10 Beta Testers Needed

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I need 10 beta testers for my new software:


I need 10 good people for round one beta testing (there will be two rounds) on my newest software. This software is a complete system for building pages, pop ups, interactive videos, and running webinars. If you are interested in beta testing please comment below, and make sure to enter a email address that I can reach you at.

Please only request to be considered if you are actually going to test.

In your comment please mention why you would make a good beta tester. I will select 10 people next week to begin testing. These 10 people will also get lifetime free access as compensation for helping me test.

Update: The 10 round 1 beta testers have been selected.

Over 200 people commented and several hundred more sent me emails. There was so much interest in being a round 1 beta tester that I selected 10 people at random. The selected people are as follows and will be getting emailed access instructions shortly.

Christopher Harris

Colleen Cole

Seann Valen


Shinji Fuse



Tony Chamberlain


Chris Smith

For everyone who did not get selected, I want to do something special for you as well. Today I will be having a meeting with my launch partners on this project and one of the things we will be talking about is what we can do special for everyone.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping me, I really appreciate it!






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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Hi Brett,

    For me, it would be a privilege to test one of your products before it’s released to the public. I have bought the majority of your products already and I like the way you set them up, makes thing very easy to navigate. I am new in the internet marketing field and kinda landed here by mistake after my original plan failed (my trademark was refused in a totally separate niche.)

    I have the time to test your product and will give you my honest opinion and suggestions as well.

    Thank for the consideration
    Freddie O


    Hi Brett,

    I think I could help beta testing your software.I have a technical background, I pay attention to detail, I’m always happy to help on the Circle when I have an answer… In any case I want to be more involved and having this opportunity would be a good thing, so I’ll seriously give it a shot.




    Looking forward for uour launch.
    Is there any dates for the launch.

    Ankur Shukla

    pick me pick me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Joe Rowlands

    Hi Brett
    I could be interested in Beta testing again. I was part of a group of Beta testers run by Jerome Knyszewski. There were about thirty of us in the group and we tested lots and lots of WSOs before they were released. This had the effect of removing bugs and improving functionality and improving sales. We had many WSO of the day. (Mostly due to Jerome’s genius)

    Tab Winner

    Hello Brett,

    It would be a privilege to beta test your software. I would definitely take it very seriously and report back any of my findings.

    I have purchased most all of your products and think very highly of them. I will devote as much time as it takes.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Regards, Tab


    Hi Brett

    I would love to help you out. I’ve beta tested courses and software within the IM niche in the past.

    My day job within the IT Education industry also involves testing software and documenting problems and procedures, etc.

    I have a genuine interest in building sales funnels on the web too (web design is my part time business).

    I’ve used many of the previous platforms such as Profits Theme, Optimize Press, Insta Builder, Sales Press Pro, etc, as well as many other WordPress theme builders such as Divi and Bridge themes.

    I feel with all my knowledge and experience I can provide you with some very valuable feedback and even feature suggestions.


    Hi Brett,

    Was also thinking when you would be coming up with an all one tool.

    Would love it if I can be selected as one of your 10 beta testers. I was in your socivids pro beta testers group and as well as Sam Bakker’s video skins beta tester group as well.

    I have bought most of your products, and would love to have this opportunity to be in your beta tester group again for your new product.

    In my offline world, I also handle anongst others client websites, using various platforms in particular Divi.

    I think I would be able to contribute if given the opportunity. Would in fact be looking forward to your new product.

    Thanks and all the best in your up and coming product launch.

    Damielle Hunt

    Hey Brett, I would love to test this for you. I’m a big fan of your software and even have have Agency rights to a few of them. I heard you mention this in a previous post and got excited. I thought it was just a webinar system, but now I’m finding out its much more.

    I would definitely test it out and give you honest and ethical feedback Brett Rutecky style.

    Damielle Hunt

    Got so excited I hit the enter but before I was finished.

    I also use a couple of other page builders such as InstaBuilder and Profit Builder so I have a good feel for what works best in terms of user interface, speed and functionality as well as some things that I feel could be improved or included.

    I actually use these every day in my marketing so I can hit the ground running with your software.


      Building pages is just a part of ProfitCanvas , it will also allow you to build pop ups, interactive videos, and webinars. The idea is to put everything you need in one place.

        Damielle Hunt

        I realised, its like your combining Squeezematic, SociVids and adding in a few other things like webinars. I can see why you want beta testers. This looks like a massive project and the next evolution in marketing systems.

        It would definitely be nice to have all these tools in one place.


          Ya yea, its like a rewritten (and improved) SqueezeMatic / SociVids and lots of other things ๐Ÿ™‚ I normally do beta testing, but in this case we will have 2 rounds because as you said its a large project.

    Gustavo Ocampo

    Hello Brett,

    I bought you Squeesmatic, and I LOVE IT! I’m a 47 years old Marketing Expert that the Only Thing that I do is to Test Software, Including Microsoft. I will love to Help you in the Design.

    I speak English and Spanish. ( Latin Marketing is Huge)


    Wow…. Another topnotoch software from Brett !? Quick question. What do you mean “webinar”? Does this software let users to create webinar or webinar registration pages?
    Sounds like it’s all in one swiss army knife software !! I can’t appreciate enough your well built apps and software !!


      You can create webinar registration pages .. and run webinars with it (and lots of other things).. and yea thats the idea .. everything you need .. I will also be adding new stuff as well.

        Shinji Fuse

        OMG! Saliva is already coming out of mouth…. I can see you put so much thought and energy on to this project.

        Thank you again for creating so much SIZZLE in IM industry!!


    Hi, Brett. I am interested to become one of your beta testers. I have purchased 2 of your products and I believe that you make products and software that are easy and functional to both newbies and advanced users. Please consider me in becoming one of your beta testers.



    Bill Meligari

    Hey Brett,
    As someone who started out as a mainframe programmer and am now working on the Web, I’m very meticulous about testing software and am used to trying my best to break things and finding all of the bugs.

    And as a fan and customer of yours, I would love the opportunity to check out your new software especially if it can be used to run webinars.

    Thanks so much for your consideration,

    Robert Githens

    Hey Brett…

    I was with a Fortune 100 telecom/Internet company for many years as a product and project manager. Have had experience in testing, specifically products for Internet usage. This experience has made me a very detailed and logically tester. In addition, I have the time to perform the testing.

    Looking forward to you decision…
    Bob Githens


    Hi Brett,

    I think I could help beta testing your software profit canvas

    Shawn S.

    Hi Brett,

    I’d be thrilled to help you bring another awesome product to market. While I’m not a programmer, I do have some experience with beta testing, so I’m familiar with logging errors, etc.



    Hi Brett, I am interested to be part or this beta test, this will be my first beta test ever, I commit to test as deep as I am capable to and to make my recommendations if catch something for improvement, have purchase and tried several products for webinar purposes in the market and noticed some potential improvements, I like the running webinars feature, I run and direct webinars and have at least one or two a week with potential of three or more, also if I include in this those who are my partners product can improve my live webinars test, I am involved in the automotive industry and hold a management position, we are introducing online now and physically soon a totally new car brand made in Latin America so webinars are need very often, I dedicate full time to work as free lancer so no problem for time available. Hope you can consider me and thanks in advance for this opportunity to be a beta tester….Wish you the best with this software and let me say that always trust in your products and reviews.

    Bill Hugall

    Super down for that!


    Count me in Brett.



    I would be a great beta-tester for you. I have absolutely no experience, so will follow your program exactly as you lay it out. I have no preconceived notions, and a willingness to put in the time and hard work. I have been seeking out the right opportunity to take action with, so this looks like the start of a mutually beneficial relationship. I look forward to it! Thanks for your consideration.

    Jay Allred

    Would love to be a beta tester for you. I work in IT and IM and have experience deploying and testing many different kinds of software and systems.


