Strange stats that make me rethink Facebook ads

One of my favorite advertising platforms has always been Facebook. In fact the only platform I use consistently and I spend several thousand… 35

Currently Viewing : Free WordPress plugin

I want to show you a WordPress plugin I wrote, that uses a proven type of scarcity to increase sales and conversions for… 195

How I rate products I review

Since deciding to focus primarily on product reviews for the foreseeable future I realized there is a need for me to clearly define… 5

Free Profit Canvas WordPress plugin

Free Profit Canvas WordPress plugin A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to… 53

Click Magnet 2.0 [review]

Today Im taking a look at Click Magnet 2.0 There is one thing that every email marketer I have ever spoken to wishes… 38

How to build squeeze pages that actually convert

In this real life case study I’m going to show you how to avoid some big mistakes when building your squeeze pages. A… 11

How to build a ‘list machine’ in under one day

In this quick and easy tutorial I’m going to give you a simple blueprint to start building an email list for free on… 35

ClickBar: Free call to action bar with scarcity timer

One thing we should all know by now is that scarcity sells. Anything with scarcity on it, be it a squeeze page, sales… 90

Free Training Webinar: Recording

The other day I did a free webinar with my friends Mike and Austin. This one was unique in that there was no… 9

How to investigate a product

There are so many IM products that come out every single day that it can be really hard to tell which is a… 23

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