version of –
          “That’s the way it works.” 😉


    I have bought a couple previous software products from Precious Ngwu and have never gotten either of them to work properly. There was never any response for support and trying to get a refund was non-existent but thankful went through my credit card who issued me a credit since Ngwu never responded.


    Looking forward to your review Brett. I have had a mixed product experience with him and I trust your thoughts.

    Denis Hillman

    I don’t buy anything from Precious anymore.

    Malcolm Ansell

    i will never buy anything from Precious – the customer service on all his products I have purchased, has been Zero! They often don’t work as well as spruiked and are disappointing.
    I have removed him from my emails and also some of the affiliates dealing with him, because when I come back through an affiliate for help or information, as a last resort, they cannot/will not assist either.


    I did get his product with upgrades before I realized it was Precious & before Brett’s review. I went to the site, upgrades weren’t there. I sent a support ticket & it was quickly added. There response was very fast – this was before Brett’s email. I was able to get everything downloaded to my windows 8 and appears to be working fine. I am extremely concerned
    about the rest of issues mentioned, like buying a product that will disappear, support etc.
    revamping same products over & over, or heck – purchasing it to begin with. We’ll let you know results & would love to see more comments, Brett’s final evaluation – if they ever address his issues etc. Thanks a million Brett…


      So far sounds like its working ok for you, thank you for taking the time to post your experience. I would love to hear what you think after you have used it for a while if your willing to share again then.


    Thanks again for the review Brett

    I’m just like you, after reading the sales page 3 times, I’m still can’t figure out what Traffic Fusion is , and what the heck it

    If I have to read a sale letter 3 times and still be none the wiser as to what the product is or does, then alarm bells are going off really loudly in my head. For me it’s typical hype filled ‘blind sales letter’

    But what really stood out for me was the graphic on the sales page that said.. > ‘Start your campaign’ > ‘Push ‘START’ Button’ > Get FREE Traffic Fast’

    I thought those marketers who were selling the miracle push-button software, make money in 3 clicks software, with the blind sales letter had faded away.

    Guess I was wrong.

    When products like this come out, it’s no wonder prospects become jaded and skeptical about buying ANY software at all.


      Be assured there are some vendors who just want to make an honest living selling quality tools. However you are correct often times it seems they are the exception and not the rule.

    Stephen Hamilton

    Thanks guys for this helpful information. I have just unsubscribed from Precious’s emails. I have also brought from this person before. I will also be ignoring any future products from Peter Garety.

    I have only been following Brett for just over 2 months now and appreciate the insights he provides on these product launches.


    Like many other commenters I have sworn off anything that is related to Precious. Time and time again he has delivered shoddy products that simply do not work. He is the worst type of scammer out there and word should get out to avoid him at all costs.


    Warrior Forum banned him, for scamming customers. Nuff said.


    Hi. I purchased Traffic Fusion today. I only purchased the basic FE product and none of the upgrades. There is a learning curve as the training PDF and video are not very detailed. Once I figured it out I started a few test campaigns.

    I tried 3 campaigns where I only set it up to post in one G+ community. Those did not work at all. I setup 3 messages to be posted in the space of an hour. I tried to setup the min and max times but kept getting messages from the software that I had configured the timing incorrectly. So on all 3 I used the auto timing option.

    As I mentioned after waiting one hour as per the time I selected in the setup there were no posts in the single community that I choose.

    So I decided to try a fourth time but select 5 communities. So in my browser I joined 4 additional Google communities. Traffic Fusion would not recognize my newly joined communities until I restarted Traffic Fusion. After the restart my 5 communities were seen by the software and I setup 3 posts to be placed in each community over the course of an hour.

    This time the software worked. Over the hour I setup my campaign to run, all three messages were posted in each of the 5 communities.

    I have no idea why my first three campaigns didn’t work. Maybe Traffic Fusion needs multiple communities per campaign to work properly? Again the documentation is very vague.

    I wondered if Traffic Fusion is posting from my computer or a central server. I tried to exit the software while my last campaign was running and I was warned that closing the software would end my running campaigns. So I guess that if you setup campaigns to run for several days you cannot reboot your computer during the time the campaign is running? Again I found nothing about this in the tutorial. Only came across this during trial and error.

    So I have 3 posts each posted in 5 Google communities yet so far I’m not being flooded with traffic to my offer


      I wish there was more guidance on how often to post to a community or how to write posts that result in more people clicking in your link. In my campaign that did work, I had 3 posts in each community in an hour. Three in an hour is way too much. In the communities that I picked all three of my posts were back to back. So it looks like I posted 3 posts one right after another. I think in my next campaign I’ll setup a much longer campaign so that there will hopefully be other people’s posts in between my posts.