    Hi Brett,

    I’d like to be a part of your testing team. I usually have strong attention to details, and if requested can also give an opinion as enduser of what I like and what not and suggest some improvements. I am ready to give it a real test ๐Ÿ™‚



    im interesting for beta tester BRET here my email : gelarheyn87@gmail.com

    Gavin Roberts

    Hi there, I will test the product if it delivers what it promises – i will test to see that all the functions works as promised and that the user will really be able to do what the marketing material say. I find that a lot of products promises the world, only to find out that you have to buy ten OTO’s to get to the fully functional promise. I find your reviews to be to the bone and honest and that is also what I can promise you. Honest testing and reviews.

    Raymond Fellers

    I am very active on FB helping others learn how to promote their products and would love the opportunity to test your system. Putting all of the pieces together for marketing online must be the biggest challenge faced by every beginner. It certainly has been for me.

    Charles Grooms

    Hi Brett, would enjoy beta testing your new software.

    Pierre Goldman

    Hi Brett,

    I am positive that you would need some to help the system build pages that would be good for SEO I can help with this.

    Also I was a beta tester for jumpmobi these guys really know how to build a wordpress theme. The theme is to my knowledge is the best mobile theme around.

    Let me Know if you think I can help .


    Pierre Goldman


    Hey Brett- Thanks for the beta-testing invite. I have experience in SAP consulting, an enterprise software & the scope included testing the functionality changes carried out via configuration, other customization etc. I do not have exposure to web-technologies but if you have a test-script, I would be able to follow it.
    I am putting up my hand to be one of the testers.


    HI Brett, would love to beta test your new software.


    Hi Brett

    Like you i am sick of products that are released and dont do what they promise to do. I am someone who follows the instructions to the letter and therefore i would make a great beta tester as, if its not in the instructions, then it aint going to be understood by people like me. I work from home all day so i have the time to do this as quickly as you need it done. Also i am across the pond and us British think differently to you guys, we speak the same language but we dont always understand each other..lol!




    I’d be delighted to be one of your chosen beta testers. I attend to fully follow and apply what is needed of me. Whatever it is I know it will be beneficial to your members. Thanks and count me in Brett.


    Katrina Haney

    Hi Brett,

    I would love to test your product. I believe the benefits I can bring to this are first, I have been a programmer and I know what is needed to test and to provide accurate and complete bug reports, and second, I am fairly new to this venue, and so I may find things that would confuse a newbie, that more experienced testers would automatically know about.

    As a third, perhaps not as important consideration is that I am a female, while I believe most of the people in this community are guys, and perhaps that would bring a different perspective to the table.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well in your new endeavor.

    Katrina Haney


    Hi Brett, thank you for your email invitation to be a beta tester for your new software. It would be an amazing opportunity for someone like me who is totally green when it comes to technology and software. I liked to call myself an “ultra newbie” . That said I am relentless when it comes to figuring things out and learning something new. I am a bit of a beast that way. Would love to contribute and lend my feedback and insights to your testing from my newbie perspective. Cheers.

    Colin Glover

    I’d be very interested in being a beta tester. While I’m not a raw recruit I’m not overly experienced thus, as opposed to experts I’m more inclined to notice the little issues that could trip up newbies.

    I look forward to seeing it in the “flesh”.


    harlon Richards

    just finished beta testing a great platform and will do a great job with this new platform.

    how do we move forward


    Tim Dutch

    Hey Brett,

    Looks awesome! Great idea to get everything in one place!
    I have bought many products from you and would love to test this one.

    I’m known as the bug finder in software, so if you need a pair of critical eyes, then pick me! I’m sure I will find something!

    If you want people only to say your software is awesome, then you’ll better choose someone else ๐Ÿ˜‰

    David Smith

    Hey Brett,

    I would very much like to become a beta tester for your new project. I am a loyal subscriber-customer and love the products you release. As a matter of fact I have white label rights to three of your products and will putting them on the market very soon (just getting over the flew). If given the opportunity to be a beta tester for your new project I will give you 110 percent of my time. I am always looking for new ways to implement new and proven ways to compliment my home business. Anyways have a great day my man and I hope to be picked as one of your beta testers. Have a great day my man.



    I am 12 yr experienced software analyst, now online entrepreneur. I can help you find performance and security bottlenecks in your software and also fix them.

    Alexa Casey

    Wow….you’re amazing. I was just thinking about I have all these really cool tools and they are all over the place. It’s fun, but challenging to pull out one resource, then another, etc… The idea of putting them all together is very cool.

    So, I would love to be a beta tester. For the last year, I have been testing and trying various software products. Some I LOVE!! Others are just plain frustrating! I love your directness and willingness to give feedback (even if it hurts)…and I know that you can take it too.

    I don’t have all of the techinical savvy that some on here probably do..but I have the drive and motivation to figure a way to make this internet marketing business work for myself (and others)…so to be a beta tester would be very cool to do.

    If you choose me, I will do my very best to implement, give feedback (positive and negative) about what you have created withe Profit Canvas…promise! And kudos to you for coming up with this idea…I love it.

    Best of luck man..and I look forward to hearing who the “chosen 10” will be. Thanks for the opportunity Brett.

    Have a great day! Alexa

    Joshua Immel

    Hey Brett,
    I’d love the opportunity to beta test your platform. I dont have a vast technical skill set that would allow me to zero in on the code that needs tweaking, but I’m an average Joe like many of your customers will be and I could shine some light on some possible challenges the non-techie may have in using your new product. If that’s not reason enough, I live in California… it’s almost impossible to get anything to work in California so if it works here, it’ll work anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Hi Brett,
    I’ve been a software engineer over a long career, designing, writing, documenting and testing everything from business software to well logging real time to graphical user interface to hail storm modeling to database management to trading software, in most every language imaginable. For 5 years recently I ran a company with a partner that sold trading software, and we marketed it completely on the web, via a website and webinars and a trading chatroom, and made a lot of money. I wrote all the trading strategies and indicators, and created and maintained the website, and wrote all the webinars.

    I’m now moving into the IM niche, and you are my hero, and my role model. I’d love to help you test and debug your software. I am currently still writing trading indicators and strategies for customers from the U.S., Singapore, Argentina, Canada, the Virgin Islands and other places, and I really am ready to give up the time for money gig – but, I am really adept at testing thoroughly and finding bugs. My work for trading customers is guaranteed bug-free, so you know I know how to test. When I was working on graphical interface software, I had my cockatoo walk on the keyboard to find out if the the software really was idiot-proof ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d love to work with you, and make sure your software is the best piece of cake around.



    Hey Brett,

    I am a Web Developer and UAT Manager (User Acceptance Testing) of 15 years. I am detail oriented and critical when it comes to design, interface, flow, execution, and grammar.

    I’d love to help out if you need it.


    Michael Lancto

    Hi Brett, I would be honored to beta test for you. I have been a webmaster creating websites for over 10 years. Previous to that I was a COBOL programmer. I work from home fulltime, so I have plenty of time also. My background as a minister has trained me to organize things well and to put things in a logical order that others can best understand. I’m detail oriented as well. I believe I would be a good asset to your testing team.


    Ivry Glamore

    Brett I want to be included, unlike many of the other who have applied I am a newbie. I am a 75 year old retired electrical engineer. I know my review will be the ultimate litmus test of your new exciting integrated marketing product.




    I would be honored to test and help your new product .


    alex m

    Would like to get it a go , would like to get some actual money online thanks…


    I will like to be considered because I will actually use the product, give you my honest opinion whether it sucks or not, record its failings and suggest where it could be improved.

    I may even suggest any new ideas you should consider.


    Hey Brett,

    I would also love to beta test your new software. I was involved in beta-testing YouZign and a few other softwares.

    And I have an extra motivation: I managed to brake my car and it will cost me a big chunk of money to get it fixed. That’s the reason I only saw today your email about beta testing. So I’ll do everything with your software (break it until you make it unbreakable ๐Ÿ˜‰ in order to get the money for the car with the use of ProfitCanvas (even if it’s still in development).


    Hi Brett,

    I am interested in beta testing the new product. I have bought a couple of your products. Though what interests me lately is how you come up towards the top of affiliate promorions ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Testing products from time to time is fun. I have plenty of experience with most aspects of IM.

    Thanks and all the best for the new product.


    Yes, I would love to be a Beta tester for your new product! You may recall that I found found a couple of glitches for your contest software awhile back. I have the time & inclination to test if you want to give it a go…


    Hi Brett,

    It would be a pleasure to beta test your product. I usually love your products… Let’s see if this one fits some real needs for people.




