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Today I’m taking a look at a new video software called Viddictive:

But first take a moment to watch my in depth interview with vendor Mario Brown!



So if you watched the interview I did with Mario then you should have pretty good idea of what Viddictive is (he did a full demo as well as spoke about the entire funnel), but just in case you did not let me do a quick recap and summery before I say what I think about it.

Viddictive is a video builder with a twist.

First of all its a template driven video creator. What this means is that you create your videos by editing premade templates. In order to do this you simply select the template you want to edit, enter in your own custom text or graphics by filling out a step by step form, select from one of the premade audio tracks that they include,  and that is it your video is ready to be rendered. The entire process takes perhaps a minute or two (not counting the rendering which will depend on their current server load). Viddictive comes 80 templates on the front end purchase and it allows people to quickly and easily create videos for use in their marketing.

The twist part makes sense when you consider that Viddictive is designed with Facebook video ads in mind. Viddictive allows you to create your video ad right inside of the  software itself. To do this you simply follow the step buy step  wizard, fill in the blanks, select the video you made with the software and press a button. The software will send your video to Facebook and create a new Facebook ad campaign automatically. I say this is a ‘twist’ because while I have seen other template driven video creators  but this is the first one I have ever seen that integrates with Facebook and allows you to create an ad right inside of the software like this.

Ok so now you know that you know what Viddictive is and what it’s unique selling point is there is one more thing I want to cover before I give my final opinion on it. That thing is something you might be asking yourself right now. Why Facebook video ads?

Well I can answer that in a single sentence: “Because in many marketers experience Facebook video ads are the lowest cost way to get highly targeted traffic”. Its important to note here that when I say ‘many marketers’ I also mean myself as well. I have run many, many ads. Ads for list building, ads for my own products, ads to attract affiliates, ads to send traffic to this very blog, and I can say without a doubt that in my experience Facebook video ads are for sure the lowest cost you can get. We have all heard about people getting those 1, 2, 3 cent clicks, well believe me when I say that its done with Facebook video ads. Heck even if your not an ad guru your still going to see a massive cost reduction and engagement boost when you move to video ads.

In fact let me show you some of my actual experiences with video ads. First, for comparison,  I want to show you a result from an ad that I ran which was not a video:


This ad got some pretty horrible results. Over 5000 people viewed my ad and I only got 8 clicks. I paid $1.25 per click, which is going to be hard to earn a return from, and because of the bad results I canceled the ad after the initial $10 budget. Frankly that was $10 wasted.

Now I want to show you another ad this time I used a video instead of just a graphic.


The difference is nothing short of spectacular. My engagement was through the roof. Over 100X better then when I did not run a video ad.

Now to be totally transparent the second ad was counting ‘video views’ and not everyone who viewed the video actually clicked my link. About 35% of the people who viewed the video actually clicked the link in the ad. But if we do some simple math we can see that 1481X.35=518 , meaning I got 518 clicks for my $30 ad spend, or just under 6 cents per click. That’s a heck of a lot better than the $1.25 I spend without using a video ad.

This is why I became interested in Viddictive, because I know video ads quit simply work better.

Now I also know that at least some people reading this right now are thinking “But I dont want to do paid traffic”. Well if you don’t then thats fine. Stick with back link building, forum posting, waiting for SEO to finally kick in, or any of several other  free methods. Those things will work, if you have the time to work them and the time to wait for them to actually start taking effect (which can be anywhere from months to years).  However if you want results now, if you want traffic now, if you want all the traffic you can ‘eat’ then paid ads are the way to go, particularly paid Facebook ads because video ads get low cost clicks and with Facebook you can laser target your audience. Also to be quite frank, if your getting targeted traffic for a few cents per click and cant convert it into profit then you might want to rethink your business anyway so there is very little actual risk here.

Ok, all of that is well and good but the big question is what do I think of Viddictive over all? I like it, it allows people to make quality videos that are perfect for ads very quickly. It comes with at least 80 templates and with its direct Facebook integration it makes creating your ad a snap.

Now if you already have a template driven video creation software your going to have to ask yourself some questions before deciding if you should invest in this. Your going to have to ask yourself if the templates and the Facebook integration is worth buying another software of this type. For me I would say yes, not for the Facebook integration (I have no problems with the Facebook ad manager at this point) but for the templates. Anyone who gets in on the early bird pricing is paying under 50 cents per video template. That’s a pretty darn good value and I like value. This is just my answer for me though, you of course will have to answer for yourself if picking Viddictive up for the templates / Facebook integration is worth it if you already have a video creator.

If you do not have a software for quickly making marketing videos already then investing in Viddictive should be a no brainer honestly. This is not something I say lightly or often, however in this case I think it fits. Video is required at this point for marketing, Viddictive makes video marketing quick and easy even for the most non technical beginner:







Bonus: Mario has provided me with the following bonuses for anyone who picks up Viddictive through me:



Click here to get Vidditive and all of these bonuses (they will be waiting for you right inside of the members area)






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  1. Keshav Maheshwari, 30 August, 2017

    This is awesome.

  2. Ken, 30 August, 2017

    Hey Brett,

    Do you know if it’s possible to paste lists of interests gathered from more advanced fb research software into the Viddictive interface?


  3. Brett Rutecky, 30 August, 2017

    No I dont think you can do that unfortunately. The point of the ads integration is to make it quick and easy for novices. If your at the point where you doing very advanced targeting or detailed research then you will probably be wanting to use the FB Power Editor. (you can of course still make your video ad with Viddictive though)

  4. Brian, 30 August, 2017

    Does VIDDICTIVE produce videos for mobile in Portrait or Horizontal dimensions?

  5. Brett Rutecky, 30 August, 2017

    The templates are designed for Facebook, and thus are in horizontal dimensions.

  6. Hyacinth TOURE, 30 August, 2017

    Can we use the software to create videos with another language like french ?

  7. Brett Rutecky, 30 August, 2017

    You can enter in text in any language you like.

  8. tony, 01 September, 2017

    Hi Brett ive purchased using your link (aff 41241) but i cant see the bonus (how you make money online) in the jvzoo area. please advise

  9. Brett Rutecky, 01 September, 2017

    Thats not a bonus I offered, though or even mentioned so Im not sure where you got that being a bonus from. However it is something I give away for free.

  10. tony, 02 September, 2017

    Thanks for the reply. Im obviously getting old too fast….
    I could have sworn you had a video window offering a bonus for this product. Am I right? Did you offer a bonus? If so how do I get hold of it please?

  11. Brett Rutecky, 02 September, 2017

    The bonuses that are available for this through me are stated at the end of the review.

  12. greg, 01 September, 2017

    I wonder if you can delete ad from postings to the right column as an option, in Mario Brown’s training he said he usually doesn’t use the right column.

  13. Brett Rutecky, 02 September, 2017

    Yes I believe you can.

  14. greg, 02 September, 2017

    thanks much!

  15. Sandra Alan Dohn, 28 September, 2017

    Hi Brett, I would like to buy this and clicked the link but nothing happened….Please let me know how to purchase. Thanks, Sandra

  16. Brett Rutecky, 28 September, 2017

    Might be something on your end. The link seems to be working fine for me.

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