    Definitely Traffic Annexa rebrand.

    Here is a snippet from Traffic Fusion’s manual:

    On the “Campaign history” tab, some of the community posts returned error on the “status”. This happens when you do not have posting privileges in a particular community you have added or this privilege may have been revoked. Traffic Annexa will automatically remove such communities (or groups) from your packs.


      Not only that, Ty.

      If you check many of the screenshots on the manual, it says that the product is called Traffic Annexa. If you check further, you will see that the screenshot showing the End User License Agreement, states Traffic Annexa.

      I think that there are very few screenshots showing the application name as Traffic Fusion on the manual.


    thanks Brett-

    I didn’t purchase because al I saw were screen shots and not a working product. Big red flag for me. Also I didn’t know it was Precious or I would have deleted the email immediately. I got a refund on the last product he introduced, social engage, that also didn’t work as advertised. The formula seems to be to get a paid spokesperson, a bunch of affiliates, some screenshots and then fleece the sheep.



    My first [and last] bad experience with Precious is a product he endorsed; He gave a unbelievable bonus. I wasn’t surprised he didn’t deliver the bonus. After a few days I refunded the product and bought through another affiliate link. I didn’t unsubscribe; I label his email “scam” so I know what he’s promoting and I can stay away from him.

    David Alin

    Thanks all for telling me the truth before jumping in… I have a sixth sense about these things and happy I didn’t spend my darn earned money after all… Robert had supposedly did a webinar on Monday about it and spoke how fantastic it is… I had my doubts about buying it and after reading the reviews above, it convinced me not too… I dislike honestly and unfaithfulness from people who are not loyal to customer service and especially after hearing review copies didn’t work and some loss their Google accounts to this… I am refrained from buying!

    I’ll stick to Facebook Ads and make things work as they ought too…

    Thanks Guys!

    -David Alin



    I just asked for a full refund. I think Ricky is great in selling stuff but he doesn’t deliver.


    I have bought from Precious before and it was a nightmare. Product did not work as described. Eventually got a refund. Decided from then on to never buy from him again.


    I have to agree with Linus Persson, it’s as simple as that!


    For me i STOPPED buying anything that has the name Precious!
    after i was ripped off by his last launch “Social Engage” that i bought with the Pro upsell and was full of cons and not to mention that i didn’t get access to my purchase till 37 hours after buying! and when i asked for a refund no one on the support team even answered me.
    lost a good $118 and a client as well
    Thanks for the honest reviews Brett 🙂 you are my to go guy for reviews

      Chad Nicely

      Hey there Brett,

      I’d like to ask Kay here, if they receive a refund with Social Engage since I was affiliated with that product… If not I ask that she please give me her ticket # and I will see if I get it done myself. Vendors HAVE to refund their customers. If they don’t then you’re best to open a dispute with Paypal.

    Darryl H

    If you guys don’t about Precious now you do, I’ve learnt to steer clear of Precious from the days back on the WF where he used these same tactics of pushing products that didn’t work or that wasn’t in your best interest of the buyer.

    But you know what really gets me? These so called GURU pushing this crap, knowing that this junk is crap and doesn’t work, all in the name of making a dollar off their next victim REALLY?

    It’s products like this one that hurts everyone in the business of Internet Marketing, why the FTC, FCC, and other agencies want to shut us down, because of sh***y incomplete products like these which is nothing more than a fraud.

    Thanks again Brett for another outstanding review which btw open the eyes for a lot of people about these shady product creators tactics which is to make a quick buck then move on to the next victim. (SMDH)

    Buyers of these guys products are only victims, you can bet your last dollar the product creator (Precious) doesn’t use his on creation he knows it doesn’t work but yet pushes this junk hard.

    Darryl H

    PS: Bret I don’t always leave a comment but I always come and read your reviews, keep up the good work buddy.


      I absolutely agree with you. It seems that in the IM industry 99.99% of the sellers don’t give SH** about the buyer just to make some dollars. I like money but I would be ashamed to make a living that way…………..


        I like to adjust that it also seems that people are afraid to tell the truth on the Warrior Forum. Negative comments are deleted all the time. That’s why I like this place 😉


    Thanks Brett and following…I only come here to read what would be said. I too believe that the name Precious is been done and has a long list of bombed product sales. When learning Seo he was on the seen with alot of tips and tricks then but like some others has fallen short to providing for the customers end results! Thanks gang!


    Thanks for the review Brett.