    Hi Brett,

    it would make me happy to be usefull in beta testing as a foreign user and non-native speaker.
    And am not an experienced beta tester, like most of your potential buyers, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, sounds like another great product …


    Id like to try it out for you

    Rodney Folsom

    I greatly enjoyed and using your SociVids software and look forward to your next project. I would greatly benefit from being a Beta Tester for you as I have a new business to get to Offline Consultants that would help them tremendously as very easy and cheap door openers for local businesses. It needs to be presented in a webinar format as there is a lot of information to see and learn. Also, at being 61, if I can do your new program anyone can. As though people say I am very detailed, I check out each aspect and get a mindmap completed and take action. I would very much enjoy doing my mindmap for your new project and see how it compares with yours. That way, my ideas of how your new project works may add ideas on how to present to everyone.
    Thanks and look forward to the new project.

    Mark Burdon

    Hey Brett!

    I’m keen to get involved in beta testing your newest software! It would be great to be selected as part of your 10 person team. I’m a team player, and super curious to learn more about your complete system software teaching program, as I go along!

    You can reach me at : mark@pcewealth.com.au

    I’ve never been involved in a beta test before, so to have this opportunity is HUGE. And yes, you can definitely count on me to actually test! Your free lifetime access offer, is valuable icing on the cake!

    Hope to hear back from you soon, Mark


    It looks like you may have enough volunteers for your project, but if not I woud be honored to test your product. I am highly educated and have onlyhad limited success in the online field as most of my efforts have been directed offline. This platform you are discussing here sounds exactly like what I have in mind to launch my business and you have it all in ne so I won’t have to hobble it together across other software/webware offerings. I am intersted.


    If my English was better sooo. But no i have to wait for next bonus product instead. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Brett, I am also a current subscriber to SqeezeMatic and Fancy Forms so I have a good working knowledge of your programs.

    alan Mack

    Count me in Brett !!

    Sherwood Tucker

    Sounds like a great opportunity to rub elbows with a master marketer and at the same time learn something new in the IM arena.

    Thanks for the opportunity…


    Let’s do it.


    You’re a great marketing pro.
    Great programmer.

    Your programs are outstanding, I’m sure this project will be a complete success!
    I want to be part of it.

    Thanks for the opportunity in advance.



    Like all here, I would love to test your software and give feedback.

    I am a part of a couple of Skype groups doing some beta testing and providing feedback. It seems if someone can find a problem with a piece of software it’s me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have bought and tested way too many software products. Some I use, most I find an issue of two that leaves me disappointed with the software and I end up not using it. Maybe I should be doing software reviews like you do.

    I’m also a software engineer by day.


    Bill B

    Hi Brett,

    Looks as though you’ve got more than enough applicants for phase one.
    I’d be obliged if you would put my name down for phase 2 if places are filled.
    I’ve been involved in IM / The Internet from day one (almost) and have a couple of my own software products & websites WP & html out there.



    Hi Brett,

    I’d love to help you with beta testing, Brett! What an ambitious project!

    Besides being a loyal reader and customer, I am an telecomm engineer by training and have participated in software projects including QA.

    Can’t wait to hear from you!


    David Jewell

    Hi Brett – Well I’d like to be chosen so that I can thoroughly test your platform… and hopefully break it ๐Ÿ™‚ “Fail as fast as you can to know what works”.

    I will then send you a Totally Honest and (maybe) brutal review as long as there’s’ no OTO’s involved ๐Ÿ™‚ You have taught me much Yoda and I am now…like you a “Ninja @ Truth”
    All the Best….
    PS – Seriously I will push the boundaries, especially in the LeadGen of local online marketing.



    Sounds like amazing software. I would love to test it. I have previously tested themes for other developers. I am just starting my IM adventure but would love to test this out with that and in the real estate investor niche ( I have been doing REI for 9 years).

    Running a small beta coaching group for the REI now and it sounds like this would be a great platform.


    Hello Brett, Costas and Mary here! To be testers for one of your softwares… WOW this is a dream that comes true!!!

    We’ll love to choose us!!!

    Best regards,
    Costas & Mary!


    Hey Brett,

    I do website and software development and I find that IM products are pushed hard but lack the continues development even after having a good customer base. I just fail to understand the reasoning behind abandoning your current users.

    Anyway, I have a few of your products with agency licence and ONE thing I can tell you upfront – I would want SSL support…especially for ‘popups’ as Google is giving a tad more weight for secure sites…its good for seo and good for customers security. So, if you product does that it will be set for next couple years as ssl becomes more common.

    Besides that, I have tested lots of products over the year and I think I can provide valuable feedback to make your product better.


    Hi Brett,

    Iโ€™m really intrigued by this idea of a complete system. I think itโ€™s a great direction. Iโ€™ve purchased and used several of your tools and have come to trust you and your work and have respect for all you do. Your tools and reviews are second to none, which is why Iโ€™m applying for this.

    Iโ€™m relatively new to IM (about 12 months) and my principle tools have been Aweber and Optimize Press. So Iโ€™m not a total โ€œnoobโ€ yet not a โ€œcrusty old expertโ€ either. Iโ€™m very thorough, a good communicator and donโ€™t like to half-ass things.

    Knowing just enough yet being enthusiastic about learning and the potential to be successful in this could make me ideal for Beta testing, as I could represent a large portion of your potential market. Iโ€™m not super technical but more creative and visual, which also could make me a good candidate, as youโ€™ll want to be sure everything can be used relatively intuitively by your customers, as long as they can follow instructions.

    A one-stop shop is a cool way to go for sure and I know youโ€™ll do great with it. Either way I wish you success and look forward to working with this tool, now or when itโ€™s released.

    The best always,



    Hey Brett,

    I’d love to be part of the beta phase of your product. I am currently in beta for the fifth different product I’ve taken part in, all in the last year. I’m already agreed to my sixth when it’s beta is launched. They aren’t IM products, but all are web-based platforms.

    I’d love to do what I can to help refine your product. Thanks for the consideration.



    I’ve bought and used most of your products and have previously found a few small issues. Many others in the past 3-4 years have used me as a beta tester for their products as I seem to have the nack of finding issues that others don’t.


    When I say I’m going to do something I do it. If given the opportunity to beta, will give you timely, comprehensive and specific feedback and, if the product adds value, will send a supporting nite to my list.

    Joyce Sterling

    How exciting! Brett, did you read my mind? This is the platform that I need but didn’t know where to find!!!

    As an educator and author I will review your site with a fine toothed comb and provide specific instructions for any way that it might be improved!

    Can you see me on my knees? You won’t find anyone better than me to test the system!

    Seriously, it would be an honor to help you because you have already helped me in ways that you don’t even know. Please allow me to return the favor.

    Only the best,



    When I say Iโ€™m going to do something I do it. If given the opportunity to beta, will give you timely, comprehensive and specific feedback and, if the product adds value, will send a supporting note to my list.


    Brett, Bought your SqueezeMatic program. 10+ yrs IM. Created my own directory network with extenxive testing, improving, during last 3 years. So, have been beta testing and testing and more testing… expanded into the video craze with too many individual products and like a concept of “all-in-one” – would save a lot of time and be more cost effective.
    And i do not hold back with critic and opinions…
    so, if interested in me as Beta tester – I would be honored with more testing and constructive testing results, pros and cons


    Hi Brett,

    I would be very pleased and honoured to beta test your product and, like you, give an honest review. Sounds like the Nirvana of tools.

    Mark Watkins

    Brett: I would like to be considered for Beta Testing your product. You may recall I have reached out to you for tech support in the past. Sometimes product developers assume you understand something and I am not embarrassed to say when I don’t. I will make sure your instructions and help videos are crystal clear even for the technically incompetent like myself . ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have purchased a number of your products and have put them to use so I have familiarity with Socivids, Squeezematic, etc. As a fellow Pennsylvanian it would be an honor!

    linda wilson

    Would love to be a beta tester for your new software! I think I would be a great tester for you because I am considered a “newbie” but I have been around for a while and have a little bit of knowledge. I think I would be a good candidate to help you decide if the software is newbie friendly. I also promise to use the software and give you my honest opinion.



    First of all, I congratulate you for new software which will be released soon. I am a internet marketer from Bangladesh. I want to work as a beta tester in perspective of Bangladesh because there have many internet marketers. I will test in perspective of worldwide and specially for my country. I will give you real and accurate feedback, recommendations and report about your software. I will try me best to test your software. I will also share benefits of your software with my others colleagues of internet marketers. I hope that you will give me a chance to work as a beta tester.



    Hi Brett,

    I would like to apply to be a beta tester and feedback to you. Thanks.


    Brett, I would like to beta test your new software. I have participated in beta programs for some large companies including Neat Receipts for Mac release. If selected I will fully test the software and provide a comprehensive report of any bugs and and a review of all functions of the software. Look forward to helping you test the new software. Thanks, Robert

    Steve Moore

    Hi Brett,

    I’m always buying tools to help me with my online marketing. Sadly, many of them do not live up to the hype. They either don’t work properly or are difficult to use.

    So if you need a jaded buyer to help test your software (which sounds amazing!), then I’m your man.

    All the best,

    Steve Moore

    Nate Boyd

    Not sure you got this, I will be a great beta tester as I have been in several programs and know what people want. Thanks for considering me!



    I’m really interested and would be honored to be a beta tester.

    Kind regards

    Gary McCormick

    Hey Brett, love your concept and glad to help with the beta testing. We’ve have been in the IM space for 6 years, my wife and I act as consultants to local businesses in Atlanta, but we sub out most of the fulfillment, however, we do build our own sales and marketing funnels to get clients as well as make money in the IM space, so we’re also very hands on. We previously built a business to $7m/year. We currently use the following softwares to implement much of what you have described your software doing: optimize press, profit them, lead pages, engagifire, voo player, webinarjam, webinar fusion, etc. See a lot of other qualified people in the thread, but assuming you find us a good match, would love to be involved ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi, Brett. I am interested to become one of your beta testers. Thanks so much for your consideration. Regards


    Done by you, it is a no- brainer for me, please do count me in. I am enjoying socivids quite a bit already.
    And thank you for keeping us in the loop!

    Randy Shepperd

    Hello Brett,

    I would welcome the chance to be a beta tester for you. Own and use your products and know that you produce good quality stuff. That means it is something that is useful and worthy of spending time on. I have done beta testing before and know that feedback is of paramount importance. I have some time availability and am good at reporting my findings. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

    Randy Shepperd

    David Watson

    Hi Brett,

    Did beta testing for you on SociVids and would be interested in being involved in this.



    Hi again Brett, I have beta tested for Ms a few times now but smaller stuff – no. I think it would be great and a nice learning curve as well as a massive bonus but it looks like you have your ten, disappointed! Maybe next time I can be considered as your downunda Aussie tester. Cheers mate!


    Hi Brett,

    Been online marketing since 2004, purchased all of your previous product and you also quoted my testimonial on your salepage. not ashamed to admit that I am a ejunkie, tried out many of the good, bad and ugly products in the past, you can trust me to be a candid reviewer for your product, if you may.

    I am familiar with many of the page builders (WordPress or non WordPress), pop-up (get Stak, pop up domination and others), not 100% on the interactive video (need your further info, but trust that I know that one too), have access to many video products, videomotionpro, camtasia and explaindio, etc) for webinar, i have also runclick to compare yours with.

    Let me know if you need still an extra pair of eyes ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi Brett,

    I am a complete newbie and so not a Guru, Millionaire Marketer, Software Developer etc.

    I do however have a bit of savvy and if your aiming this project at all levels i.e from beginner
    to Nearly God like status and need feedback from people like me, then I am interested.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Okay Brett, I’ll beta test your software. i”m a qualified chartered accountant and for much of my working life, before I concentrated on computerized accounting, which I started in the days of DOS, I was an auditor. I’ve put people in jail before, and helped others to further their careers, so I’m not scared to speak my mind. It would be like returning to the old days, I’d enjoy it..


    Hi Brett. I would like to be added as a beta tester. I love your products and software. They are easy to use and no fluff. I like to keep things simple and just get to learning what is working now and to making money while learning. I am not super experienced in IM but I am not a newbie either. I understand this will take focus —so as long as I have a clear process I will work the system. Thanks Jenell


    Hi Bret, I would like to be a tester!


    Hi Brett,

    I am your man ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would very much like to be one of the 10 people to test your software.
    Why? First because I already bought several of your products or received them as a bonus gift. And I am convinced of the quality of your work.
    Further on, I like the idea of one system because today I am combining different solutions for all those things that you mention. Last nut not least: I like your style of doing things.

    I am into internet marketing since 2 years now. Before that I had my own ICT consulting company (13 people) which I sold in 2013. You can find more info on my LinkedIn-profile.
    My current website is in Dutch (I am Belgian), but soon I will be launching my English one.
    Why pick me? I have a business/economic background with experience in IT (specialized in Business Intelligence) and a large interest in marketing.

    Please contact me if you want to know more!
    Thanks for very much for considering my application.

    Enjoy the rest of your day,


    I would like to use your system to sell reputation management. Perhaps maybe to sell physical products also, as it would probably more effective than just building a shopify store.

    Francesco Deleonardis

    Hello Brett , I’d like a lot to be your beta testers from Italy , I could test them carrying large amounts of traffic and I would like to open the Italian market for your apps that I value very good .
    Greetings from Italy


    Hi Brett,

    if you need a frenchie for testing your plateform, I can do it and give you my feedback. I actually use a french plateforme like this so I can compare and tell you objectively.

    Good luck

    Johan from France

    Mike Serovey

    Hi Brett,

    I have beta tested one or two products before, but that was a while ago. I have degrees in computer programming and IT management and I am returning to school soon to work on another masters degree in IT. It has been a while since I have debugged a program, but I am familiar with logging errors.

    I have attended several webinars, but I have yet to host or run one. That would be a new experience for me.

    I look forward to working with you!

    Michael R. Serovey, MA, MISM


    Hi Brett,

    I would love to test your software. I am very thorough at making sure everything works, and I will put it through the ringer. I have been testing software for over twenty years since I am in the IT field. I currently work at a very large eCommerce company.

    I am also looking to go full-time in Internet Marketing, so I would be thrilled to find something that integrates so many functions into one app. I am familiar with the quality of your products, so I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to see it.



    Hey Brett,

    Recently brought products from you and now building out my affiliate and niche websites / app assets.

    I would love to be part of your early beta testers.

    I have time to test, and believe am a prime candidate. I am an individual who wants to build a portfolio on income generating sites. So if you provide an all in one solution, I will be open and tell you honestly if your products or services are good, need improvement and if they are ideal for someone like me.

    Rather than provide internet marketing / affiliate marketing services for others, my present focus is to build income generating digital assets that make money. Then may offer my services to others, if I have good case studies and can genuinely help others make money.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care, Asit


    I respect you as honest guy who makes cool reviews and have therefore bought some of your products. I’de love to test your new software and pass my comments. Thanks


    Hi, Brett.
    I would love to try your software, except for the doing a webinar. Everything else is great.

    George Schimanski

    Would really welcome the opportunity to put the program through its paces. I have no doubt that it will be a powerful tool and a big time saver.


    Hey Brett,
    If you have space still, I would love to get involved, mainly because I like your software, I have most of them, and they all work like a charm.
    Testing your new software would be a great opportunity for me to learn, as I would like at some stage to develope my own software..
    I have an IT background (Server side) and I tested various software applications for my previous company.
    Now in IM, it’s a different type of software but the principle is more or less the same.
    I hope I will get picked up, but if not, it doesn’t matter as I will always buy it and test it then….I think in my 12 months of IM experience, I must have bought/bonuses and tested more than 500 pieces of software…
    Good luck with the launch


    I am retired and live on social security and would love the opportunity to beta-test your product.
    You can expect 100% honest effort.