    I was quite excited about this but apart from it sounding familiar something about the sales video got my attention. Spin Rewriter appeared briefly. Then it dawned on me. I bought Precious’ Traffic Elixer but never got to really use it because it required a paid Spin Rewriter account. No mentioned in the sales videos of that so I left it there and chalked it up to another .wasted purchase.


    Todd Gross should be ashamed of himself for promoting this scam. I can’t believe he would damage his reputation by associating himself with this..shocked! Todd Gross was the reason why I almost bought it but said let me check with Brett first.

    Everyone should notice that there isn’t one good comment from those who actually bought it and tried to make it work.

    Thank you Brett for not only for providing a place where people can find honesty in the midst of so much disgraceful corruption but for all of the hours you invest in testing and writing reviews on things that are current for all serious internet marketers

      Adam S

      Todd Gross promotes good stuff but also just a lot of crap. He is paid a lot to do those videos and probably does not even know what he is promoting half the time.

        Priscilla Golden

        Actually Todd Gross is just an affiliate he is not the talking head in this promotion so he doesn’t get his usual deal. The reason Todd is such a big marketer now is because he works out a deal with product creators so that he gets the leads for doing the promo videos and grows his list.

        Peter Fry

        Todd didn’t sell Traffic Fusion! Like Brett Todd doesn’t sell something without being satisfied himself that’s why I’d buy occasionally from his links as opposed to others promoting something new


          Thanks for letting us know about that Peter .. I just got a Skype message from Todd also telling me he did not promote Traffic Fusion. Also I can verify 100% for sure that Todd does check things he promotes.. he has promoted software of mine and tested it personally before he did.


      My apologies for naming Todd Gross in my post. After further review I made a mistatke. I get emails from Todd Gross and the emails I got abut Traffic Fusion came from someone also named Todd.

      I respect Todd Gross and this is why I was shocked that he would associate himself with something that has failed all of the tests.

      I was wrong in confusing the 2 Todd’s


        It takes a big man to admit when he makes a mistake. Props to you 🙂 And I agree Todd is a solid guy. He has promoted a couple of my software products and each time he tested the heck out of them, asked me questions, on time he even called me for clarification before he would give it his stamp of approval. In my experience he does not just promote everything that comes down the line.

        LuAnn Beckman

        Rever, I know that Todd will appreciate that apology. Thank you.

        I am one of Todd’s business partners and I know first hand how hard Todd works to bring the BEST products to his customers and how much he cares about his customers.

        I do a lot of beta testing of various products for Todd. He also tests many products himself before promoting.

        Then Todd spends hours creating professional quality review videos so that his customers have an excellent idea what the product is and how they can use it to build their businesses.

        We beta tested someone’s product last year that we STOPPED from being released because it was not ready for market. We haven’t seen it since.

        My caution for everyone is to make sure the email is from the person you think it is.

        There are several “Todds” in Internet marketing. There are also people who use “Todd” in their “From” — and they often sign the email using a different name!! We’ve been following these people.

        Some of them even copy Todd Gross’ emails and send them out as if they’ve written them! We discovered someone 2 years ago doing this and stopped him. We have no idea how much damage was done to Todd’s reputation by this person.

        Unfortunately, many people have made the ASSUMPTION that certain emails come from Todd Gross and purchased without reading their emails carefully. Then we start getting complaints and questions about products that Todd NEVER promoted.

        I am very proud to partner with Todd. He truly cares about his customers and he tries very hard to bring great products at the best prices that he can.

        And, yes, his reputation IS very important to him and you won’t find a more sincere internet marketer than Todd Gross.

    Bob C

    I purchased Traffic Fusion on launch day. So far it’s been operating seamlessly. I’m running a couple of campaigns to test it out and so far it’s posting as advertised. Regarding the reputation issues with Precious I too have been reluctant to purchase his products based on what I’ve read in Warrior Forum and a few Google+ communities.

    I too noticed that the tutorial video was for Traffic Annexa and did a search. My assumption is that the Traffic Annexa product was purchased and re-branded by Precious’ team. That happens a lot with online software.

    That being said, I have purchased a few of his software products in the past and by and large they worked (and are still working). I think the term caveat emptor applies to most all online products. In most cases you get 30 days to test it out, if it fails to do what it claims – request a refund.

      Priscilla Golden

      What do you mean by working seamlessly? Are you getting traffic from it or are you just saying the software itself works? I appreciate your input Bob but it almost sounds like you could be a shill so I’m curious what you mean by “seamlessly”.


        Im glad you said it for me Pat (wont say what the ‘it’ is) I’m also interested in hearing more about what ‘seamlessly’ means in this context, especially since I checked the stats of this product on JVZoo and after only a little over 1 day it already has nearly a 4% refund rate. Please share in more detail if you are willing Bob C.