    Brett, I would truly like to get early and free access to your new product, but honestly not sure if I would be able to help as I am not tech-savvy. I would use it certainly and give you honest and consistent feedback. My concern here is that my feedback may not help you as I have no software development skills. However, if you need some beta testers from non-techland, then, please, consider me.


    It would be an honor and a pleasure to help you out in return for the boost I have received from purchasing your products and applying your guidance. I am detail oriented and foreword thinking. I also think outside of the box in regards to client services. I currently have quite a few hours within my daily schedule from September until January to test your software and aid you in whatever way possible to help ensure a spectacular launch of another dynamite product! I am extremely excited to put the webinar ability to use with my 4 member team. We have 3 webinars per week minimum. I am also interested in comparing the pop up feature to two recent products I have recently purchased developers rights to.

    Thanks for your consideration in advance.


    I would be glad to help you out.
    I am myself internet marketer as well as product creator. I use plugins and softwares like oprimizepress and wp profit builder.
    I can provide you honest review on the basis of usefulness.


    Hello Brett,

    I have purchased few of your products and/or received them as a bonus. I would like to test your new software.

    Thank for the consideration.



    Hey Brett,

    My partner & I would make GREAT beta testers because:

    1 we are about to launch a new website and use BING ads & FB to build our list by offering a very high value lead magnet

    2 I have run many webinars, and my partner and I are both professional facilitators and know how to lead & use them for business & brand building

    3 Our product(s) are not in the IM field– they are for people who have success in many areas of life, but not in a few key areas in which they feel stuck, out of control or unsettled. We teach a process reliably that helps them get unstuck and in control in those areas, too.

    4 While I am proficient in the use of many softwares, I really like your concept of having them all in one platform, so I don’t need to learn to use 6 different softwares, but just one.

    5 Did I mention we are just about (within the next 2 weeks) to launch our new site & FB page? Yup– the timing is right now. In fact, I just started building the squeeze page for our lead magnet yesterday.

    6 We are professional feedback deliver men, so you can count on us to deliver honest, respectful, direct & useful suggestions & observations… and, I’m from New York.City ๐Ÿ˜‰

    7 While I am a “power user,” I am not highly technical– my testing would be from the standpoint of an medium to advanced marketer, and a medium level techie.

    Thanks for considering us.(me, really– I would be using the software)


      Brett– forgot to mention, too, that my son (a programmer) used me when he was a kid to test his programs– he knew I had the uncanny ability of breaking or freezing them within 5-10 minutes, if they had bugs.

      He’s now on the Boards of two software companies.

      So, I would be glad to bring my apparent built in talent for crashing software as a beta tester.


    Hi Brett – I have beta tested just a couple of products but feel I need to align myself with someone that knows a lot more than me about IM (I read your product reviews often).

    My experience – if it can be broken I will beak it (and report back of course).



    Para mi Seria un honor ser uno de los elejidos si tu lo vez conveniente creo que tenemos un gran maestro como tu que dia a dia nos asesora y vemos la realidad .
    I would be honored to be one of the elect if you were convenient time I think we have a great teacher like you who advises us every day and we see reality.

    Roscoe Chambers

    I’ve purchased several of your products so I would think I have a great feel for what you are trying to accomplish for your consumers in terms of functionality, ease of use, cost and more. I think I’m in a great position to test your product and count it an honor to share with other potential customers. Either way Brett, we will continue to use your products as they have help in so many ways.


    Hi Brett,

    It would be privilege to help you test your upcoming software.
    I am a normal person all I do is buy all types of software and test it just to see if its worth it.

    So if you would like a normal person to test I am here.
    I can spend all the time in the world to test and send you back feedback as due to ill heath I never go out and just play on the computer.

    Have a nice Day

    Tim from Southampton UK


    Hi Brett,

    I will make an excellent beta tester and provide you with outstanding feedback because I have bought so many “shinny objects” that have proven to miss their promises. As an individual who has yet to tap into making money on the internet my feedback will be VALUABLE!!!

    Please review the following site: amazon.com/author/albertorocha

    I believe in the customer experience!

    Thank you for the consideration!!



    As a person who is relatively new to Internet Marketing, I would like to offer my services as a beta tester. If your software can succeed with someone who has no list and is essentially just starting out, then imagine what it can do for a seasoned professional! As I have done in the past with other software (for free), I will submit my original ideas that could improve the software.

    I look forward to the possibilities!


    Paul Woodall

    Hello Brett,

    Wow! Looks like you have a lot more than 10 from which to pick. As you know I am a BIG fan of the way you market on the internet. My wife and I are six figure per year earners online; but, we do it primarily via subscription based online magazines. I love working on the Internet and I have purchased a “ton” of products that to a greater or lesser extent help, or not, in that endeavor. My online marketing experience started in 1998. I created from scratch an fully functioning e-commerce web site call “Chili River Trading Company.” Back then there was no point and shoot products; and, I had to learn Pearl programming to make the shopping cart work. I mention this only to demonstrate the level of my background and experience. If you would like to chat with me in person please email me and I will send you my Skype or Cell number. Oh, the website listed above is just one of a number that I own. For a full list please let me know and I will email them to you. Best to you. Paul Woodall



    As a person who is relatively new to Internet Marketing, I can offer a unique perspective. If your software can work for me (a person just starting out with no list), then imagine what it will do for a seasoned professional! I will freely submit ideas that will improve the software, as I have done for free for others’ software in the past.

    I look forward to the possibilities!



    Hello Brett:

    I would be honored to be chosen as a beta tester. Having bought several different plugins and software to do what your new software will do sound like I using one software I can eliminate many others. I have several websites from affiliates sites, pay per lead sites to my own janitorial and cleaning business sites that can use this type of capability.

    I very much enjoy your blog and love your products. If I am chosen I promise to use the software in several sites with different niches and goals so you will have information that would be very accurate and used in different types of situation.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply and keep moving foward.

    Big O Rivera

    sandy espinoza

    Hi Brett,
    Big fan of yours and own some of your software with Agency rights as well. I have been in the internet industry since 1990 and have beta tested many software programs-some of which became billion plus sellers that are still in use today. Due to NDAs I cant really list who/what they are, but I can tell you I would love to work with you on your project and give it the same care and attention that I gave the others. Thanks for your consideration!


    Hi Brett…
    I will be glad to became a betatester.

    I continually create new landing pages and facebook video ads campaigns for my customer and for me it is not a problem to test your software. Also my partner is a network marketer and she delivery seminars to her downline, so we can test all your fetaure.


    Hi Brett,
    I’m ready to test – if I’m one of your testers in the set up you won’t get the crazy e-mails like you do after I’ve purchased your previous products!

    How does …

    How can we …

    Be good if ….



    hi brett,

    i love testing software and giving opinions on what works, what could work better. i like having input into something new, while the developer is still looking for ways to improve the software, being able to ask the question, why do it that way, and not this way?

    thanks for the consideration


    Hi Brett,
    As a non techy user and being fairly competent at putting funnels together, I would be excellent at giving feedback. This would then be very useful for targeting your less experienced buyers. I would be very diligent at testing the products as I am hands on in continually building and monitoring my own funnels. I am a serious action taker as you have seen when you recently helped me with the Instant Video Site plugin.

    I have an online business system in place and will be able to test your all in one against what I already have in place from a systems point of view. I have invested in a number of your products and therefore I know how you like to work. This would fit in with my plans of helping boomers get their business online.

    Academically, I am a highly qualified business manager, with experience in IT. I am also a Customer Acquisition Specialist. These qualifications are useful for testing spending less time on the technical issues and spending more time on the revenue generating actions.

    I have the knowledge, experience, time, commitment and resources to actually test and to give well documented feedback from an average user perspective. Please consider me for round 1 testing.

    Hope to be working with you soon.

    Kim Kilpatrick

    Hi Brett,

    I would love to test the software. I would be considered your everyday user. I’m not a technical developer but a marketing professional consumer of products. So I could give you that perspective.



    Alexis Bond

    Hello Brett

    My name is Alexis Bond and I would love to test your new product. I will actually test everything to the fullest and give you a honest review as you give us with your reviews. I love testing products as I have before.


    Hi Brett –

    I’ve been in IT and IM for many years and would love to help you out. I’ve also designed websites since 1997 and work in WordPress, HTML and CSS.

    While working at IBM in the early 90’s in the first tech support center of it’s kind, I supported all shrink wrapped software off the shelf for every major operating system. It was the best learning experience I could have ever hoped for. Especially since there were no colleges or universities offering technical training at that time. So, I just dove in head first and learned as much as I could. Eventually, I was made one of 3 tech leads out of 120 people.

    During that stint they were developing various types of software to assist in tracking support numbers and making things run more smoothly. I was chosen along with several others to work with the programmer to test the programs as they were developed. After the first round of testing, they always came back to me to test. They discovered that I always found things that didn’t work exactly as they should and offered up suggestions of ways to make it better or do something else.

    I’ve worked with programmers and helping to develop applications and software documentation quite a bit since then. The programmers are always surprised at my knowledge of how scripts and programs work. I’ve written many macros and worked with a few different types of databases as well. I don’t consider myself a coder since I don’t know those languages but I do understand the logic of how they work. And, I have learned some obscure languages along the line like Wordperfect macro scripting (yuck).

    I’ve only been following your work for a couple of months but when I spent the last few weeks unsubscribing from lists to clean out my mail box, you were given a free pass. I’ve been very impressed with your website design, thoroughness of your reviews as well as the high level of integrity reflected in them.

    I would be proud to be selected to participate in beta testing for your software application. I work from home and make my own hours and priorities so have the availability and flexibility to do this task and promise to do it well.

    I have an MCP and A+ Certification, along with several others, and a personal profile you are welcome to view for more detailed information about my background, traits and skills. However, I don’t wish to publish the link here so please email me if you’d like to take a peak.

    Thanks for this opportunity. I look forward to seeing what you are developing next!

    Ginger Coleen


    Would be happy to beta test this. I’ve used FusionHQ extensively, and also have a training program where we simplify the technical aspects as much as possible for people, so would be interested in something that would fit that bill.

    I’m an engineer by training, and have done a lot of beta testing in the past.

    Ricky Aren

    Hello Brett,

    I’m from the UK and would love to be part of your team as a beta tester.

    Kind regards,
    Ricky Aren.

    Mark Douglass

    Aloha Mahalo for the opportunity. As you know I’m an action taker & I have those twin boys of mine as my “why” & motivation to do what it takes to succeed in this business. It would be a privilege to be able to “give back ” to one of the “Givers” in this industry. I’m very familiar with your style & will take this as serious as I know you are not only about the products you deliver but your reputation.
    Sign me up & let’s kick some butt out there !


    Hi Brett,
    I am newbie and not native english speaker. i would like to test in my business.
    i selling physical products. let see…


    Hi Brett,

    There are so many people ahead of me and they all seem pretty qualified, so I’m not going to give you a list of things that qualify me, more. Some might, others don’t, and I don’t like that game in this business!

    Here’s the plain truth…We Need To Rebuild Our Business From Scratch!

    I started our business in Internet Marketing over 11 Years ago and then my wife, Sharlene (everyone knows us as Scott and Sharlene Raven, as we had very young girls at the time, and Raven is my Native American Name, so it made a great “Pen Name)…she had to take it over because I got very bad in Health and couldn’t do much of anything. A few of those years, I spent completely out of it because of everything that was going on. We have changed our Business Name and are going to start using our Real Last Name, as well. It was Raven Squared, but Now, it’s ReaLife Marketing (Website Coming Soon)! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, Long Story Short (which is something I am not good at), we were Hacked and all of our Business (hosted on a friend/part-time business partner’s server) was Completely Destroyed…and so were the backups! We went from Averaging over $3,000/Month to $0, Literally Overnight! Since then, we have been trying to Rebuild, but as you know, the Entire Business has changed so dramatically that, though everything is still just as “Simple” as it was back then…but it is Nowhere as “Easy” as it was! Add in a Zero Budget and you have few options.

    Anyway, we are looking for anything we can get our hands on without cost (Legally, Of Course), so this would be a HUGE Blessing to Beta Test for you!

    BUT…like I said, there are so many to Choose From that I don’t want to try to play Politics, Games, or I’m better than they are! And I didn’t tell you (and anyone who reads your blog) this story as a “Sob” Story! I told it as a “Determined To Overcome” Story, because We REFUSE to Quit! We will come back Stronger Than EVER!!!

    Thanks and God Bless!




    I have build over 200 Web sites and in the process of building a list. I’m almost finished with building my sales funnel and then sending paid traffic to it. I have the time and would be interested in using your software to compare my current efforts without and then with using your software.


    I’d be interested in testing, I’ve been part of beta testing for Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as working in product development and testing as part of my IT Jobs.

    Winston Thomas

    I’m very interested in your Beta Tester Offer…


    I would be interested in Beta Testing your product. I have tested and was in tech support for the Wrecking Ball Marketing products from their beginning.
    Thanks, Phil


    Hello Brett

    I would appreciate the opportunity to beta test your new all in one software. I found your review site a couple of months ago and find it very informative and freshing in a world of hype this and that.

    I have purchased couple of products based on your reviews and some of your freebies have help me start to build my list. We have communicated via email and I find refreshing that you return them so promptly. (2:00 am).

    I know you will many request so I hope I make the cut, if not maybe round two.

    Best of luck


    Hi, I would like to test this app as follows;

    1. I’like to test this as ordinary people.

    2.I’like to test this based on compatability and usability in variety of online activity.

    3.I’like to test this for being user friendly utilization.

    Thanks Brett.


    Hi Brett, I believe I would make a good beta tester because I have to date participated in 4 beta tests. It includes Youzign, Ant Alladin, a social bookmarking tool from Josh Zamora, and Ant Multinator. I have participated in software testing and written test procedures, so I have an idea of How to ring out software. I look forward to your consideration.


    Hi Brett,

    I would like to Beta test your new software. Just let me know if I can help.



    Hi Brett would love to test off of your products. Been internet marketing for about 10 years now made a few dollars mostly lost them. Have tried your products and they are some of the best on the market. I agree selling software is the way forward .
    I am retiring next year and I need to make about $500 per week from internet marketing. Please find it in your heart of hearts to show me the way. I am willing to put in the hours and the hard work to follow your teachings.
    Thanks for all the time and trouble spent with my application.
    Kind Regards.
    Chris Smith.


    Hi Brett!

    It will be a bit of a stretch to see where you have fallen short on a product you have created yourself Brett. No ass kissing intended ๐Ÿ˜€

    For real though… I would love to give you a full recap of whats good and what needs attention. me know if I can be of service!



    Hi Brett,

    I would be happy to be a beta -tester for you.


    Jochen Marcus

    John Holdburg

    Hello Brett, I have beta test large launches such as Camasia8 and Webinarjam studio. I work with video, webinars and WordPress sites everyday and will give you a good, truthful test.

    Thanks John


    Hi Brett

    I don’t know what to add to all the comments you got. I do and think the same as all the guys above, and feel that in a very big way everyone of us went, or is going through the same path to succeed in Internet Marketing. First you don’t know what you’re doing, then the struggle in the trenches, then the AH moments, and then it all start to click what you are actually trying to do, and then you start going forward and begin to make money. And then the BIG Rewards.

    Now I am at this stage where I just mastered one thing (and one thing alone – Video Marketing) and am really successful with it. I want to add another type of income stream to make sure not to lay all my eggs in one nest. I bought all your existing products, and you know it is all part of Site Building / Review Sites and Video, the things I have a lot of knowledge and passion about. Your Software make the way forward a breeze and is always well taught by You.

    So if you looking for someone who has been through it all, and will help you 24/7, I am your man. Take a chance on me. I will help you sort this baby out.



    Dennis Butler

    no problem Brett let me know when you need me to Beta Test your software !


    Hello Brett –

    As an end-user of IM products, I am very good at finding the awkward areas of UI and UX. As a software project manager, I have the experience to appreciate both the opportunities and challenges of data and work flow.

    I have been a beta tester of products from major companies like Motorola, medium niche organizations including JS-Kit (now ECHO) and small consumer products – including as a current beta tester for Explaindio.