    Mark Leonard

    Hi Brett, the software you refer to that launched last year is Traffic Alexa. I believe Traffic fusion is the same junk.


      Yea something I noticed in this software, in JVZoo its listed as having launched in 12/24/2014. Precious told me this was something totally new that never launched before. But Im having a hard time believing that.

    Bob Beckett

    Brett, if this isn’t a good product why is it JV Zoo product of the day? Maybe you should give it a shot it sounds like you might have given up a little early. Like Bob C said you have 30 days to refund if you don’t like it and JV Zoo obviously likes this product too!


      I know 100% for sure that JVZoo does not test products that they pick for POTD (or at least that they dont test them all), really being picked POTD has no bearing at all on if a product is ‘good’ or not (at a functional level).

      Also if you read the article you will see that I tried multiple times to test this, but couldnt, then when I finally got this software to work on my machine it got my Google account disabled instantly. FYI: Its not me thats saying the product is bad. I have no opinion of it (other than it first would not work, and then got my Google account disabled), its the customers who are saying its bad.

      As for the 30 day refund. Well a ‘guarantee’ is only as good as the person giving it and while I dont judge vendors personally myself, there is a lot of comments here indicating that this guarantee is not worth much. Though to be fair the vendor of this must be honoring it on this one, since it already has such a high refund rate so soon after its launch. (nearly 4% in less than 36 hours)

      Thanks for the comment though.


    Hey Brett great cautious review and wow, nice to know that precious has pretty much warn out his welcome among the more experienced crowd. There’s not enough room to share the many stories I have of dealing with this dingdong. I doubt there really is a Prescious Ngwen, back when he showed up on the scene, there was a propensity in the Warrior Forum for sellers to create alternate identities for the supposed sake of fitting better into a different market or product type. I’ve noticed, that a number of OctaMarketing and Prescious’s products showed payment through Kevin Byrne and listed his email as contact for support, etc. After years of not buying anything Prescious was associated with, I had the misfortune of buying Social Engage, only realizing later that he was involved in it. Needless to say it never worked right, was buggy, no way it was even beta tested and took over a month of fighting with Paypal to get refunded. I emailed Kevin and he replied that it was just his money account, but to contact support as he wasn’t involved beyond that. I think that Prescious may be an alternative identity for Kevin, allowing him to keep his own name/rep clean while running black hat with these horribly coded softwares. I think the whole thing was to suck us in for this poor abused Nigerian chap. Anyone have any skinny on who this Precious Dingdong really is? Anyone ever meet him in person? Did he look Nigerian or like Kevin Byrne and his buddies drinking hard and laughing at our expense???


    Update 2:

    No refund yet………….

    I decided to unsubscribe every single seller of this crap. Feels GOOOOOOOOD!


      Open a dispute with paypal or your bank card if necessary to see about a refund if the merchant is not honorable.


    Thanks guys for all the warnings. I was wanting to give this product a try but thought i wait for personal reviews of people tried it. Now i know to stay well clear..




    Dear Sir,

    You’ve recently been violating the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies.
    Posts that contain spam, such as unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitations, are not allowed on Google+. Offensive or repetitive posts are not allowed either. Because we’ve warned you about violating our policies before, you will have only limited access to Google+ for two weeks. During this time, you will not be able to use most features of Google+, such as sharing posts or making comments. Learn more While you have limited access to Google+, you can still use other Google products and services, such as Gmail, though some of their social features may be limited.
    Please review our policies to avoid violating them in the future. Learn more
    If you continue to violate our policies, your access to Google+ and other features and services that require an active Google+ profile may be suspended permanently. Learn more
    We understand that Google+ and its policies may not be for everyone. If you do choose to leave, you can make a copy of your Google+ data first. If you like, you can also disable Google+ entirely.
    The Google+ team.

    Don’t buy this software. Google Detect It



      That is actually something I was thinking about the other night. Google’s API does not have write functionality (you cant make posts with the API) which is why this software needs your log in info. This software is basically a spam bot.


    ok some new did purchase yesterday. went to JV dont see refund button how to go about processing a refund request?


      opps.. Let me try this again.. I am new to al this but did purchase x4 yesterday. I went to my JV account and don’t see a refund button, How do I go about processing a refund request? Thanks


      JVZoo does not get involved in refunds. You have to understand JVZoo is just an affiliate network / payment processor. They provide a service to the vendors, they cant make the vendor give a refund. You have to ask the vendor for one.


    Not exactly the right place but does anyone have a suggestion for where I should request a refund for Traffic Fusion? I put in a ticket yesterday at their support at but I didn’t even get a response saying the ticket was received.