    Like you, I know the most effective programs can fail in the marketplace if the UX is leaves the end-user frustrated… and identifying the confusing and cumbersome elements of the UI is critical to creating a great user experience. When beta testing, I use the software the same way a typical end-user does to accomplish tasks… but with any eye towards identifying areas of use use that can create stumbling blocks. If that’s what you’re looking for, then count me in.


    – Michael


    Hi Brett,
    I came from the old school of Production Automation Systems which I implemented using mainframes, mid-range and then PCs.
    I have a University diploma and Master of Science under my belt.
    I look wider and can see many things other people cannot see.
    Testing functions is easy – you can find a lot of guys out there.
    I can test the integrity of the system, the infrastructure, the look, the ergonomics, etc.
    Even if you cannot apply my recommendations for the particular product right away – you still can keep all my recommendations for future products.
    Yes, I also would like to be you Beta Tester.
    Thank you,


    Hi Brett

    I am very happy to offer any help you may need. I have created my own software and as a PM understand testing, scenario testing, recording bugs, retests etc.

    If I can help let me know.




    Hi Brett,

    My name is Gary Gross. I have been marketing online since 2004, & have been a Warrior since 2005. I have seen many pieces of software like this come & go over the years. I think I could help you find bugs & would report them immediately. I may also be able to suggest some things that people may want to see in there.

    Now, as for experience. I have help a company called Disruptor Beam test new features for their FB Game – Game of Thrones Accent. And we are getting ready to go into Alpha Testing on their new Game – Star Trek:Timelines. So I do have the experience to back me.

    Look forward to talking to you!

    John P

    Hello Brett. I would appreciate the opportunity to beta test your new solution. I work from home doing online marketing. I have purchased many online products such as page builders, pop ups, interactive videos, webinar platforms and more. I have purchased multiple webinar platforms for instance. But one platform I really like does not have a feature in it that another platform has. I have a list of things that I wish were a part of Most of those products look to do the same thing but one may have a feature in one that i wish were available in a system. So whatever you are working n I can help you make it be the best solution you imagine it to be. Blessings!


    Yes Brett: I would certainly be available for the test, time is on my side, since I’m a great grandfather to be soon (that would be a great Testimonial).. didn’t even grow up with televisions, so let me know and good luck on your new software..


    Michael Davis

    Hey Brett…I’d like to be considered if I may. As for “qualifications”…I work from home and am always in front of a computer. So, I do have alot of time to be able to test as well as circle back around to fixes and retest those. I am an old programmer (first “professional” code was written on an Apple IIe, but far from my first computer) . So, I understand problem solving logic. In addition to that, I have good written skills (as well as type fast! LOL!) and can get you the specific and detailed documentation that you need. Lastly, I am someone running my business on the internet now. So I can bring that unique perspective to the table as well. Good luck with the project!

    Craig Taylor

    I would love the opportunity to Beta-Test your new and upcoming achievement!

    Tony Chamberlain


    I know I would be of value in testing your new platform. Being a programmer myself for both mobile and web I understand all the bugs that can pop up that are often hard to replicate. I will record any bugs and the steps needed to replicate them. In addition to being a programmer I am also an Internet Marketer like most here, but I have created a few decent IM products over the years. So if you want someone that understands programming, troubleshooting, Internet Marketing, a native English speaker in the US, then I would be happy to assist.



    Would be happy to beta test. We regularly build popups and videos for our clients so this software could be a great asset. We’ve recently had good success pitching the soci vids and signed a new client based on a campaign for that product today. Great job!


    I will love to beta test for you Brett, the product seems to be a large one and will require someone that has a considerable amount of time coupled with expertise, which I qualify for. I have not really had opportunity of testing before but I sure will give my best of time and efforts. Thanks for the opportunity.


    Cool, so from the look of the many asking, Brett pretty much gets the “pick-of-the-litter” and it’ll really be appreciated that the selectees actually USE &TEST!

    As an IT help desk leader, interacting with hundreds of customers every week, I’d like to give it a solid test from the actual user perspective.

    As a WL user/customer of Brett’s fine programming, it will be a God send to actually work the latest software. It’s good to see folks like this, caring as much as they sell!

    It’ll be an unbiased, no holds barred review and will give it a real “Samsonite (luggage) Gorilla Test”! lol

    jerry johnson

    Hi Brett,

    It would be an honor and a privilege of the highest order to serve as a beta tester for one of your products.

    First off, anybody who has been on the internet for at least 24 hours knows your name, and that the name Brett Rutecky equates with Quality, Professionalism and Integrity.

    I sincerely want some of the above qualities to rub off on me. And what better way to do that than being a beta tester for one of your products.

    In all honesty, I believe my work ethic, attention to detail and enormous enthusiasm for the new and undiscovered, make me a prime candidate for beta testing your new product.

    Brett, keep setting new standards of professional conduct for all internet marketers to model after!

    Warmest Regards,
    Jerry Johnson


    Hi Brett, I would love to test your product. I have been a huge fan of yours for a while and have supported you in purchasing your products and I think you have great programming experience. I believe that I would be a good candidate because I have been doing IT for over 25 years and have tested several software programs for Oil and gas companies..I try very hard in breaking them. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Vincent Dames

    Hey Brett ,

    I would love to beta test your new product.
    I have never tested any new release so I will
    definitely follow your instructions and your
    methodology for the success I so seriously
    desire to change my financial life.

    I am basically new to the online
    marketing field and therefore my
    thorough use and verified success will be a real
    testament to the effectiveness of your
    tool and an added salute to your climbing stature
    as a product creator of tools for the masses.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Hi Brett,

    I just wish to be granted this opportunity to beta test your Profit Canvas.

    I have been using your SqueezeMatic and one another premium funnel creator. So I know what I wished were included. I have honestly anticipated something better than SMโ€ฆ and I have sent you a couple of support emails before, asking about some functions that would have better been found in it.

    If Iโ€™m considered one of your beta testers, I would take a chunk of quality time off my day to actually test every area to the best of my ability as a user who is going to depend on Profit Canvas for my funnels for a long time.

    My report would be honest and detailed from login to through all sections depending on what I encounter, as if I’m paid to do it. And would also suggest any function I feel may add value to PC.

    If granted, you may want to consider me in future in beta testing when necessary.
    Having worked as a Data Analyst with United Parcel Service (UPS) covering over 23 countries, I have the eyes for details that would help even as I have been in the IM game since 2007.

    I look forward to be granted this opportunity.



    Exciting news. Yes I would be interested in beta testing your new product
    and I would be able to share my insight and ideas with you to help
    make it a better product
    Thank you


    Hi Brett,

    I have been a beta tester for years (for the gaming business) Our family made slot machines from the ground up (from the hardware to the software).
    so I am new to blogging, I am confiident that I would be able to check for possible bugs, and make a list and report back to you with honest feedback! Thank you very much for this opportunity! Stephanie

    Robert Hebel


    you know my situation and I’m online everyday from Am to PM 7 days a week if you need someone to test your new software I would be more than happy to do so.


    gil baller

    Hi Brett.

    After spending over an hour reading all the great, responses. I know i would not pick me.
    i lack the knowledge and experience of all of those who left a response. having said that my goal, is to learn and share that knowledge,with others that i know who are looking for something better than an 9-5 JOB.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



    Hello Brett
    I would be interested in testing your new software. I believe I would be of benefit to the testing as I am currently putting my finishing touches on my own information product.

    I will be making videos that need exposure and holding webinars to gain traction and more exposure. I will also be doing contests using Your contest software click back rewards I have.

    I was going to use soci vids (which i have too) for my videos as well but if this does similar things as that does I will use this software.

    As far as what I have read about your software it sounds like it would be a good fit for what I am doing right now and I know it will get some rigorous testing from myself .

    Thank you for the opportunity Brett
    Cheers Lyall


    Hello Brett!!!!!
    I would love to test your product.Your software very cool!!!!

    Brian W.

    Thanks Brett for the offer to beta test your new software. This is a great opportunity to get in on something that I have been working towards for the last little while.

    I have been involved in internet marketing in one form or another for a couple of years now and have tried dozens of “systems” that looked great on the sales page but delivered nothing more than a “shiny object” as an end result.