    I’m glad you gave us your honest review here Brett.

    I was considering purchasing it but had second thoughts and then when I saw who the creator was decided against it.

    Now after reading many of these comments, I feel I have made a very good decision to stay clear of it.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

    Cheers everyone!


    Here is a follow-up. I sent a request for a full refund to their Support and not much seemed to be happening. I also went to PayPal and requested a refund for all 4 purchases made yesterday and an additional refund for Social Engage Pro because they never delivered the pro version they kept sending me zip files labeled pro but the contents were just the basic version. I then an got drink of water and returned to my computer and opened my JV Zoo purchasers account. To my amazement all 4 purchases yesterday and the purchase of Social Engage Pro from February show product refunded! 🙂



      Inside Paypal, did you go to the Resolution Center? When I checked Paypal’s Resolution Center there was a “Seller’s message” that said to contact {link removed} and submit a ticket.

      If you did not do that, what did you do to get the refund so fast?




        First I submitted a ticket to their support. Then I went to my Paypal clicked on a transaction for them. At the bottom of the transaction details there is a clickable to file a dispute with the Resolution Center I filled out the dispute and checked the bottom box that say I am willing to drop my dispute if they refunded me.. 30 minutes later I had the money back in my account.


    I would advise every marketing new or experienced.

    Don’t buy anything from precious ngwu.

    The guy is a dishonest crook,who should be blacklisted as a scammer.

    I’ve purchased products from him before, that was pure crap!.

    He totally lacks integrity and honesty.


    Basically this product looks like an auto poster software for google+ …I use a Facebook auto poster software for posting ads on the groups I have joined. These kind of software’s can only post your ads and not drive any traffic (especially targeted traffic) If I post in a FB group having 37000 members I hardly get 5 to 6 people who either click the ad and hardly 1 person on a average who makes an inquiry. It might be any niche but the groups usually are filled with freebie seekers or advertisers there is no question of getting tons of traffic. So any software which claims to drive traffic by making posts doesn’t really make any sense. And yes keep spamming and these networks will ban your account sooner than later. Hope this helps 🙂

    Bob C

    Here is what I meant by seamlessly.

    Based on the set-up video instructions, I was able to install the software and set up campaigns. The software has been running and posting as advertised. I posted the comment in response to the tenor of this review article which is that Brett was unable to get the software to work despite multiple attempts.

    Here’s my take on automation software… it’s only purpose is to do the heavy lifting.

    In this case, posting content to 3 highly trafficked platforms. Software does not drive traffic… never has, never will. It is the ability of the marketer to create compelling content that causes their target audience to take action.

    There is a specific way to market on each of these platforms. If you master that… and if the software functions properly, you’ll get traffic.

    1-2-3 software claims never deliver. I understand the marketing for what it is.

    I have no personal affiliation with Precious Ngwu. I have purchased products from him and occassionally promote those I’ve reviewed and tested as an affiliate.

    The fact that I’m not bashing him does not make me “a shill”. That reference is purely ignorant.

    The issue at hand was does the software work. In my case, which I stated; it is.

    I’ve purchased hundreds of products that have made all sorts of claims. Some have worked and those that failed to perform, I requested a refund.

    Guys… Marketing is communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers, for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand.

    For what it is worth here is my video review: {link removed}


    Thanks for the great review, Brett. I was just getting ready to purchase this but decided to see if anyone else had first. I think I will hold off for now. Keep up the good work!

    Nathan Argenta

    Wow this is a great review on Traffic Fusion. Thanks for sharing Brett! 🙂


    I am sorry I came to this review too late I just purchased the product this morning but it’s not what I expected.

    I sent a ticket to support but have not gotten an answer yet, I am not going to wait though and I’ll do what Tony did so I can get my refund much faster.

    I’ll let you know how that goes.


    I bought the Pro version, and I have had major issues to get it to work. I have sent tickets, but it sounds like, after reading the comments here, that I will not be getting help anytime soon. I only wish I came here before purchasing. Time for refunds!!


    Thank you for the honest review. When I saw the sales page with the demo video and countdown, I was like. Hmmm…something’s fishy here.






    Don’t buy anything from precious ngwu. The guy is a dishonest crook,who should be blacklisted as a scammer


      When I wrote this article I was giving my experience. Some people seem to like it though a lot, many seem to not. One thing I did notice is that Traffic Fusions refund rate is now higher than their sales conversion.

      Sales conversion = 5.15%
      Refund rate = 5.36%

      That cant be a good sign. Though this does seem to show that the vendor is honoring the guarantee.


        I have so far not been able to get even a response from their support regarding a refund even though I followed their instructions. I have also opened a dispute through Paypal which the vendor hasn’t even responded to. I can take it even further with Paypal and I am pretty confident that I will get my money back eventually. Given my experience thought, the true number of refund request could be quite a bit higher than the official number.


          An update on the “refund”. According to my JVZoo page, the products have been refunded as of 04/08/2015, the day I filed the Paypal dispute.

          However, I have yet to see any refund transaction or payment reversal in my Paypal account. So we’ll see if I ever actually get a monetary refund or just one on paper. I assume that the vendor can issue a “refund” on JVZoo without actually making any refund transaction through Paypal. If that is the case, the refund stats, as far as honoring refund requests, really don’t mean anything. I hope I am wrong.


            When you put in a dispute the PayPal puts a hold an the money pending the results of the dispute. This makes JVZoo think the purchase was refunded.


              Thanks for the clarification. If the money is on hold and I am one of many to file such a dispute, I am a bit surprised the vendor hasn’t bothered to respond at all, to me or to the Paypal dispute. The few times I had a Paypal dispute for an eBay purchase and the vendor didn’t respond, I got my money back. I never had a dispute for a non ebay purchase so i don’t know how that works.


                Ebay purchases are totally different. That is the purchase of a physical good. This is covered by PayPals dispute policy. Digital products are not, PayPals logic is that you cant return a digital product, so they cant force a vendor to refund something that cant be returned. Unless the vendor agrees to give you a refund you will not win the dispute.


                  Sorry to keep this going, but if someone sells software that requires a license, if the license is removed thus rendering the software unusable, that would be the same as returning it, from a practical standpoint even if the product is a digital one.

                  Paypal should realize this (I am not saying that they do) even though I understand their policies might not actually reflect this.

                  I still don’t have a refund and I am certainly not counting on it, especially not in light of the information you have provided on Paypal’s policies on digital products.


                    Many software products dont have a license. So now you want PayPal to start investigating if a particular one does or not? What happens if the buyer says “oh this software required a license’ and the seller says ‘no it doesn’t’ .. so what should PayPal test the product and see who is correct? Not even close to realistic.


                      After a little bit more than a week and a few follow up messages inside my Paypal dispute, I did also get a refund.

                      So I can concur that the vendor is honoring refunds so far, albeit not in a very expedient manner, in my case.

                      Case closed as far as I am concerned.

    Ron Outlaw

    Hi Brett,
    I just like to say thanks for your interviews. They are enlightening and time
    saving. Keep up the good work.

    Ron Outlaw


    For full Refund go to your paypal account.
    File a Resolution Center under Business Name Octa Marketing
    Reason for Refund: Write Software is a Spam Bot cuase harmful to your google account suspended.. software is a scam.

    Customer Service Phone seem to be out of country.. Red Flag Allert :
    {personal information removed}

    Thank you .


      Unless the vendor agrees to give you a refund PayPal will not force them to. If you got a refund this way, be assured its because the vendor agreed to it.

      As for customer service phone being out of the country .. so what. The internet is a global market place, that has no bearing at all. You might be surprised to learn that there are software developers and firms that are not based in your country. In fact there are probably more that are not in your country (whatever one that is) then there are that are in your country just by sheer odds.

    Quality Website Traffic

    Thanks Brett,

    Great review, i was gonna buy this but i think i will pass.


    Oh No. I’ve been Scammed by Traffic Fusion. Reading all the conversation It seems I lost my $49. Really bad situation. This product is not working as it promises. I was fool that I trusted this kind of software 🙁


    Good News Guyz. I’ve just received the Refund. Anyone here looking for Traffic Fusion Refund. Instead of claiming dispute on Paypal, Just send an Email to this address {email address removed} — keep the word “Refund” on your Subject.

    He probably will respond within 1 hour, as happened for me, I received the refund within 15 minutes.


    FYI, anyone who has the “fusion engage” plugin that’s an OTO of this should really uninstall it ASAP. I found a security vulnerability in it, and fully disclosed it as Precious has ignored my messages in the past about security vulnerabilities in one of his previous wordpress plugins (FB Infilrator, yeah, uninstall that one too!)