    I believe, having been on your list for awhile now and reading all of your reviews, blogs and purchasing your products, that you will be the one developer that actually produces a system that will actually make people money. Why? Because you are like those of us who are fed up with the “shiny objects” that just cost money and produce no viable income.

    I would consider it a privilege to be able to test your new software and give a great testimonial for it’s launch. I also have a review site that I put up just recently that I would love to be able to make this my first official product review.

    Thank you for making the offer available.

    Brian W.

    Victor Olusan

    Dear Brett,

    Great offer. Not because of just the features and what you claim this tool will achieve, but, not meant to flatter you, more because its coming from Brett. Of cause I will be grateful to be among the tester and I will do it religiously too. However, just know that even if not, you have already made impact in my use of internet as a tool I use in my business.

    See your software I setup here which I refer local clients to and they always wanted a bite.
    {no links please}

    I have landed local clients using your software and I am grateful already.

    Anything you want me to do I will be more than willing to do in this beta testing.

    Kind regards



    Hi Brett,

    Here’s my first feedback. The “captcha” did NOT accept mij answer “twentyfour”.
    You see, i can be a pretty thorough tester. Another fact that puts me apart from my co-applicants is that i’m Dutch.

    Hope to receive a positive answer soon.

    Cees Zwijnenburg


    hello Brett, thank you so much for this opportunity and i will really appreciate it if you allow me to be one of the people to try and test your product..
    thanks again


    Peter Ode

    – – > Professional Software Developer + Internet Marketer B E T A T E S T E R for your PROFIT CANVAS < – –

    Hi Brett,

    You have a lot of responses. Nice. That tells a good story.

    About me, I will provide an excellent contribution to your Beta Testing team and program for the following reasons:

    #1. I'm a trained software developer using C#, Smalltalk, HTML, CSS. I'm not a PHP programmer but have experience with systems analysis, design, programming and phased deployments.

    #2. I've run my own Beta Test programs so know the value of timely bug reports complete with documentation to enable you to recreate the error. Providing test cases if needed. I'll save you time and contribute to your product being robust and high quality.

    #3. I will try to break your new Profit Canvas software so the unusual use-cases will have some coverage. As you know, this is important so your beta testers aren't all using the new system in the same way.

    #4. I am an Internet Marketer so have likely already used the components of your all-in-one system as stand-alone components. I've used InstaBuilder, Profit Builder, HeadwayThemes and other page builders; Amazon web store plugins for WordPress; Many WordPress plugins for membership sites, sales funnels, scarcity timers, pop-ups; Email broadcasting and CRM software; Facebook integrated marketing tools…
    *** I will likely have some useful feedback for improvements ***

    #5. I'm keen to be a part of a team to build an all-in-one solution. If I know you, this will be a winning software system. I will be keen to sell it as an affiliate.

    Peter O.

    Seann Valen

    Wow! All this in one place? How does it get any better than that? Brett, you always put a tremendous amount of thought into your products and as a result, they work exceedingly well.
    I would love to beta test this. I’m setting up a new site to sell graphics and another for video creation/sales and it would be great to see how this app will help run the marketing.

    Thanks for the opportunity!



    Hi Brett

    I would love to be a Beta tester.

    I have recently been a beta tester and was one when I had a J.O.B, and am aware of the criteria needed, eg see what the software cant do then ask the developers if it can do it and run through various scenarios to see if the software can take it or falls over

    Also I am in the UK and I can test it on the UK Market.

    One final point you’re reviews have been spot on ,for me anyway, as a user and the products you have developed work and continue to work unlike some others, and when I asked for support you were there within minutes, which impressed me as a consumer.



    If you’re looking for someone with no experience in IM, I’M your guy.

    How will it work for a newbie, your average customer.

    Would be very willing to go all in for you.



    I can follow instructions, evaluate, give feedback and join as beta tester for a man of integrity like you Brett.


    Hi Brett,

    love to know this opportunity,
    i always open your email to never miss your offer.

    if i have choosen. just to make sure i will test and give feedback.
    previously, i have used many wordpress and Saas system, i think it will benefit to you.

    Thank you.


    Colleen Cole

    If you are open to a complete newbie testing your round two (I assume round one is underway) I would be happy to serve at the newbie representative. I am quite technical but have not earned anything online at this point. So no list, nothing. Let me know if I can help.

    Donna Young

    You have hit the nail on the head. A complete package is what a lot of people can really use!
    I love your products and your commitment to adding value to online marketers.

    The first way I would use your product for testing is on product launches (yours too of course!) I have just got started in marketing launch products and will be using video heavily and landing pages. I have been looking around at different webinar programs to use as well since I am in the middle of creating my first webinar slides.

    I am wanting to give the big boys a run for their money in the marketing field, but I am just getting started.

    Best of luck on your launch whether you pick me as a beta tester or not.



    Hello Brett,
    Thank you for the opportunity to test for you.
    I appreciate you and your continued reviews on products, which I have purchased many.
    Feel free to contact me if need be for any questions you may have.
    Your Awesome!

    Mel Manthey


    Hi Brett – very interesting concept you are developing.
    I am an UX expert and one of your followers and buyers (SocialVids).
    You have proven to be one of the rock solid guys in IM and software development and I would like to support your next invention.
    I have and used all kinds of platforms that you are covering on this single one stop IM platform – I would love to test it and respond from a oursiders UX. What I could add to the product development is user friendly and interface design evaluation.
    Even if you should not choose me as a beta tester – keep me posted – this product looks like something AWESOME!

    Looking forward to your next move.
    Kindly regards

    Maxwell Iwe

    It will be a privilege to beta-testers, I will like to test! I know you can overdeliver.



    christopher harris

    HI Brett,

    Really keen to be a beta tester always follow your posts online




    Hey Brett,

    A little late to the party, but have almost all your products and have used them to make real income online, as well as to build my brand and list!

    Your new project sounds great and a super opportunity!


    ‘Would be pleased to test drive your software and give feedback, Brett. I like to check and see how things work and tweak, if necessary. With all the clutter in the IM world, it would be great to have something as close to having a one-stop-shop as possible for a niche marketing campaign, for example.



    yep would love to be part of this
    thanks brett
    active online marketer since 1992

    Tjahjono Heru Laskar

    Hi Brett,

    Interested to be of one beta testers… finally you build a product that related to webinar.. I’m waiting for it.. and you build it as a complete system combining with other current marketing tools that every online marketers need.


    Hi Brett,

    I would like to try to test your new upcoming software..Please reserve me one slot for beta testers.



    Congratulations to the selected 10!

    Also that is so cool that you got so many interested candidates Brett. I think the way you selected them was a great solution.

    That is really thoughtful of you to try to do something for us applicants ๐Ÿ™‚

    To your success! Onward and upward!

    Ted B

    Hey Brett,
    Sorry I missed your earlier email on this, crazy week for me, or I would have auditioned for one of your beta tester slots. (I know it wasn’t an audition, just popped in my head while writing this and thought it was a bit funny. No song and dance this week.)
    At any rate, I”m sure it will be stellar.
    Ted B


      Ha .. ‘audition’ that is funny .. next time Im going to tell everyone to send me a video telling me why they should be a beta tester, but the video has to be in song format ๐Ÿ™‚ (ok not really, but its still a funny thought)

    Jake Steinbrenner

    Hi Brett, I missed your email this week being away. Looks like whoever was selected will get a comprehensive solution. If I’m not too late to get included in your launch special.



    Brett, I am very familiar with your software I might be too late but will enjoy being your beta Tester I am very critical with stuff and I like what you do


    Hi Brett,

    Too bad I wasn’t picked as one of the beta testers, but moving forward, I would like to thank you for all the great reviews. I hope you can cook something for your subscribers. I am actively using your timeline optins and socivis software for my business.

    Looking forward for your next reviews.




    Hi Brett,

    For those of us who participated but did not get selected, looking forward to your note:

    “For everyone who did not get selected, I want to do something special for you as well. Today I will be having a meeting with my launch partners on this project and one of the things we will be talking about is what we can do special for everyone.”

    Will we get special discount?

    All the best on the launch, and thanks much in advance!

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