    (and if you’re interested to know more about the vulnerability, you can just google “fusion engage” to find the various posts on security-related sites about it)

    Reinier Montesant


    i am also very disappointed as to this app traffic fusion. admitted, i had no problems to install and get it to work. but i have problems with the output. i did various campaigns but no increase in visitors and absolutely no sales due this app’s performance. first of all they allow you to have one blogging channel google plus. that one is fairly small and has limited possibilities in my case at least to send buyers to my site ( email marketing site). furthermore, as said, they more or less force to to buy oto’s to move on. that is not fair. what tops it of was the fact that they announced a webinar with a lot of ‘noice’. reminding you every some many hours to keep that time free for the webinar. on the webinar itself there was not a word about the traffic fusion app. they only wanted to sell a new product. some sort of a course this time for $ 497. that was it. nothing else.

    i decided to claim a refund in line with there ‘iron cad refund policy’ on their sales page. the first notice i sent was about a week ago. nobody sent me any other response than a confirmation that the claim was received ‘in good order’ ( sic). i sent them at least 3 reminders in fairly strong wordings.all to no avail. this is a rip off. nothing else.

    of course the $44.10 i paid is not the end of the world for me, but it reveals with what type of ‘sellers’ we are dealing these days.

    my warning is beware of the robbers and those who want to make a quick buck. my mailbox is jammed every morning with all kind of ‘mind blowing’ offers. i delete all with a smile…

    take care guys

      Reinier Montesant


      me again. sorry for that. if someone has a hint for me how to get my refund i would apprciate reciving an email. hope brett rutecky could give me some kind of a tip.

      tanks in anticipation

      reinier montesdant


        Your only option is to request one from the vendor. Just a FYI: I review most of the high end launches. Its a good idea to check my site and see if I did a review before purchasing.

          Reinier Montesant

          hey brett

          thanks for your response. i did not know about you only after browsing the web looking for critique on traffic fusion based on my experience with the owners. in the future i will certainly observe your comments prior to my decision to go ahead with any purchase,

          thanks again and regards

          reinier montesant

    Peter Fry

    I got my money back opening a resolution ticket with Paypal, thanks Brett I nearly lost my Google account if I didn’t see this


    I purchased Traffic Fusion but it would not download so I sent a support ticket.
    I got a quick response and followed the suggested actions plus used a new download link I was sent but still got the same problem.
    Back to support and another quick response with another link but again no success.
    Another message to support brought a response from co-founder Emi Nelson.
    Emi suggested we arranged a “TeanView” link up and he would install the product remotely for me.
    You could say that was an unexpected but great offer of support.
    Unfortunately Emi could not install the software either but said he would refund my purchase money.
    I have now requested that refund via PayPal.
    Certainly Emi has given a level of support to be commended even though he could not “make it happen” – at least he tried and I was grateful for that.
    What is strange to me though is why some purchasers can install whilst others (like me and some here) just can’t?

    Robert Roel

    I purchased the software as well as the upsell myself to try it out.

    I was not impressed.

    First off when I contacted his support in regards to how to integrate getresponse into the pre-sell page in the upsell I never received a response.

    Secondly they never gave any training or any good info on how to go about using the software.

    It only seemed as if they wanted people to spam these groups & hopefully get lucky.

    So I finally requested a refund because I wasn’t happy with the software.

    They offered me another product instead, but I declined and said I wanted my refund instead.

    So then they told me that they forwarded it to their billing department which is who I submitted my ticket to in the first place.

    It’s been over a week & I still haven’t heard anything from them.

    I’ve emailed them one last time & if I don’t hear anything back then I’m going to try to get a chargeback to my account which I really do not want to resort to.

    If you’re thinking about purchasing this then don’t.

    The app is a pain in the neck to get working & the support isn’t too great.

    I hate putting up a negative feedback about a product, but I want to be 100% transparent with everybody, and share my personal experience to anyone who may be interested in the app.

    This is just my experience & I’m sure other people had different experiences with it, but from the looks of the comments above that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Anyways cheers


    Wow… Talk about some serious poop going on! It’s really sad that guys are still out there ripping people off, being greedy, and not caring one ounce about helping others succeed.

    This Precious dude is a straight scammer.

    What really blows my mind is how such a junk product/seller ended up featured on JVZoo 04/07/2015?

    It makes me sick to think of the thousands of people that will never see their money refunded…

    Karma will catch up with precious in due time.


    Hi Brett,

    I would not buy any product from this guy – Precious Ngwu – in the future.

    This product of Traffic Fusion is required to be opened all day long for it to be effective to work.
    Beside, I cancel my purchase in the 30 day cancellation period and requested the refund and after 7 weeks, I have not received anything.

    They notified me that my request has been forwarded to the Account Section 3 weeks ago.

    Is there anyway I can report this to the FTC for defraud and melpactice?



      Im not a lawyer but I doubt it. Precious is not even a US citizen if I’m not mistaken. What you need to do is learn from your experience and think long and hard about how much you want to trust everyone who told you that you need to buy Traffic Fusion.



    Does Precious go under any other names that people know of please. I watched a webinar last night from a guy called “Jordan” selling something that was never named but the address was: {link removed}. The http address said “ The person said to the group anybody with Traffic Fusion” can use that and not buy other traffic. He seemed to be really familiar with Traffic Fusion. Almost sounds like it is one and the same person to me.


    I will never buy anything related to Precious ( can’t believe that is really his name) but anyhow if a marketer is pushing his product..then I will steer away from that marketer as well…
    JUNK is all it is! I submitted for a REFUND on April 15, numerous tickets, today is June 4th and I have yet to get the Refund, I did buy the OTO so it’s like a $100 which is not the end of the world, but If their sales letter promises a Refund, they should Refund…
    I will see if I can get paypal to refund…


    Hi. Thanks for the detailed review. I too had a nasty experience with this software. I only realized it was linked to Precious Ngwu after paying for it. I did manage to install it and run it without my Google account getting blocked. But the campaign wouldn’t show if it was running or not… kept saying check back later.

    I asked for a refund; got no joy that way and finally opened a PayPal dispute; which got me the refund 10-days later. I’ve posted a similarly nasty traffic Fusion review on my blog just to warn others, too.

    Larry Thompson

    I purchased Traffc Fusion and it’s upsells a few weeks ago, It was CRAP! Not even what it was advertised to be at all! I could not even hardly understand what the guy who could not hardly speak English in the instruction video was saying and he acted as if he could not think of what he was going to say next. Kept saying “aha,, you know ahaaaaa…” No REPLY to support ticket requesting a refund. no reply to direct email to the seller. I had to get my refund by complaining to Pay Pall and they gave him a chance to give his side of the story but he never responded so I got a full refund from Pay Pal. About the only way you will get a refund is through a Pay Pal claim ticket or if you did not use Pay Pal complain to your credit card company. It may take a little time but you should get a refund that way.


    You all realize that this software, even if it works, just spams Google groups and LinkedIn groups?


    i have been asking for my money back. got some of it back but not all. how do people like him get away with these things? its been over 6 months and all i get is they are looking into it. anyone else run into this problem?


    Hi Brett, Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

    I purchased this product and it working very fine for me and i don’t have any problem with it.

    Doe using this product spams google plus, linkedin etc but in the other way round, i think it worked for me.

    I need to go review that Precious Ngwu of a guy.


    I won’t touch anything by Precious with a barge pole. It’s hard to unsubscribe from his emails, his emails keep popping back up. He also associates himself with products or product that I didn’t think he had any co-ownership or co-creatorship in.


      Want to get rid of him? Its easy. Go to, you can see all the launches and who is doing them. When someone emails you about something he is a part of, unsubscribe from them (and tell them in the comments of the unsubscribe).

        Ainsley M

        Great advice Brett. I am unsubscribing to anything Emi or Precious have to do with. Not only are their products failing on me, but they are now not delivering on bonuses promised. After repeated emails to them both (they were both promoting (joint promoters or same person??) Peter Garety’s P1 keyword tool) I have received nothing. Not so much as a word from them. As a reward, they seem to have registered my private email which I wrote to them from (I never use it for IM or newsletter signups) on some spam email lists and have been getting 30 spam marketing emails a day from people I have never heard of from domains very similar – yet untraceable. Very strange coincidence that it occurs at the same time I complain to them and have never in my life had issues before on that email account. I would not be surprised if their software is a trojan backdoor into my computer, such is the distrust I have for them now

    Darryl with One of a kind by design

    Hello I had to leave a comment when it come to the JVZoo product Traffic Fusion I two was one on the one the got the product and not only was it worthless Google+ flag my email account witch cussed me to lose my YouTube channel, and commissions absents. I never ever use a spin writer to because not only does it make your brand look incompetent with words that don’t come together in a complete sentence.


    I’ve tried this pile out and it is absolute trash.

    And, yes, you can get a refund for it. Just raise a case and you’ll get a refund.


    I have an old Traffic Fusion installed on my computer when it came out from JvZoo from my downloads files at JvZoo.
    But unknown to me it had stop worked . When I installed it, it worked. A little lazy but it worked. But for quite awhile I just paid no attention to it nor use it. When I did remember I had it installed and try to start up some old campaigns , it just sat there and did nothing absolute untill now. So I declare it non functional at this time. So this guy Precious Ngwu: really needs some trashing in the popular media outlets.
    I also hold JVZoo responsible for not doing more due diligence in the type of karacters that knock on their door with ‘affilliate software’
    But then again sometimes it is just ‘buck’ times no matter what


    well I never got flagg thank God from Google. Maybe because I did not use it much, But I know now it is not working. So I too is going to asks back for my money

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